Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kevin Smith: Live From Behind

Kevin Smith will be appearing live in Toronto on the night of Thursday, February 2. The event is called Kevin Smith: Live From Behind.

Kevin Smith is known to be a very engaging and funny speaker, and often appears in person to interact with the crowd and share some of his war stories from his filmmaking adventures. He will be doing a live three-hour show with his frequent cast member Jason Mewes. They will be taking questions from the audience and via Twitter.

The show Kevin Smith: Live From Behind will take place at the Scotiabank Theatre Toronto, 259 Richmond Street West. The proceedings will be broadcast to theatres across Canada.


Kevin Smith: Live from Behind, featuring Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

Jay & Silent Bob, back on the big screen, with an event like you've never seen! Kevin Smith: Live From Behind" is a live, interactive Q&A event, seen ONLY on the big screen, across North America!

On Feb. 2, 2012, don't miss Kevin Smith as he steps on stage, at the Scotiabank Theatre, Toronto to host a unique, one night only event. Kevin will answer fan questions from the live audience, as well as your questions via Twitter. He will also bring along Jason Mewes, better known to everyone as 'Jay', to host a live podcast of their popular 'Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.' The 3 hour event hosted by Kevin Smith will be on Thursday, February 2, 2012 at 9.30pm ET/6:30pm PT and will be broadcast live via satellite from the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.

The following event may contain coarse language, language of a sexual nature or mature subject matter and is intended for adult audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

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