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2012 PaekSang Arts Awards (Korean Film/TV) – winners

The IS PLUS Corporation held the ceremony for the 48th 백상예술대상 (PaekSang or BaekSang Arts Awards) tonight at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

The historically-based crime drama 범죄와의전쟁 (Nameless Gangster) by 윤종빈 (Yun Jong-Bin) claimed the Grand Prize. It also won Best Rookie Actor for 김성균 (Kim Sung-Kyun). It had led with six nominations.

Another true crime story 부러진화살 (Unbowed) by 정지영 (Chung Ji-Young) was the only other film to win more than one award. It took trophies for Best Picture and Best Actor for 안성기 (Ahn Sung-Ki).

Otherwise, the awards were spread around. Best Director went to 변영주 (Byun Young-Joo) for 화차 (Helpless), while Debut Director was presented to 임찬익 (Lim Chan-Ik) for 체포왕 (Officer of the Year).

엄정화 (Uhm Jung-Hwa) won Best Actress for her title role on 댄싱퀸 (Dancing Queen). The Rookie Actor and Actress prizes were given respectively to 김성균 (Kim Sung-Kyun) for 범죄와의전쟁 (Nameless Gangster) and 수지 (Bae Suzy) for 건축학개론 (Architecture 101). The Popular Actor and Actress prizes went to 장근석 (Jang Keun-Suk) for 너는 펫 (You're My Pet) and 강소라 (Kang So-Ra) for 써니 (Sunny).

For television, 뿌리깊은 나무 (Tree With Deep Roots) claimed the Grand Prize and also won for TV Screenplay. Other shows that were double-winners were 해를 품은 달 (The Moon That Embraces the Sun), 오작교 형제들 (Ojakgyo Family) and 개그콘서트 (Gag Concert).

Nominations for the 48th 백상예술대상 PaekSang Arts Awards


Complete list of nominations for the 48th 백상예술대상 PaekSang Arts Awards


Grand Prize
범죄와의전쟁 (Nameless Gangster)

Best Picture
부러진화살 (Unbowed)

Best Director
변영주 (Byun Young-Joo), 화차 (Helpless)

Best Actor
안성기 (Ahn Sung-Ki), 부러진화살 (Unbowed)

Best Actress
엄정화 (Uhm Jung-Hwa), 댄싱퀸 (Dancing Queen)

Rookie Actor
김성균 (Kim Sung-Kyun), 범죄와의전쟁 (Nameless Gangster)

Rookie Actress
수지 (Bae Suzy), 건축학개론 (Architecture 101)

Debut Director
임찬익 (Lim Chan-Ik), 체포왕 (Officer of the Year)

전계수 (Jeon Kye-Su), 러브픽션 (Love Fiction)

Most Popular Actor
장근석 (Jang Keun-Suk), 너는 펫 (You're My Pet)

Most Popular Actress
강소라 (Kang So-Ra), 써니 (Sunny)


Grand Prize
뿌리깊은 나무 (Tree With Deep Roots)

Best Drama
해를 품은 달 (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)

Best Cultural Program
문명과 수학 (Maths in Civilization)

Best Variety
개그콘서트 (Gag Concert)

Best TV Director
김정민 (Kim Jeong-Min) and 박현석 (Park Hyun-Suk), 공주의 남자 (The Princess' Man)

Best Actor
김수현 (Kim Soo-Hyun), 해를 품은 달 (The Moon That Embraces the Sun)

Best Actress
공효진 (Kong Hyo-Jin), 최고의 사랑 (The Greatest Love)

Rookie Actor
주원 (Joo Won), 오작교 형제들 (Ojakgyo Family)

Rookie Actress
유이 (Uee), 오작교 형제들 (Ojakgyo Family)

TV Screenplay
김영현 (Kim Young-Hyun), 박상연 (Park Sang-Yeon), 뿌리깊은 나무 (Tree With Deep Roots)

Most Popular Actor
믹키유천 (Micky Yoochun), 미스 리플리 (Miss Ripley)

Most Popular Actress
박신혜 (Park Shin-Hye), 넌 내게 반했어 (Heartstrings)

Best Male TV Personality
김준현 (Kim Joon-Hyun), 개그콘서트 (Gag Concert)

Best Female TV Personality
박하선 (Park Ha-Sun), 하이킥 3 (High Kick! 3)

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