Friday, April 14, 2023

The Artist Project returns to Toronto

Ross Bonfanti's Concreatures
Story & photos by Allan Tong
The Artist Project returned to Toronto's CNE Grounds at the Better Living Centre after a long pandemic hiatus. The show, which runs through Sunday, April 16, is a buffet of visual arts mostly paintings, but this year adding a welcome twist of mixed media and even a fashion show. Thursday saw the traditional opening night party, complete with food and drinks for sale. The party is always fun, allowing visitors to wander the hundreds of art booths with a wine or beer in hand, but there was less of both in previous years (though normal in this post-Covid world given the labour shortage.) Still, the addition of mixed media was a smart addition that I hope continues in future editions. Some art that caught our eye:
Ryan Bock's Ode To Duchamp
 Shawn Alex Thompson
Gina D'Aloisio's Deep Breaths
Phil Carriere
Options were mostly mediocre junk food, but there was a decent booth offering salads and charcuterie hidden in a corner, unfortunately, that impressed a local chef.
Kelly McCray's Tower of Banned Books
Ross Bonfanti's Concreatures
Ross Bonfanti's Concreatures