Friday, February 3, 2012

The Great Digital Film Festival 2012, February 3-9

The Great Digital Film Festival 2012 begins today across Canada. At Cineplex theatres in Vancouver, Langley, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, London, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Kirkland and Montreal, classic films will be shown on the big screen from Blu-Ray discs or 2K digital prints.

It may seem somewhat pointless to watch something available on disc, but I think there is great value in watching films on the big screen even if it's HD and not 35mm. It's always worthwhile to see things on as large a screen as possible. We see things differently when it's presented on a larger scale and are able to appreciate much more of the subtleties such as discreet emotions. For example, something like fighting back tears (e.g. in The Godfather when Robert Duvall is told of some deaths by a rival, or The Remains of the Day when Anthony Hopkins hides his emotions to Emma Thompson) can get completely lost when viewed on a television, even a large one.

Tickets for the screenings are $5.99 including taxes, less if you purchase multiple tickets simultaneously and free if you use their SCENE points program.


The Great Digital Film Festival 2012 Schedule

Friday Feb 3

The Terminator 1:45pm 107

RoboCop 4:10pm 102

The Big Lebowski 6:30pm 117

Pulp Fiction 9:00pm 154

Scarface 11:59pm 170

Saturday Feb 4

Stand By Me 12:00pm 103

Ferris Beuller's Day Off 2:30pm 103

16 Candles 4:50pm 96

Jurassic Park 7:00pm 127

Serenity 9:35pm 119

Shaun of the Dead 11:59pm 99

Sunday Feb 5

Back to the Future (with digital short) 2:00pm 136

Back to the Future 2 4:40pm 116

Back to the Future 3 7:00pm 118

Spaceballs 9:35pm 96

Monday Feb 6

Scarface 1:00pm 170

Pulp Fiction 4:30pm 154

Ferris Beuller's Day Off 7:35pm 103

16 Candles 9:50pm 96

Tuesday Feb 7

Jurassic Park 2:00pm 127

Serenity 4:45pm 119

Three Amigos! 7:20pm 104

Airplane! 9:40pm 88

Wednesday Feb 8

Three Amigos! 1:30pm 104

Airplane! 3:45pm 88

Spaceballs 5:45pm 89

Stand By Me 7:45pm 89

The Lost Boys 9:50pm 97

Thursday Feb 9

Stand By Me 2:00pm 89

The Big Lebowski 4:10pm 117

The Terminator 7:00pm 107

RoboCop 9:35pm 102

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