Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Schweizer Filmpreis ‎(Swiss Film Awards) - nominations

The Bundesamt für Kultur (Swiss Federal Office of Culture) and Schweizer Filmakademie (Swiss Film Academy) announced the nominations for their 15th Annual Schweizer Filmpreis ‎(Swiss Film Prizes), known as the "Quartz". 33 nominations were made in nine categories, and each nomination comes with a cash prize of CHF 5,000 to 25,000 (Swiss Francs). A total of CHF 390,000 prize money was awarded.

The films Der Verdingbub (The Foster Boy) by Markus Imboden and Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari (Someone like me – Dällebach Kari) by Xavier Koller lead the pack with six nominations each. Both were nominated foe Best Fiction Film as well as Best Actor and Best Actress.

They'll be competing with Milagros Mumenthaler's Abrir puertas y ventanas (Back to Stay), Tim Fehlbaum's Hell and Rolando Colla's Summer Games for Best Fiction Film honours.

Recommendations for the nominations from 97 eligible films (down from last year's 120) were made by approximately 240 members and then selected in a final decision by the committee comprised of Academy members and appointed by the Federal Department of Home Affairs. The members of the nomination committee include: Louis Crelier, composer; Beat Glur, journalist; Myriam Flury, film editor; Stéphane Kuthy, cinematographer; Pierre Monnard, director; Chris Niemeyer, director and producer; Nina Scheu, journalist; Xavier Ruiz, director and producer; and Andrea Zogg, actor.

The winners of the Swiss Film Prize «Quartz 2012» will be selected by the members of the Schweizer Filmakademie in February 2012. The Schweizer Filmakademie also awards the Special Prize of the Academy which honours outstanding technical and artistic achievements.

The award ceremony of the Schweizer Filmpreis Quartz 2012 will be held in the KKL Luzern (Culture and Convention Centre) on March 17.


Nominations for the Swiss Film Prize «Quartz 2012»

Best Fiction Film – each nomination CHF 25,000
Abrir puertas y ventanas (Back to Stay), Milagros Mumenthaler, Alina film
Der Verdingbub (The Foster Boy), Markus Imboden, C-Films
Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari (Someone like me – Dällebach Kari), Xavier Koller, Catpics
Hell, Tim Fehlbaum, Vega Film
Summer Games, Rolando Colla, Peacock Film

Best Documentary Film – each nomination CHF 25,000
Balkan Melodie (Balkan Melody), Stefan Schwietert, maximage
Day is Done, Thomas Imbach, Okofilm Productions
Messies, ein schönes Chaos (A Glorious Mess), Ulrich Grossenbacher, Fair & Ugly filmproduktion
The Substance, Martin Witz, ventura film
Vol Spécial (Special Flight), Fernand Melgar, Climage

Best Short Film – each nomination CHF 10,000
Baggern, Corina Schwingruber Ilic, Minerva
Chasse à l'âne (In Search Of A Donkey), Maria Nicollier, REC Production
Du&Ich (You and I), Esen Isik, maximage
Emile de 1 à 5 (Emile from 1 to 5), Lionel Baier, Rita Productions
L'Ambassadeur & moi (The Ambassador & Me), Jan Czarlewski, ECAL École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne

Best Screenplay – each nomination CHF 5,000
Der Verdingbub (The Foster Boy), Plinio Bachmann
Hell, Tim Fehlbaum
Summer Games, Rolando Colla, Pilar Anguita-McKay

Best Actress – each nomination CHF 5,000
Lisa Brand (Berteli), Der Verdingbub (The Foster Boy)
Stephanie Glaser (Marguerite), Motel
Carla Juri (Annemarie Geiser), Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari (Someone like me – Dällebach Kari)

Best Actor – each nomination CHF 5,000
Nils Althaus (Kari Dällebach), Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari (Someone like me – Dällebach Kari)
Saladin Dellers (Sascha), Silberwald (Silver Forest)
Max Hubacher (Max), Der Verdingbub (The Foster Boy)

Best Performance in a Supporting Role – each nomination CHF 5,000
Stefan Kurt (Bösiger), Der Verdingbub (The Foster Boy)
Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart (Kari Dällebach), Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari (Someone like me – Dällebach Kari)
Marcus Signer (Mischa), Mary & Johnny

Best Film Score – each nomination CHF 5,000
Peter Bräker, Balz Bachmann, Day is Done
Ben Jeger, Der Verdingbub (The Foster Boy)
Balz Bachmann, Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari (Someone like me – Dällebach Kari)

Best Cinematography – each nomination CHF 5,000
Felix von Muralt, Eine wen iig, dr Dällebach Kari (Someone like me – Dällebach Kari)
Ramòn Giger, Off Beat
Lorenz Merz, Summer Games

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