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2012 FITC Toronto, Apr 23–25

After a day of Sunday workshops, Monday April 23 marks the opening of FITC Toronto 2012, The Digital Technology Festival. FITC stands for Future, Innovation, Technology, Creativity and is a art, design and technology conference that takes place in cities around the world including Tokyo, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

The conference includes workshops, lectures and panels, and offers over seventy guest speakers. Highlights include Through the Shredder: The Magic Behind Making Abstract 3D Portraits with Ayaka Ito and Randy Church; The Future of HTML5 Motion Design with Mark Anders; Kinect-Based MoCap for After Effects with Nick Fox-Gieg; and BLA BLA: Making a Film for Computer with Vincent Morisset.

The 2012 FITC Toronto conference continues until Wednesday, April 25 at the Hilton Toronto, 145 Richmond Street West.


Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.

The game has changed and FITC is on it! Featuring over 70 renowned digital creators from around the globe, FITC Toronto 2012 attendees will be privy to the knowledge of the best and brightest in the digital space. Covering everything from HTML5 to making digital art, this three day festival will leave attendees inspired to create in new and innovative ways. There will also be plenty of opportunities for networking at the legendary FITC parties and through chance encounters during the day - meet your next boss, business partner or employee.

Join us at FITC Toronto 2012 for...

  • Three full days, plus one day of pre-festival workshops
  • Over 70 presentations and panels
  • Over 1200 attendees from around the world
  • Legendary FITC parties
  • The FITC Awards Party

A few of the 70+ speakers...

Jared Ficklin
Joel Gethin Lewis 
Pete Hellicar
Mario Klingeman
Kyle McDonald
Andreas Müller 
Evan Roth
Josh Nimoy
Justin Windle
James White
Grant Skinner

Topics include

HTML5 • Online Video • Kinect Hacking • Javascript • OOP • WebGL • OpenFrameworks. • CSS3 • Starling • jQuery • Flash Stage 3D • Augmented Reality • Digital Art • Robotlegs 2.0 + much more!

See the entire list of presentations here.

"In addition to the talks, there was no shortage of contests, digital games and creativity all-round. FITC succeeded in leaving me feeling educated, challenged and inspired." ~ Casie Stewart

Who should attend?

DIGITAL CREATORS! This includes designers, developers, digital artists and everyone and anyone who creates things in the digital space. From technical to inspirational sessions, there's always something to choose from, regardless of what stage of your career you're in.

(Psst! Need help convincing your employer that you should attend? Here is a plea letter template.)

"Aside from all the amazing art and hip nerd parties, FITC is a highly technical developer and graphic design forum; however, FITC also brings in experts in the 'creative process' to the table." ~ Corina

Why should you attend?

FITC Toronto covers the future of everything innovative, technical and creative to leave you informed, challenged and inspired. It's three solidly packed days of presentations, featuring hand-picked speakers from all over the world. At any given time, you will have 4 different presentations to choose from. FITC Toronto also provides unparalleled networking opportunities. Connect with people who share your passion for this industry at presentations, in the exhibitor area, or at one of our legendary parties.

"FITC has been community of creativity and inspiration for just about ten years, something I've always wanted to attend since I first heard about it but haven't had the chance til now. The speakers are as diverse as the topics, and my only regret was that I didn't clone myself so I could attend every presentation." ~


Mark Anders

Lee Brimelow

Zander Brimijoin

Jon Burgerman

Luca Candela

Christian Cantrell

Pearl Chen

Randall E. Church

Derek Clayton

Dana Dansereau

Loc Dao

Mark Dennis

Aaron James Draplin

Jared Ficklin

Matt Fisher

Nick Fox-Gieg

Jesse Freeman

Lanny Geffen

Hoss Gifford

Riccardo Giraldi

Mikko Haapoja

Frederic Harper

David Hassoun

Val Head

Pete Hellicar

Thibault Imbert

Ayaka Ito

Denise Jacobs

Travis Jeffery

Demi Kandylis

Tony SY Ke

Jon Keon

Mario Klingemann

Andrew Kostuik

Kurt Krumme

Paul Laberge

Paul LeMarquand

Joel Gethin Lewis

Dustin Malik

Ben McChesney

Kyle McDonald

Jeremy Mendes

Colin Moock

Vincent Morisset

Stacey Mulcahy

Andreas Muller

Josh Nimoy

Peter Nitsch

Erik Oros

Addy Osmani

Ted Patrick

Matthew Potter

Ivan Poupyrev

Robert Reinhardt

Bobby Richter

Evan Roth

Chris Sanders

Timothy Scaffidi

Daniel Scheibel

Philip Sierzega

Grant Skinner

Ben Smith

Ryan Stewart

Jason Theodor

Pablo Vio

James White

Charlie Whitney

Justin Windle

Jason Zada

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