Thursday, April 19, 2012

Festival Temps d'images, April 19–27

The 7th edition of the Canadian edition of Festival Temps d'images begins tonight in Montreal.

Festival Temps d'images is an event featuring unexpected international bridges between performing and visual arts. It was begun a decade ago by ARTE and La Ferme du Buisson at the National Theatre in Marne-La-Vallee, Noisiel, France. It has since expanded to ten other countries – Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Turkey and Canada, its only North American edition.

Tonight, the festival offers up the installations Cargo, Tête à tête, Tableaux and Peptone. There are also two performances with Points, lignes avec haut-parleurs and Haptic / Holistic Strata.

The festival continues with projections of Quarantaine and The cost of living, and shows of Trieste, Soak, Kiss and Cry and White Box.

Events take place at Usine C, 1345, Avenue Lalonde.


Festival Temps d'images 2012 Schedule

KISS & CRY 25 to 29 April 2012
HOLISTIC STRATA19 to 21 April 2012
SOAK25 to 27 April à 18h30
POINTS, LIGNES AVEC HAUT-PARLEURS19 to 21 April à 18h30 - 22 April à 17h30
CARGO19 to 21 April à 18h/21h30 - 22 April à 17h30
25 to 27 April à 18h/21h30

WHITEBOX26 to 27 April à 22h
TABLEAUXdu 19 to 21 à 18h/21h30/22h/22h30 - 22 April à 17h30/18h/18h30
25 to 27 April à 18h/21h30/22h/22h30

TÊTE À TÊTE19 to 21 April à 18h/21h30 - 22 April à 17h30
25 to 26 April à 18h/21h30

QUARANTAINE22 April à 19h30
PEPTONE19 to 21 April à 18h
22 April à 17h30

COST OF LIVING25 April à 22h
TRIESTE21 April à 17h
22 April à 18h30

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