Friday, April 27, 2012

62nd Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Awards), Lolas - winners

The Deutsche Filmakademie (German Film Academy) held its 62nd Deutscher Filmpreis (German Film Awards) tonight at the Berliner Friedrichstadt-Palast.

Taking the top prizes was Andreas Dresen's cancer drama Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped on Track). It won four awards including the top prize of Best Picture – Gold. Dresen won for Best Director while Milan Peschel won Best Actor and Otto Mellies claimed the Supporting Actor prize. Previously, the film shared the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes in 2011 with Kim Ki-duk's Arirang.

Roland Emmerich’s pseudo-historical Shakespeare drama Anonymous captured more trophies. It took a total of six, but they were all in the technical/craft categories.

Christian Petzold's Barbara had led with eight nominations. Its only prize though was the Silver Best Picture award. The Bronze Best Picture winner was Kriegerin (Combat Girls) which also won for Best Screenplay and Actress (Alina Levshin).

The Best Documentary prize went to Gerhard Richter Painting by Corinna Belz. Johannes Schmid's Wintertochter (Winter's Daughter) won the Best Children's Film award.

In addition to statuettes, the Lolas award nominees and winners cash prizes from a pool worth € 2.955 million. Each Documentary nominee will receive € 100,000 but the winner receives a total of 200,000. The Children's Film nominees get € 125,000 with the winner getting € 250,000. Each Best Picture nominee receives € 250,000, but the winning amount increases to € 375,000 for the Bronze winner, € 425,000 for the Silver winner, and € 500,000 for the Gold winner. Individual Lola winners will receive € 10,000.

Nominations for the 62nd Deutscher Filmpreis


Complete list of winners for the 62nd Deutscher Filmpreis

Best Picture
Gold: Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped on Track) – Producer: Peter Rommel, Director: Andreas Dresen
Silver: Barbara – Producer: Florian Koerner von Gustorf and Michael Weber, Director: Christian Petzold
Bronze: Kriegerin (Combat Girls) – Producer: Eva-Marie Martens and René Frotscher, Director: David Wnendt

Best Documentary
Gerhard Richter Painting – Producer: Thomas Kufus, Director: Corinna Belz

Best Children's Film
Wintertochter (Winter's Daughter) – Producer: Philipp Budweg and Mikolaj Pokromski, Director: Johannes Schmid

Best Screenplay
David Wnendt – Kriegerin (Combat Girls)

Best Director
Andreas Dresen – Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped on Track)

Best Actress
Alina Levshin – Kriegerin (Combat Girls)

Best Actor
Milan Peschel – Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped on Track)

Best Supporting Actress
Dagmar Manzel – Die Unsichtbare (Cracks in the Shell)

Best Supporting Actor
Otto Mellies – Halt auf freier Strecke (Stopped on Track)

Best Cinematography
Anna J. Foerster – Anonymous

Best Editing
Peter R. Adam – Anonymous

Best Art Direction
Sebastian Krawinkel – Anonymous

Best Costume Design
Lisy Christl – Anonymous

Best Makeup
Björn Rehbein and Heike Merker – Anonymous

Best Original Music
Lorenz Dangel – Hell

Best Sound Design
Hubert Bartholomae and Manfred Banach – Anonymous

Honourary Award for Outstanding Contribution to German Film
Michael Ballhaus, Cinematographer

Bernd Eichinger Award
Michael "Bully" Herbig

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