Wednesday, April 11, 2012

2012 ReelWorld Film Festival, April 11-15

Thanks to the generous support of our returning partners, TD Bank Group, NBC Universal and Cineplex Entertainment, the ReelWorld Film Festival (RWFF) is proud to announce the screenings of  "LUV" and "Hopelessly In June."   "LUV", directed by Sheldon Candis will be the festival’s Opening Night Gala, Wednesday, April 11th at Cineplex Odeon Sheppard Cinemas.

"LUV" is the journey of eleven-year-old Woody Watson, a timid Baltimore orphan who dreams of a better life, and his absentee mother who may or may not be in North Carolina fighting drug addiction.  Woody puts his hopes into the hands of his uncle Vincent, who he looks up to as the father figure he never had.  Vincent, a street hustler and former drug dealer is fresh off an eight-year stint in prison, but wants to take a new direction in his life.  When Vincent offers to show his nephew how a man handles his business, Woody jumps at the opportunity to join him on a field trip of life lessons.  Vincent's plan is to open his own crab shack restaurant, however, when he's denied a bank loan, the temptations of his old life, working for Baltimore crime boss Mr. Fish return to haunt him.  A day once bright with optimism quickly spirals downward into a world of violence. Coming of age all too fast by day's end, Woody starts to doubt his hero and ultimately must decide where he stands.

The film stars, Michael Rainey Jr., CommonDanny Glover and Dennis Haysbert.  The films director, Sheldon Candis will be in attendance.  "Hopelessly In June", a Special Presentation Screening, sponsored by NBC Universal, will screen, Thursday, April 12th at Famous Players Canada Square, Theater 6.   Dating in Los Angeles has been cruel to Daleon Myers, a financial analyst from a staunch Baptist family, but hope emerges when he falls in love with June Flowers.  June is a successful businesswoman whose parents are an extremely liberal Hollywood couple.  It will take a lot to help them overcome their cultural differences and find the love they both have so long desired. Directed by Vincent Brantley, the film stars, Keith David,Vincent Brantley and Carolyn Neff.  Two time Emmy winner Keith David will be in attendance for a RealSpeak following the screening as well as the Director Vincent Brantley.

2012 ReelWorld Film Festival Program,  Schedule and Tickets
Wednesday, April 11th, 2012
07:00pmFestival Pass - 12th Annual ReelWorld Film FestivalEventbuy ticket
Industry Series Pass - 12th Annual ReelWorld Film FestivalEventbuy ticket
VIP Pass Package - 12th Annual ReelWorld Film FestivalEventbuy ticket
LUV (opening gala)Film Screeningbuy ticket

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

04:00pmOorana Oor (My Country)Film Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
Shorts Program 1Eventtheatre 5buy ticket
      The MarkFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Red Water RedFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      A Doctor's JobFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Two & TwoFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      ShiftersFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Silent CargoFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      The TruthFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      The RunnerFilm Screeningtheatre 5
06:30pmBilly (co-presented by Ontario Black History Society)Film Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
De dia y de nocheFilm Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket
07:30pmHopelessly in June (special)Film Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
08:30pmBumRushFilm Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket
09:00pmThe Forest (Co-presented by Planet in Focus)Film Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
09:30pmReelSpeak with Actor Keith David, sponsored by NBC UniversalEventtheatre 6buy ticket

Friday, April 13th, 2012

10:30amZOOMER MEDIA: How to Bridge between TV/Film and Digital MediaIndustry Seriesbuy ticket
03:30pmACTRA: Ask questions, get answersIndustry Seriesbuy ticket
04:00pmShorts Program 2Eventtheatre 4buy ticket
      AfghanFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      Taxi LibreFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      Shanty Town CinderellasFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      Mr. CrabFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      Just Like LoveFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      Jordans or JusticeFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      Floating ConstructFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      DJ Soundbwoy - The New BeatFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      All Ah WeFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      An Endangered CultureFilm Screeningtheatre 4
      The TobogganFilm Screeningtheatre 4
04:30pmTHE WRITERS GUILD OF CANADA - One Script at a TimeIndustry Seriesbuy ticket
Arab Rap (Co-presented by Toronto Palestine Film Festival)Film Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
      I Want To Be A Desi 2Film Screeningtheatre 6
06:30pmThe Golden PenFilm Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
No Look Pass (Co-presented by All Balls Don't Bounce)Film Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
07:00pmCorações Sujos (Dirty Hearts) (Co-presented by Reel Asian Film Festival)Film Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket
08:30pmMusic Video NightEventtheatre 6buy ticket
09:00pmCHARLIE ZONE (Co-sponsored by imagineNATIVE)Film Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
09:30pmBesouroFilm Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

10:30amSCREEN COMPOSERS GUILD OF CANADA: In Harmony: Music, Film, and the Director/Composer RelationshipIndustry Seriesbuy ticket
12:00pmColour MeFilm Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
12:30pmLET'S GO VIRAL: From the Computer Screen to the Movie SeatsIndustry Seriesbuy ticket
01:00pmEl Bulli: Cooking In ProgressFilm Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket
02:30pmHigh Chicago (Co-presented by ACTRA)Film Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
SUPERBOB (Co-presented by Jump For Jamaica)Film Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
03:00pmLotus EatersFilm Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket
04:30pmParadise Stop (Co-presented by Planet Africa)Film Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket
05:30pmSearching for Angels (Co-presented by First Weekend Club)Film Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
NeuteredFilm Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
06:00pmBonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad YunusFilm Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
06:30pmDesert Flower (Co-presented by WIFT)Film Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
08:00pmIf I Should FallFilm Screeningtheatre 4buy ticket
08:30pmLand Of OpportunityFilm Screeningtheatre 6buy ticket
09:30pmHOSTAGEFilm Screeningtheatre 5buy ticket
      Clive Houston, We Have A Problem/Open Your Eyes KatarinaFilm Screeningtheatre 5

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

12:30pmTicket to Bollywood: In Conversation with the Director of Ek Main Aur Ekk TuEventbuy ticket
01:00pmShorts Program 1Eventtheatre 5buy ticket
      Red Water RedFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      The MarkFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      A Doctor's JobFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Two & TwoFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      The TruthFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      The RunnerFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Silent CargoFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      ShiftersFilm Screeningtheatre 5
01:30pmACTRA TORONTO PRESENTS YEAA: Youth Emerging Actors AssemblyEventtheatre 4buy ticket
03:30pmShorts Program 2Eventtheatre 5buy ticket
      Mr. CrabFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      All Ah WeFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      An Endangered CultureFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      DJ Soundbwoy - The New BeatFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      The TobogganFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Floating ConstructFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Taxi LibreFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Jordans or JusticeFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Just Like LoveFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      Shanty Town CinderellasFilm Screeningtheatre 5
      AfghanFilm Screeningtheatre 5
05:30pmEk Main Aur Ekk Tu (Co-presented by Cellular Point) (closing gala)Film Screening

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