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2012 Slnko v Sieti (Sun in a Net) Awards for Slovak film – winners

The Slovenská filmová a televízna akadémia (Slovak Film and Television Academy) held the ceremony on Tuesday night for their Národné filmové ceny Slnko v sieti (Sun in a Net National Film Awards) at the Slovak National Theatre. The awards are given every two years and are named in honour of Štefan Uher's 1963 film Slnko v Sieti (The Sun in a Net) which was the first of the Czechoslovak New Wave.

Zuzana Liová's Dom (The House) led the winners with six awards. It took Best Picture, Screenplay and all four acting awards for Actress Judit Bárdos, Actor Miroslav Krobot, Supporting Actress Taťjana Medvecká and Supporting Actor Marek Geišberg.

Martin Šulík's Cigán (Gypsy) also came away with six awards. It claimed Best Director as well as Cinematography, Editor, Sound, Original Score and Costume Design. In addition, Šulík won the Best Documentary prize with his film 25 zo šesťdesiatych alebo Československá nová vlna I. a II. (Golden Sixties) about the Czechoslovak New Wave which began with Slnko v Sieti (The Sun in a Net).

Although Peter Bebjak's Marhuľový ostrov (Apricot Island) was a strong contender with eight nominations, it came away empty-handed.

The award for Best Foreign Film went to Lars von Trier's Melancholia.

Actress and Academy President Emilia Vasaryova presented awards for Special Contribution to Slovak Cinema to screenwriter Eduard Grecner and cinematographer Tibor Biath. Biath was unable to attend for health reasons and his son accepted the award on his behalf.


Complete list of winners for the 2012 Slnko v Sieti Awards

Best Picture
Dom (The House), Zuzana Liová)

Best Documentary
25 zo šesťdesiatych alebo Československá nová vlna I. a II. (Golden Sixties), Martin Šulík

Best Animated Feature
Kamene (Stones), Katarína Kerekesová

Best Short Film
Ľahký vánok (Light Breeze), Sahraa Karimi

Best Director
Martin Šulík, Cigán (Gypsy)

Best Screenplay
Zuzana Liová, Dom (The House)

Best Cinematography
Martin Šec, Cigán (Gypsy)

Best Editor
Jiří Brožek, Cigán (Gypsy)

Best Sound
Peter Mojžiš, Cigán (Gypsy)

Best Original Score
Vladimír Godár, Cigán (Gypsy)

Best Art Direction
Jan Švankmajer, Veronika Hrubá, Prežiť svoj život (Surviving Life)

Best Costume Design
Katarína Hollá, Cigán (Gypsy)

Best Supporting Actress
Taťjana Medvecká, Dom (The House)

Best Supporting Actor
Marek Geišberg, Dom (The House)

Best Actress
Judit Bárdos, Dom (The House)

Best Actor
Miroslav Krobot, Dom (The House)

Best Foreign Film
Melancholia, Lars von Trier

Special Contribution to Slovak Cinema
Eduard Grecner
Tibor Biath

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