Saturday, April 28, 2012

Israel Film Festival Montreal 2012, Apr 29–May 7

Starting Sunday, April 29, the 8th Israel Film Festival Montreal opens with screenings of Yossi Madmoni's Restoration and Guy Nattiv's The Flood.

The other features screening during the festival are My Australia by Ami Drozd, Playoff by Eran Riklis, Obsession by Nissim Notrika, Mrs. Moskowitz and the Cats by Jorge Gurvich, Melting Away by Doron Eran, My Lovely Sister by Marco Carmel, and Joseph Cedar's Oscar-nominated Footnote.

The festival takes place at the AMC Forum 22, 2313 St. Catherine St. West. It continues to May 7.


Footnote | 2011
Joseph Cedar | 103 min | SUN 6/5 6:30pm
Sold Out!
“Footnote” is the story of an intense rivalry between a father and son. The father, a stubborn purist fears the establishment, while his son thrives on accolades, endlessly seeking recognition.

My Australia | 2011
Ami Drozd | 100 min | MON 30/4 6:30pm | MON 07/5 6:30pm
Unfolding from the point of view of 10-year old, fatherless Tadek, “My Australia” takes place in mid-1960s Poland. Tadek, with his 14-year old brother, Andrzej, has fallen in with a neo-Nazi street gang.

Playoff | 2011
Eran Riklis | 111 min | SUN 6/5 8:30pm
Sold Out!
From the renowned director of “The Human Resources Manager”, “Lemon Tree”, and “The Syrian Bride” Thirty years after surviving the Holocaust, a legendary Israeli basketball coach goes back to Germany to coach that country’s national team.

Obsession | 2012
Nissim Notrika | 94 min | WED 2/5 6:30pm
The death of his father, Sami, sends Micha, a man in his forties, on a voyage of remembrance of the colourful and often painful experiences of his childhood. Among them, the touching story of his mother

Mrs. Moskowitz and the Cats | 2009
Jorge Gurvich | 83 min | THU 3/5 6:30pm
A love story of older people made with sensitivity and respect.
Yolanda Moskowitz, a retired French teacher, is convinced it must be an error when she wakes up in a hospital geriatric ward.

Restoration | 2011
Yossi Madmoni | 102 min | SUN 29/4 6:30pm | TUE 01/05 8:30pm
Iraqi-born, veteran Israeli actor, Sasson Gabai (“The Band’s Visit”) plays Fidelman, an elderly wood restorer who is lost following the death of his partner of 40 years. He is as broken down as the shop he operates in an old section of Tel Aviv.

The Flood | 2010
Guy Nattiv | 100 min | SUN 29/4 8:30pm | MON 30/4 8:30pm
Everything is complicated in Yoni’s life. He’s almost 13, intellectually gifted, but physically underdeveloped. Yoni struggles daily to grow before his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. He sells homework to secretly buy a body building wonder powder, which, to date, has achieved nothing.

Melting Away | 2011
Doron Eran | 90 min | WED 2/5 8:30pm | MON 7/5 8:30pm
Shlomo, on discovering women’s clothing and accessories in the bedroom of his son, Assaf, he decides to teach the boy a lesson. When Assaf returns to his parents’ home on a rainy night following a party, he’s unable to get into the house.

My Lovely Sister | 2011
Marco Carmel | 91 min | TUE 1/5 6:30pm | THU 3/5 8:30pm
Taking place in the impoverished housing blocks of Israel’s peripheral towns, “My Lovely Sister” is a love story between the primitively superstitious Rahma, her rude husband, Robert, and the ghost of Rahma’s beautiful sister, Mary.

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