Monday, April 9, 2012

Chinese Film Directors Guild Awards – winners

Last night in Beijing, the 中国电影导演协会 (Chinese Film Directors' Guild) held their Chinese Film Directors' Guild Awards ceremony for the films of 2011.

让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly) by 姜文 (Jiang Wen) topped the awards with three wins from its four nominations. It took the top prizes for Film of the Year and Director of the Year. Both of its stars 葛优 (Ge You) and 周润发 (Chow Yun-Fat) were also in the running for Actor of the Year, with Ge You coming away with the award. In addition, it claimed a special award as the Top-Grossing Asian Film.

Actress of the Year was awarded to 章子怡 (Zhang Ziyi) for her starring role in 最爱 (Love For Life). She was moved to tears during her acceptance speech, and said she was touched and very fortunate to have worked with many great directors.

The Young Director of the Year was presented to 杜家毅 (Du Jiayi) for 转山 (One Mile Above). Another young director 张猛 (Zhang Meng) picked up the Screenwriter of the Year award for 钢的琴 (The Piano in a Factory).

A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to 73-year-old director-producer 吴贻弓 (Wu Yigong).

張藝謀 (Zhang Yimou) and 陈凯歌 (Chen Kaige) were among the directors that did not submit their films for consideration.

Among the guests in attendance were 侯孝贤 (Hou Hsiao-hsien), 冯小刚 (Feng Xiaogang)、田壮壮 (Tian Zhuangzhuang)、贾樟柯 (Jia Zhangke)、陈可辛 (Peter Chan)、黄建新 (Huang Jianxin)、王小帅 (Wang Xiaoshuai)、顾长卫 (Gu Changwei)、陆川 (Lu Chuan) and 巩俐 (Gong Li).

The guild also released a list of the most anticipated movies of 2012.


Complete list of winners for the 中国电影导演协会 Awards for 2011

Director of the Year
姜文 (Jiang Wen), 让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly)

Film of the Year
让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly)

Actor of the Year
葛优 (Ge You), 让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly)

Actress of the Year
章子怡 (Zhang Ziyi), 最爱 (Love For Life)

Young Director of the Year
杜家毅 (Du Jiayi), 转山 (One Mile Above)

Screenwriter of the Year
张猛 (Zhang Meng), 钢的琴 (The Piano in a Factory)

Lifetime Achievement Award
吴贻弓 (Wu Yigong)

Hong Kong/Taiwan Director of the Year
杜琪峰 (Johnnie To)

Top-Grossing Asian Film
让子弹飞 (Let the Bullets Fly)

Most Anticipated Films of 2012

冯小刚 (Feng Xiaogang), 温故1942 (Wen Gu 1942)
王小帅 (Wang Xiaoshuai), 我11 (11 Flowers)
王全安 (Wang Quan'an), 白鹿原 (White Deer Plain)
陆川 (Lu Chuan), 王的盛宴 (The Last Supper)
宁浩 (Ning Hao), 黄金大劫案 (Guns N' Roses)
张扬 (Zhang Yang), 飞越老人院 (Full Circle)
管虎 (Guan Hu), 杀生 (Design of Death)
王岳伦 (Wang Yuelun), 乐翻天 (Le Fan Tian)
杨树鹏 (Yang Shupeng), 匹夫 (An Inaccurate Memoir)
娄烨 (Lou Ye), 浮城之谜 (Mi)
徐静蕾 (Xu Jinglei), 亲密敌人 (Dear Enemy)
高群书 (Gao Qunshu), 神探亨特张 (Detective Hunter Zhang)
伍仕贤 (Dayyan Eng), 形影不离 (Inseparable)

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