Friday, April 13, 2012

Watch a film I co-directed Notes from the Kuerti Keyboard

A film that I co-directed with Montreal filmmaker Katarina Soukup of Catbird Productions is now available from the broadcaster Bravo! on Youtube.

It is a fun short film that we made with renowned Canadian pianist Anton Kuerti called Notes from the Kuerti Keyboard. He performs the very playful second movement scherzo (Italian, meaning "joke") from Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 18 on an antique Underwood Model 1 typewriter from the 1890s, courtesy of The Martin Howard Collection of Antique Typewriters. The film is a visual pun on the words "notes", Kuerti/Qwerty and "keyboard."

During the making of Notes from the Kuerti Keyboard, I kept a diary of the process. Here again are the entries I made on the pre-production and production of the film:

Notes From the Kuerti Keyboard:
My good news from Bravo!FACT
Location, location, location
NFTKK diary #3: bumps on the road in pre-production
NFTKK diary #4: pre-production meetings
NFTKK diary #5: the shot list and the tech scout
NFTKK diary# 6: last-minute chaos before the shoot
NFTKK diary #7: the shoot with pianist Anton Kuerti

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