Thursday, January 5, 2012

Call for submissions: Montreal Underground Film Festival

The Montreal Underground Film Festival has put out a call for submissions for their 7th Annual edition. They are primarily a short film festival for independent and experimental films.

MUFF states that it "celebrates and promotes low-budget filmmakers and those who challenge the boundaries of mainstream Hollywood and the conventional film aesthetic attitude. We encourage you to confront your artistic freedom, through the experimentation of filmmaking and art production, making the world a more exciting, challenging place to live."

Films from Canada and abroad will be accepted. Film submissions need not be Montreal premieres, though that is preferred.

The deadline is January 31st and is free. You may submit later, however, with a $15 fee.

2012 MUFF will take place this year from May 17 to 19 at Sala Rossa (4848 boul. St-Laurent) and Friperie Potetr (6029A ave. du Parc corner Van Horne).



Download Registration guidelines
Download Entry form

January 31st, 2012
$15 late fee after February 29th.
Payable to: Montreal Underground Film Festival

Independent productions accepted only
Films produced, financed, or initiated by a major motion picture studio are not eligible for screening at the Montreal Underground Film Festival.

Prior Screenings
Previous or scheduled screenings at other festivals are acceptable. The "Montreal Premiere" status is preferred, but not mandatory.

Preview copy: DVD ONLY. Before sending your computer-burned DVD to us, please test it on a stand-alone DVD player.
Screening copy: May be either a Mini DV tape OR a high resolution QuickTime file

NOTE: It really makes our life much easier if we can assemble our shorts programmes with your film already in a high resolution QuickTime file or on a Mini DV tape

Mandatory Accompanying Materials
•  Completed and signed entry form;
•  Preview copy. Please label both the case and the preview copy with the title, running-time, and contact information;
•  Photo of the film and photo of director;
•  Please send a photo and synopsis of your film by e-mail for our website;
•  If receipt of entry is required, include a self-addressed stamped postcard.

Only filmmakers of selected films will be contacted.

If your film is selected, you must provide the following by April 1st, 2012:

•  The screening copy in Mini DV or high resolution QuickTime file;
•  Posters / Postcards and other available publicity material;
•  Additional DVDs of the film for media;
•  Press kits, including photos (2 or more kits) if available

For all materials, shipping and handling costs to the festival office will be covered by the entrant. Preview copies and promotional material will be retained by the festival.

Unknown, alternative, mysterious, HARDCORE, avant-garde, novel, private, radical, resistant, revolutionary, subversive, GORE, clandestine, unbowed, VIDEO ART, cloaked, unconventional, undercover, ANIMATION, buried, hermetical, subterranean, SUSPENSE, cadaverous, underfoot, illegitimate, DOCUMENTARY, bootleg, EXPERIMENTAL, shady, abstruse, covert, buried, clandestine, covered, DOCUDRAMA, cryptic, DOCUTRAUMA, dark, disguised, eclipsed, esoteric, (un)exposed, screened, FILM NOIR, enclosed, undisclosed, clouded, unperceivable, THRILLER, indiscernible, sequestered, invisible, latent, masked, sub-terrestrial, mystical, EROTIC, sexy, obscure, occult, unusual, private, unseen, concealed, recondite, SOFTCORE, secreted, shadowy, shrouded, FICTION, surreptitious, ulterior, undetected, HORROR, secluded, unrevealed, oblique, suspended. GIVE US WHAT YOU GOT!

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