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2012 Kinema Junpo Awards for Japanese Film - winners

The film magazine Kinema Junpo (or Kinejun) has announced the winners of its 85th Kinema Junpo Awards.

Topping the list of Ten Best Japanese Movies was 一枚のハガキ (Post Card) by 新藤兼人 (Kaneto Shindo). The drama tells the story of a soldier sent to the frontline and receives a postcard from his wife.

The Best Director award went to 園子温 (Sion Sono) for his films 冷たい熱帯魚 (Cold Fish) and 恋の罪 (Guilty of Romance). 冷たい熱帯魚 (Cold Fish) was named the number 3 Japanese movie.

The Top Foreign Film was The Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski. Also making the top ten was the Canadian film Incendies as well as other Oscar-nominated films The Social Network, The King's Speech, Moneyball, True Grit, Hereafter and Another Year.

The top Japanese documentary was 大丈夫。─小児科医・細谷亮太のコトバ─ (Daijoubu.: Shoujikai Hosoya Ryouta no kotoba).

Last year's Kinema Junpo Awards were led by 悪人 (Villain).


Complete list of winners for the 85th Kinema Junpo Awards

Ten Best Japanese Movies

1. 一枚のハガキ (Post Card)
2. 大鹿村騒動記 (Someday)
3. 冷たい熱帯魚 (Cold Fish)
4. まほろ駅前多田便利軒 (Tada's Do-It-All House)
5. 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)
6. サウダーヂ (Saudade)
7. 東京公園 (Tokyo Koen)
7. モテキ (Love Strikes!)
9. マイ・バック・ページ (My Back Page)
10. 探偵はBARにいる (Phone Call to the Bar)

*Runner-up 監督失格 (Kantoku Shikkaku)

Individual awards

Best Director: 園子温 (Sion Sono), 冷たい熱帯魚 (Cold Fish), 恋の罪 (Guilty of Romance)
Best Screenplay: 荒井晴彦 (Haruhiko Arai)and 阪本順治 (Junji Sakamoto), 大鹿村騒動記 (Someday)
Best Actress: 永作博美 (Hiromi Nagasaku), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth)
Best Actor: 原田芳雄 (Yoshio Harada), 大鹿村騒動記 (Someday)
Best Supporting Actress: 小池栄子 (Eiko Koike), 八日目の蝉 (Rebirth) and RAILWAYS 愛を伝えられない大人たちへ (Crossroads)
Best Supporting Actor: でんでん (Denden), 冷たい熱帯魚 (Cold Fish)
Best New Actress: 忽那汐里 (Shiori Kutsuna), 少女たちの羅針盤(Shojotachi no Rashinban) and マイ・バック・ページ (My Back Page)
Best New Actor: 松坂桃李 (Tori Matsuzaka), アントキノイノチ (Life Back Then) and 僕たちは世界を変えることができない。 But, we wanna build a school in Cambodia (We Can't Change The World But, We Wanna Build a School in Cambodia.)
Best Foreign Director: 王兵 (Wang Bing), 夹边沟 (Clip Ditch)

Ten Best Foreign Movies

1. ゴーストライター (The Ghost Writer)
2. ソーシャル・ネットワーク (The Social Network)
3. 英国王のスピーチ (The King's Speech)
4. 無言歌 (Clip Ditch)
5. ブラック・スワン (Black Swan)
6. マネーボール (Moneyball)
7. トゥルー・グリット (True Grit)
8. ヒア アフター (Hereafter)
9. 灼熱の魂 (Incendies)
10. 家族の庭 (Another Year)

*Runner-up ウィンターズ・ボーン (Winter's Bone)

Ten Best Documentaries

1. 大丈夫。─小児科医・細谷亮太のコトバ─ (Daijoubu.: Shoujikai Hosoya Ryouta no kotoba)
2. 色を奏で いのちを紡ぐ 染織家 志村ふくみ・洋子の世界 (Color of Life - World Of Living National Treasure, Fukumi Shimura and Yoko Shimura)
3. 遙かなるふるさと 旅順・大連
4. 沈黙の春を生きて (Living the Silent Spring)
5. ミツバチの羽音と地球の回転 (Ashes to Honey)
6. 里湖 八郎潟物語 (Satoumi Story of Hachiro Lake)
7. 医(いや)す者として ~映像と証言で綴る農村医療の戦後史~
8. かすかな光へ
9. Hayabusa -Back To The Earth- 帰還バージョン
10. 食卓の肖像 (Family Portrait)

*Runners-up さぁ のはらへいこう, 原爆症認定集団訴訟の記録 にんげんをかえせ

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