Friday, May 18, 2012

Ingrid Veninger's $1000 Feature Film Challenge [UPDATED]

The iconoclastic indie filmmaker Ingrid Veninger has announced a $1000 Feature Film Challenge for fellow low-budget guerrilla movie types. She is now accepting submissions from filmmakers/teams who wish to participate.

She is offering up the proceeds from the screenings of her latest feature i am a good person/i am a bad person at the Royal Cinema, where it plays in mid-June. Submissions are due on the last screening day, June 21, after which all applicants may attend a free weekend masterclass in Micro-Budget filmmaking. Then on Monday, June 25th, she will announce which projects will go forward.

The films can begin shooting through July, after which post-production begins in August. Finished films will screen at the Royal Cinema in late September.

Veninger recently won the Jay Scott Prize for Emerging Talent. She herself has made three micro-budget feature films, Only, Modra and i am a good person/i am a bad person. Each one is a real gem and I highly encourage people to go see them to discover what is possible on a tiny budget. She doesn't rely on flashy storylines or tricks, but rather finds interesting, subtle and genuine moments for all her characters. This is, of course, the strength of indie films as compared to blockbusters.

One tip I would offer to ACTRA members who are considering doing this: micro-budget films are possible with the actors' union ACTRA through their co-op program. But all of the key creatives (writer, director, producer) and cast must be ACTRA, with only a single exception allowed amongst the creative positions (ie. at least two of the three key creatives must be ACTRA members). If you are thinking of pursuing this approach, you should contact the ACTRA office as soon as possible to learn more and begin the paperwork.!/punkfilmsnow


$1000 Feature Film Challenge:
Start thinking about do-able projects now! Here is what I know FOR SURE:

a) I want to put all of my Box Office from the June 14-21st RUN of 'i am a good person/i am a bad person' at THE ROYAL towards the Challenge.
b) Submission Deadline will be June 21st (You can submit ANY DAY of the Run from June 14-21st). But Absolute Last day to Submit is June 21st -- That's 34 Days from TODAY. No Excuses. Open to TO-based filmmakers.
c) Submissions must include: 1-3 page OUTLINE (or Treatment or Script, if you have one), $1000 Budget (this has got to be real), Team Bios, Cover Letter to pUNK Films Inc. THAT'S IT.
d) I would like to offer EVERYONE WHO SUBMITTED a PROJECT to take part in a DIY Micro-Budget Masterclass the weekend of June 23rd/24th. IT WILL BE FREE but YOU HAVE TO SUBMIT A PROJECT TO TAKE PART IN THE CLASS (and it's going to be awesome-just sayin').
e) Final Film Selections will be Announced on Monday June 25th. You will sign an Executive Producer Agreement with me and I will personally mentor each Project but I WILL NOT INTERFERE. Filmmakers have final cut and will own their movies. * Am hoping we can get at least 5 features made *
h) SCREENING: Each Film will be screened at THE ROYAL - Sept. 26-30th (dates still TBC 100%).

I am still working on some additional perks.

So start dreamin' up your movies and let's make this happen.

Have a great long weekend.

Ingrid V. pUNK films


3 THINGS. 1) Email for submissions is: 2) Theatre D is committed to offer EACH SELECTED FEATURE FILM 1 day mix (including mixer). Wicked!!! 3) Want to remind everyone that this Challenge is Open to Narratives, Documentaries, Alternative Projects and All Hybrids. Seeking the fearless.

[UPDATE: May 22] Full details have been made available at the website:

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