Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012 Jussi-palkinto (Finnish Movie Awards) - winners

Filmiaura of Finland held its ceremony for the 66th Jussi-palkinto (Jussi Movie Awards) today at the Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki.

Aki Kaurismäki's Le Havre dominated with six wins on the night. The French-language film took the prizes for Best Picture, Director and Screenplay for Kaurismäki himself, and also Best Supporting Actress (Elina Salo), Cinematography and Editing. It had led the field with 9 nominations. Le Havre was Finland's submission this year to the Academy for Best Foreign Language Film but was not selected as a nominee.

Elina Salo's win was her fourth. She was also presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for good measure.

Hiljaisuus (Silence) by Sakari Kirjavainen won four of its seven nominations. It won Best Actor (Joonas Saartamo), Supporting Actor (Ilkka Heiskanen), Music and Sound.

Hella W was a double-winner, taking trophies for Production Design and Costume Design.

Elina Knihtilä won Best Actress for the film Hyvä poika (The Good Son). It was the only win for the film.

The Audience Award went to Taru Mäkelä's Varasto (The Storage). 29 Finnish films were eligible.


Complete list of nominations for the 66th Jussi-palkinto

Best Picture
Le Havre - produced by Aki Kaurismäki

Le Havre - Aki Kaurismäki

Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Joonas Saartamo

Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - Elina Knihtilä

Supporting Actor
Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Ilkka Heiskanen

Supporting Actress
Le Havre - Elina Salo

Le Havre - Aki Kaurismäki

Le Havre - Timo Salminen

Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Timo Hietala

Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Olli Huhtanen and Pietari Koskinen

Le Havre - Timo Linnasalo

Production Design
Hella W - Kari Kankaanpää

Costume Design
Hella W - Anu Pirilä

Ikuisesti sinun (Forever Yours) - Mia Halme

Audience Award
Varasto (The Storage)

Lifetime Achievement Award
Elina Salo

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