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Le Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal, May 30-June 19

Tonight is the opening night for the 21st edition of Le Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal (Montreal Fringe Festival). It kicks off with a free Fringe-for-All at Café Campus, 57 Prince-Arthur Est just east of Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Fringe artists will be on hand to present a small taste of what lies ahead.

This promises to be the
biggest Montreal Fringe ever with 500 artists performing 110 shows at 30 venues over the 20 day period. But things will start slowly and picking up steam until the second half where the Parc des Ameriques at St-Laurent and Rachel becomes the Fringe Park. They will present all manner of shows, free music, workshops and films.

The festival introduced Nuits du Fringe (Fringe After Dark) last year and this year they continue with expanded offerings such as Slowdance Night, Strip Spelling Bee, Crowd Karaoke and the farewell run of the 13th HOUR.

Le Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal continues until June 19 at various venues.


Artistes 2011 Artists

(Toronto, ON)
A Toronto company dedicated to giving Jimmy Hogg and Greg Landucci something to do to together. Hopefully it's funny.

2 Tickets to Bingtown

(Montréal, QC)
Enter the bizarre, absurd and squishy brain of comedian/ writer and/or actor Dan Bingham as he spins hilarious tales from his ridiculous life.

À deux

(Saint-Hyacinthe, QC)
À deux est une nouvelle compagnie qui refuse qu’il y ait dans sa bouche un souffle different du sien.

Alive From Below 1985 Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Alive From Below 1985 Productions is Montreal’s newly incepted independent theatre/improv company that brings another creative outlet to the thriving local theatre scene.

AlIzEs danse

(Montréal, QC)
Alain Carnier, Izabella Marengo et Estelle Charron apprennent à se connaître, se découvrent une parenté artistique. En juin 2010, ils fondent la compagnie AlIzEs danse.


(Montréal, QC)
Fou furieux, Belzébrute est un band de théâtre qui explore divers univers scéniques avec une énergie lumineuse et une désinvolture contagieuse. Une approche audacieuse qui s'est mérité l'Esprit du Fringe 2010(YESSSSS!!!!), plusieurs prix et de nombreuses critiques élogieuses.

Big Empty Barn

(Paris, FR)
Big Empty Barn takes apart cabaret and musical theatre to see what is ticking inside, then wonders how to get it all back together again.

Big Word Performance Poetry

(Camberley, Surrey, UK)
Jem Rolls production company. Was producer of Poetry Cabarets UK 1994 -2005 Now producer of Jem Rolls one-man poetry shows.

Brave Face Theatre

(Edmonton, AB)
Steve Boleantu is an actor, comedian, writer in Toronto. TWS premiered at the 2010 Toronto Fringe. Brave Face is part of the CAFF 2011 tour.

Brave New Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Brave New Productions is a network of like minded creative thespians with a unique view of bringing theatre to life, collaboratively. From original works to off the wall theatrical tributes, if the audience enjoys our work half as much as we do making it, mission accomplished! We've been at it since 2004, and Fringe 2011 will present the 6th installment in our creative adventures.

Brown Girls Burlesque

(Brooklyn, NY)
Brown Girls Burlesque is a collective of women of color dedicated to creating their own reflection in the art form of burlesque, through blurring the lines of theater, dance, and political commentary.

CAMERYN MOORE/Little Black Book Productions

(Boston, MA)
Cameryn Moore is a writer, performer, comedian, sex educator, and professional phone sex operator. In 2010 she toured Phone Whore to 18 cities over the course of 6 months. She hosts smart sex-themed events in Boston, such as Smut Slam (“where storytelling and erotica collide”) and f*ckbucket, a talk show and sex-trivia night. Cameryn regularly appears at the Naked Comedy Showcase and the Comedy Studio. Starting in April 2011 Cameryn is now on her second North American tour, bringing Phone Whore and her new show, slut (r)evolution, to 28 cities. She blogs about her “day job” at


(Montréal, QC)
Troupe de théâtre fondée par des étudiant-e-s de l’E.S.T de l’U.Q.A.M. Créer - Rechercher - Explorer - pour l'Art - pour le Théâtre - pour l'Unité - pour Rire - pour Exister

City of Peace Productions

(Laval, QC)

CollectiF Cassiopée danse

(Val-David, QC)
Lieu d’échange et de recherche chorégraphique en danse contemporaine créé en 1998. Aujourd’hui, les directrices artistiques et chorégraphes sont Marie-Josée Larouche et Nathalie Lebel.

Collectif de danse l’Analogie

(Montréal, QC)
L'Analogie est un collectif de jeunes chorégraphes. Regroupant les visions de quatre provinces canadiennes, elle se veut une exploration de la création par la collaboration.

Cool Beans Production

(Montréal, QC)
Cool Beans Production is a comedy collective of five theatre students all currently residing in Montreal. Darien Pons, Allie Smith, MERIZA BRYDEN and Mitchell Cohen are currently enrolled in the Concordia Theatre Department with the fifth member, Maria Waslenko, recently graduated.

Diffusion Adage

(Montréal, QC)
OSBL qui promeut la culture et la littérature grâce à différents projets dont : La poésie prend le métro, les Noches de poesía et le Festival international du livre mangeable. Montréal based, local and international scope since 2006. Les initiatives multilingues des Noches de poesía réunissent des poètes confirmés et de la relève. Les évènements sont toujours dans les 3 langues : français, anglais et espagnol.

Doctor Keir Co.

(Montréal, QC)
Doctor Keir Co. is a veteran company with 10 previous Montreal Fringes and over 50 fringe festivals nation-wide.


(Montréal, QC) is a collaborative effort in artistry, creativity and theatrics headed by up-and-comer Donald Rees.

D'une page à l'autre

(Montréal, QC)
La compagnie, D’une page à l’autre… est une page arrachée des collectifs d’humoristes et autres compagnies dont Cathia Riopel a fait partie; La troupe du RIRE, à Edmonton, la LIM, à St-Boniface, Winnipeg, etc. Cette page à l’autre est ce «Je» qui est un autre, qui est l’artiste.

Duqamuq Produqtions

(Masset, BC)
Duqamuq, based in isolated places, recently brought "Just Think" by Kevin Kennedy to Yellowknife, NT and "The Zoo Story" by Edward Albee to Edmonton.

Eclipses Group Theater

(Kalamaria, Thessaloniki)
The company was created in 2010 by actress-director Ioanna Katsarou and actor Dimitris Bozinis, graduates of the Drama School of the National Theater of N. Greece.

Elizabeth Blue

(Brooklyn, NY)
Nashville-native-turned New Yorker Elizabeth Blue writes and performs solo shows, musical comedy, and improvises. She also bakes a real mean cupcake.


(Montréal, QC)
Établi à Montréal depuis 2000, elle revoie le jour avec Exit en 2010, poursuit avec Instinct au printemps 2011 et maintenant très heureuse d’être accueillie par le FRINGE.

Fleur d’asphalte

(Montréal, QC)
Fleur d’asphalte est un OBNL s’activant pour la relève artistique. En 2010, la troisième édition du Huis clos donne naissance au spectacle « Ceci n’est pas une sortie».

Frenzy Productions

(Toronto, ON)
With their theatrical show, Frenzy plays with your expectations. Being bizarre and creative, they move through sketches so fast your head might burst.

Front Porch Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Created in 2001 as an independent film company. Their short comedy films have been shown at the Montreal and Toronto Sketch comedy festivals and they have co-produced various sketch comedy shows, including the award-winning THUNDERSPANK! (with Uncalled For).


(Montréal, Quebec)
Founded in 2004 by Ira S, actress, this independent theatre is mostly orientated to contemporary plays and styles of directing. Its productions of Woody Allen’s Central Park West, Riverside Drive; Edward Alby’s Marriage Play; Jon Fosse’s The Guitar Woman, Mother And Son and Mike Bartlett’s My Child were Canadian Premieres.

Green with Envy Productions

(Toronto, ON)
Green with Envy had great success with “How Does a Drug Deal...”, a Top 10 Selection at the 2009 Mtl Fringe (Montreal Gazette).

Headless Goat Productions

Headless Goat Productions is Montreal based company specializing in interdisciplinary and mixed-media performance under the artistic direction of Shayne Gryn.


(Montréal, QC)
Hearts4Noses was created by Kirsten Rasmussen in 2010. Hearts4Noses is dedicated to comedic works with much laughter and a little heart. Last summer Hearts4Noses produced You & Me and Me & You starring Kirsten and Dan Jeannotte at the Montreal and Toronto Fringe. It was nominated for the Just for Laughs Best Comedy in Montreal.

Horse Trade

(New York, NY)
Horse Trade is a self-sustaining theater development group; with a focus on new work. It has produced a massive quantity of stimulating Independent theater.


(Montréal, QC)
An improvised comedy about the journey of peculiar patients badly looking for a life change. Their extraordinary adventure will feed you with unexpected twists and will make you feel life is so beautiful and utterly outrageous!

In The Flesh Theatre

(Burnaby, BC)
In the Flesh Theatre was created in 2010 by seven graduates of Capilano University. We train with Suzuki and Viewpoints and love working together.

JingJu Canada

(Montréal, QC)
Spawning from a 2008 exchange between Concordia Theatre and The National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, JingjuCanada formed in 2009 to further strengthen the relationship of China and Canada through the understanding and appreciation of the traditional art form of Jingju.


Binnilli White est très peu connu à Montréal et très peu connu à l'extérieur de Montréal. Binnilli White vient de sortir de la tête et du coeur d'un jeune homme qui lui ressemble. Binnilli White sera bientôt... papa !
(Montréal, QC)

Just Kidding Productions

Just Kidding Productions is a group of young Montreal based artists who are serious about their comedy. The company consists of emerging actors, writers, directors and designers from Concordia’s theatre department who work together to produce quality shows and original material. Their aim is to allow for new artists to create theatre and hope to reach wider audiences with captivating characters and attention to writing.

Kimberly Sunstrum

(Montréal, QC)
Afro-Canadian Kimberly Sunstrum is a self taught singer/songwriter/musician who’s music has been described as a unique blend of acoustic-soul and folk, powered by a vocal force, that captures and awes audiences with every performance.

Théâtre Omnivore

(Montréal, QC)
Théâtre Omnivore se défini comme un espace de création théâtrale sans jugement. Dans un spectacle à cheval entre le réalisme et l’imaginaire, les créatrices étudient l’expression corporelle et musicale sous toutes ses variantes.


(Montréal, QC)
Créé en 2006, Labokracboom est un collectif multidisciplinaire de cirque, danse et théâtre formé des artistes Simon Durocher-Gosselin, Bruno Gagnon, Cyril Assathiany et Elise Legrand.

Last Tape Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Founded in 2007 by André Simoneau, Last Tape has made it its mandate to bring exciting works to stage and screen in both English and French.

Lavish Dance Company

(Toronto, ON)
Lavish Dance performs a sassy and contemporary take on the ancient tradition of belly dance. Seductive, innovative, infectious, dynamic, and electrifying.

Le théâtre du 28 août

(Montréal, QC)
Le théâtre du 28 août est une compagnie de théâtre dont la mission est de valoriser et promouvoir la création artistique amateur dans les milieux professionnels et étudiants

Les 3 Garçons

(Montréal, QC)
Créé par trois comédiens professionnels, ce jeune trio repousse les limites du jeu clownesque et renouvelle le genre par son audace et son son humour absurde!

Les Casseroles

[Montréal, QC)
En 2008, Émilie-Lune Sauvé réunit Lyne Lefort, Caroline Gendron, Valérie Dumas et Marc-Antoine Larche pour participer à la création d'un cabaret musical qui allie chanson et théâtre.

Les Vidanges en Cavale
(Montréal, QC)
Les Vidanges en Cavale, fondé en 2008, offre des spectacles inspirés de problématiques sociales actuelles et des formations intensives développant la communication à travers l'exploration de techniques théâtrales.

Lonely Cake

(Toronto, ON)
Craving Comedy? Hungry for hilarity? With the off-beat antics of sketch troupe Lonely Cake, you are bound to want another slice.

Long Division

(New York, NY)
Based in New York City, Long Division is a multinational, multigenre production company with endless amounts of money and time to produce fringe shows.

Main Street Artists

(Parker City, IN)
Described as "superb song stylists along with a virtuoso pianist," this troupe of theatre professionals based in Indiana boast "impeccable comedic timing and show-stopping voices."

MaryBeth Productions

(Montréal, QC)
MaryBeth was founded in 2010 by Michaela Di Cesare with its first purpose being to tell the story of two strong and magical women.

Mille chevaux-vapeur

(Montréal, QC)
Jeune compagnie de théâtre dont la première création Il faut pleurer quand quelqu’un meurt a été jouée à l’Espace la Risée à l’automne dernier.

one red paperclip

(Belcarra, BC)
Remember the guy who traded a red paperclip for a house? That guy is Kyle MacDonald and he’s the boss at one red paperclip. His latest adventure is “Who Are These Guys?”

Orange Wine Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Orange Wine Productions seeks to bring classic literature to life with sassy

Overcoat Theater

(New York, NY)
Overcoat Theater produces the solo work of H.R. Britton, who performs autobiographical monologues such as “Jesus Rant” and adaptations such as Nikolai Gogol’s “The Nose.”

Peter'n Chrisr

(Vancouver, BC)
Peter 'n Chris are a five star comedy duo from Vancouver BC. They are ready to perform good deeds to your funny bone while they take you on their crazy comedy adventure.

Piece o’ Pie Productions

(Ottawa, ON)
Fiona, Jessie and Vince are theatre grads from the University of Ottawa who share a passion for stimulating, thought-provoking and just plain hilarious theatre.

Pirate Panda Company

(Montréal, QC)
The Pirate Panda Company is a relatively new company. Our mission is to make the world laugh.


(Montréal, QC)
An original play (The Transformer of the World) appeared at L’Espace 4001 in 2010 .  “... hilarious look into contemporary life in Cuba and Mexico” -- CKUT

Pourquoi Pas!

(Montréal, QC)
Née en janvier 2009 la compagnie privilégie le rapport scène en impliquant le public dans ses productions. La nuit du 16 janvier d'Ayn Rand a été jouée lors du Fringe en 2009.

Prairie Fire Presents

(Regina, SK)
Prairie Fire Presents has been producing shows for the fringe circuit for the past 5 years. Past shows include: Caberlesque!, The Medicine Show, Follies, and Burlesque Unzipped.

Probationary Theatre Company

Probationary Theatre was founded in Australia in 2000 with the aim of creating interesting and accessible theatre that people want to see.

Productions Empremier

(Montréal, QC)
Productions Empremier (OBNL) axe sa recherche sur l’univers scénique et le rapport au spectateur. Il veut créer des rencontres théâtrales marquantes et novatrices.

Productions Jardins Sauvages

(Montréal, QC)
Le TJS est une rencontre cinématographiquement théâtrale. Un voyage synchronique. Une rencontre dans les jardins intérieurs.

Productions SansTête

(Montréal, QC)
Une jeune équipe de comédiens, créateurs et jeunes professionnels du milieu artistique. Tous récemment finissants de leur domaine respectif, ils ont décidé de se lier afin de mettre sur pied un espace de création et de jeu.

Processed Theatre

(Montréal, QC)
Processed Theatre is a Montreal based Contemporary Musical Theatre company. We launched in March of 2010, and our inaugural production of Reefer Madness: The Musical played to over 1,000 people in September of 2010. We are presenting EDGES: A Song Cycle at the Fringe, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Mainline in September 2011.

Psychic Puppy Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Psychic Puppy is the brainchild of Clint Earle, a Montreal writer-songwriter, who when he's not barking mad is typing madly to produce something of merit.

Quatuor vocal JAVA!

(Montréal, QC)
Quatuor vocal formé en 2004 par quatre femmes voulant explorer la musique pop, jazz et la chanson a cappella. Leur spectacle est dynamique et théâtral.

R & R Productions

(St Paul, MI)
R&R Productions is committed to producing stories that are engaging, entertaining, and full of the wonderfully stupid things we all encounter in our everyday lives.

Rob Gee

(Leicester, UK)
Rob has performed over 2000 shows, supported Harold Pinter, regularly appears on BBC Radio, and is sometimes sent into schools as a warning to children.

Robby Hoffman Company

(Montréal, QC)
Ever wonder what it’s like to be born the 7th child to a single hearing-impaired Jewish mother? Robby Hoffman will tell you!

Robin Henderson Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Robin Henderson Productions is the creator and producer of the multi-award winning and box-office record breaking DANCE ANIMAL - the world's only comedy-dance tribe.

Scotch and Cookies Theatre

(Montréal, QC)
Scotch and Cookies Theatre is a registered non-profit organization whose aim is to produce meaningful and entertaining theatre of quality with local talent

Sexual Tyrannosaurus

(Toronto, ON)
Sex T-Rex doesn't want you to be intimidated by the name- they're just a bunch of skinny nerds in committed relationships who tell jokes.

Shannon Gillen & Guests

(Brooklyn, NY)
SHANNON GILLEN & GUESTS, a NYC based dance-theatre company utilizes different physical and contextual standpoints within a space to construct layered feeling states.


(Masset, BC)
Kwii-Ge-Ii-Wans is a Haida singer, storyteller, and drummer. She has performed for hundreds of audiences across North America for nearly twenty years.

Sleepy Productions

(Sherwood Park, AB)
Sleepy Productions is David Dempsey and Scott Belford, two young comedians based out of Edmonton.

Speakeasy Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Comedienne with soul, freedom fighter with microphone, jazz-poet Lydia Lockett presents original words and music in her 7th one-woman show, backed by kick-ass Jazz/R&B/Soul music.

Spidey Hypnosis

(Montréal, QC)
WWW.SPIDEYMAGIC.COM!! SPIDEY, International Hypnotist/Mentalist/Magician. He hypnotized a cop! SPIDEY has made his mark in Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Cancun, Washington and New York.


(Montréal, QC)
StanfBro Productions is a Montreal-based and spanking brand new company comprised of Andrea Stanford, with creative input by the illustrious Mark Brown.

Still Milking the New Sacred Cow

(Montréal, QC)
Exploring the Self through exploding breakdance vocabulary, we venture into the darkest reaches of the living body, and the absurd hilarity of the human mind.


(Montréal, QC)
Stuko-Théâtre est une compagnie de création qui explore l’intimité et tente d’établir une relation de proximité entre les spectateurs et les artistes.

Sublimes Rondeurs

(Montréal, QC)
Sublimes Rondeurs est est une de troupe de danse/théâtre à saveur burlesque mettant en vedette des femmes rondes. La mission principale de la troupe est de mettre en valeur l’image de la femme ronde active tout en permettant à ses interprètes de grandir et de s’assumer à travers celle-ci. De plus, Sublimes Rondeurs se donne comme mission de tailler une place place à la diversité corporelle dans les arts de la scène.

SXS Productions

(Montréal, QC)
SXS Productions is a new theatre company run by Sebastian Samur. It aims to present experimental and challenging work, under various forms. This is Sebastian's 3rd fringe.


(Saint-Hubert, QC)
Le collectif Simplement Y est né d'un besoin de réfléchir, de mettre en lumière les peurs, les visions, les ambitions d'une génération: la génération Y. Se questionner sur qui nous sommes, c'est en fait, comprendre qui on est.

Talk Productions

(New York, NY)
Talk Productions is a New York based company, devoted to producing new, challenging work by emerging playwrights.

Terra Nova National Park Theatre

(Glovertown, NL)
A group of Parks Canada staff that have been performing together for 10 years sharing their passion for this unique place and its exceptional stories.

Texpatriate Productions

(New Orleans, LA)
Texpatriate Productions has an affinity for censored/banned literature and good, solid storytelling. Both of these elements feature prominently in their current production, A Different Woman.

That Dinosaur is Blue Productions

(London, ON)
Matt Stewart, Peter Nielsen, and Sarah Bruckschwaiger met while doing their undergraduate degrees at Queens University. They’re young, but eager, and not wholly inexperienced (the same, they joke, can be said of their sex lives).


(Montréal, QC)
THE BEAST originated as an absurd group of vagabonds panhandling in front of a dollar store in Verdun. They wrote some sketches involving Steven Harper's failed stand-up career, which culminated into the barely-seen production of STEM CELL RESEARCH FOR DOMMIES (Theatre Ste. Catherine). They've performed at the 2009 and 2010 Montreal Sketch Fest. SO WE THOUGHT WE COULD ACT will be featuring their favourite tab of acid, a time machine, and some old ladies with durable pipes.

The Templeton Philharmonic

(Toronto, ON)
As a branch of Toronto theatre company The Pheasant Plucker's Mates, The Templeton Philharmonic features the dramatic stylings of Toronto performers Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton.

Too Much Free Time Productions

(Brooklyn, NY)
"The Last Straight Man In Theatre"
Kurt Fitzpatrick comes from New York and has written and performed three different solo shows across North America, including on the Fringe circuit. This is his first time performing in Montreal.

Turtle of Shoe Productions

(Montréal, QC)
Turtle of Shoe Productions was spawned after Dane and Julian co-directed [title of show] at TNC theatre in October 2011. It was created for the soul purpose for the mounting of 'the Annie Show,' now 'The Last Will and Testament of Daddy Warbucks'. It strives to be nine people's favourite thing, rather than one hundred people's ninth favourite thing

Two Seul

(Montréal, QC)
Dawson and Concordia Theatre Grad. David Sklar creates a brand new company with his award winning play. Can’t wait to rock the fringe!

Uncalled For

(Montréal, QC)
Uncalled For have known you your whole life and will use that knowledge to deliver revelations while you cough up beer in fits of laughter.

Ventury Scène et Création

(Montréal, QC)
Fondé en 2009 par l’artiste Marilyn Lachance, Ventury est une compagnie de création et de production qui expérimente le choc et la fusion des médiums.


(Montréal, QC)
Wants&Needs dance is an original dance company under which choreographers Sasha Kleinplatz and Andrew Tay produce both their individual and collaborative choreographic work. These two co-Artistic Directors are childhood friends from Windsor Ontario who reunited after both re-located to Montreal to pursue careers in dance.

WSM Productions

(Toronto, ON)
Jason Thompson won the inaugural Cream of Comedy award fifteen years ago and has consistently failed to live up to expectations every year since.

Ya + Ka

(Montréal, QC)
Ya+ Ka est une jeune compagnie de théâtre fraichement créée afin de permettre à des auteurs-interprètes de se réaliser.

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