Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Call for submissions: Confessions Underground


Part social experiment, part public intervention, Confessions Underground is a video based art project that gives willing participants the rare opportunity to record a private on-camera confession and broadcast it publicly over 300 of Toronto’s digital subway platform screens.

From July 2st – July 15th, video confessions will be screened daily throughout Toronto’s underground subway system, intersecting with the daily comings-and-goings of commuter traffic.

Sound terrifying? Yes, probably. But who knows? It could also be exhilarating, cathartic, perhaps even liberating.

With access to over 1-million daily subway commuters, confessors take on the potential “risk” of being recognized by passerby. While names will NOT be disclosed on screen, visual identities will. And that’s the exciting part; the risky part; the real challenge. Maybe you want that ONE person to discover that ONE secret you’ve been hiding from them for years? Or maybe you just want the chance to finally share your secret with others? Either way, the platform is yours….

At its core, this project attempts to examine the “collective” act of confessing by exploring some deeply rooted questions: What if we could confess our secrets on a mass-scale? What if we could confess with the support of a large group? Would that make it easier for us to come clean? Would we even want to?

Currently we’re seeking brave collaborators willing to offer us their confessions for public consumption. If you’re interested in this project (or would like to know more), please read our detailed FAQ section. Once you’re ready, go ahead and Make a Confession. If you’d like to know more about us and our work, feel free to read this.
Confessions Underground is a Labspace Studio project, produced in association with Pattison Onestop and Art 4 Commuters.


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