Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Juste pour Rire 2011 (Just For Laughs) programming announced

A press conference took place today to announce the programming for the 29th edition of the Juste pour Rire (Just For Laughs) Comedy Festival.

This year, Galas will take place at Salle Wilfrid Pelletier of Place des Arts, and will be hosted by stars such as
homegrown Canadian talent Russell Peters, The Late, Late Show’s Craig Ferguson, Modern Family’s Emmy-winning Eric Stonestreet and The Daily Show’s John Oliver.

Previously announced shows include Jimmy Carr’s Laughter Therapy and Danny Bhoy’s Wanderlust. Louis C.K. will attend to perform and to receive the Just for Laughs Comedy Person of the Year Award.

This year, the English-language portion has expanded from a week to three weeks, from July 11 to 31.
The 29th Just For Laughs Comedy Festival runs from July 5th to 31st.



Festival 2011 features Russell Peters, Eric Stonestreet, Craig Ferguson, Daniel Tosh, Louis CK, John Oliver, Eddie Izzard, Kevin Smith and new BIG special event galas!

Montreal, May 10, 2011 – With big names and new themed galas, this summer’s Just For Laughs Festival presented by Videotron in association with Loto-Québec has the shows you need, the stars you love and the hot topics you can’t get enough of. Our Festival’s 29th edition has matured and evolved into a completely different event, complete with a bevy of brand-new shows to launch, so a typical press conference just couldn’t cut it this year. Today, for the first time ever, our fans joined the media at the prestigious – and, for a few hours this afternoon, preposterous – McGill University for HaHaHa U, a one-shot comedy tutorial to share everything in store for this summer’s Festival.

Here are some notes on what we covered:

To accommodate our new special event Videotron Just For Laughs Galas, we’ve moved from the St. Denis Theatre to our new home at the illustrious Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier in Place des Arts. We’ve also extended our Anglophone programming to span from July 11 to 31, so comedy fans will have more time than ever to experience the vast array of Festival shows.

To launch our new home with a bang, we asked one of the biggest comedy stars in the world, Russell Peters, to host our inaugural Videotron Just For Laughs Gala at Place des Arts. Thought he couldn’t outdo himself after selling out the Bell Centre at our Festival in 2009? Think again! In Russell Peters: Best Night Ever, Just For Laughs takes a break and outsources the Gala talent booking to none other than Russell himself. When you’re as big as Russell, not only do you get to host a Gala, but you also get to cherry-pick your favourite comics and friends to share the stage with you for a guaranteed epic time. It’s his Best Night Ever and ours too. (For broadcast on the CBC.)

* Psssst… Guess what you missed by playing hooky and not attending HaHaHa U: Russell Peters himself was at today’s class to play show and tell with a clip of his material, piquing everyone’s appetite for the show he’ll put on for us in Montreal this summer!

Do you love Modern Family? Then you’ll love Modern Love: The Relationship Show. Hosted by the multi-talented Eric Stonestreet (a.k.a. Mr. Fancy Shirts himself, Cam from Modern Family), this uproarious gala is about all the things we love, need and obsess about. Whether it’s your husband, your girlfriend or your gadgets, this show’s got you covered. (For broadcast on the CBC.)
If it’s politics that you love, then get ready for the controversial Decline of the American Empire?! Hosted by The Daily Show’s John Oliver, this special event will answer the question on everyone’s mind: can Just For Laughs successfully attract a Tea Party protest? Nah – but we’re predicting a John Oliver love-in, as the British stand-up is sure to be crowned a new festival favourite. (For Broadcast on the CBC)
Reading this on your iPad 2? Looks like A Tribute to Nerds* is for you. Finally, a night dedicated to the people who actually do run the world! If you’re looking for something comic book-y with some tech savvy that’ll make you erupt in snorts and push the glasses back up the bridge of your nose – this is your show. (Host to be unveiled soon. For broadcast on The Comedy Network)  *It’s like Stan Lee and Mark Zuckerberg had a baby, and that baby produced a Videotron Just For Laughs Gala.
While the nerds spent the year taking over the world, we spent it looking for the world’s best comedians ready for North American domination. Who better to help launch these international comedians here than Craig Ferguson, who launched his own career at Just For Laughs 24 years ago? In Craig Ferguson’s International House of Comedy (*Pancakes not included), you’re bound to find… well… the next Craig Ferguson. (For Broadcast on the CBC.)

North America’s two hottest comedians will make special visits to this year’s Festival. Louis CK will return to accept our Comedy Person of the Year award, while Daniel Tosh will also make his way back to Montreal for the first time since blowing up on his hit Comedy Central show Tosh.0. (Details coming soon.)

At the Gesù, Eddie Izzard will perform three very intimate shows (with one additional special show in French! Oui, c’est vrai!), while Danny Bhoy and Jimmy Carr will also take the stage in their previously announced one-person shows, respectively titled Wanderlust and Laughter Therapy. Additionally, Australian megastar comedian and musician Tim Minchin will return with a breathtaking solo show at L’Astral.

Just For Laughs will continue to deliver major comedy industry players to its Festival with the return of the Insider Series – live events featuring casts and show creators, as well as performances by your favourite television, web and film stars. On the slate this year is the Broadway hit Colin Quinn: Long Story Short (directed by Jerry Seinfeld), SModcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will, Picnicface presented by The Comedy Network and Wainy Days presented by My Damn Channel. Comedy fans have also rejoiced at the return of our door-crashing Comicpro pass – The Just For Laughs Ultimate Fan Package. This pass is the public’s opportunity to participate in Comedy Conference events, including the Insider Series, film screenings and Zoofest in association with Teletoon Comedy shows, along with the exclusive chance to see Emmy®-nominated writer and outspoken stand-up comedian Louis CK receive the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Person of the Year award.

This summer, The Nasty Show is revamped with Jeffrey Ross from the Comedy Central Roasts taking the helm as host. Bring your balls; you’ll need them. We also have a brand new Ethnic Show presented by The Gazette hosted by Maz Jobrani (of Axis of Evil Comedy Tour fame) now in the more intimate Club Soda, and featuring more stereotypes than ever.
Speaking of stereotypes, we’re bringing back The Bar Mitzvah Show and, assuming our Jewish clientele will prefer comfier seats, we have moved it to Théâtre Jean Duceppe in Place des Arts (oy!). Finally, we are proud to bring back an all-star edition of Amp’d – our much-lauded and buzzed-about music comedy show – starring past heavy-hitters Reggie Watts, Bo Burnham, Tim Minchin and others to be announced soon.

We have too many shows to properly explain in one press release, but rest assured, they are all wonderful and YOU NEED THEM!

Mom Com
Talk of the Fest (formerly Bubbling with Laughter)
One-Stop World Tour: The Best of Britcom, O’Comics & Late Nite Down Under
The Homegrown Comedy Competition presented by The Comedy Network and XM Canada
The Alternative Show
New Faces of Comedy
Triple Threat (Comedy Comedy Comedy!)
Nasty Girls Night Out
Best of the Fest
Go West!

Plus, stay tuned for our über-cool Zoofest announcement!

HaHaHa U

Ever have that dream where international comedy sensation Russell Peters hosts an epic show featuring a personally selected line-up of his favourite and funniest comedian friends? That sure would be the Best Night Ever. Well, sometimes, dreams really do come true! Featuring special guest Jeremy Hotz and starring Jimmy Carr, Dom Irrera, Sebastian Maniscalco, Nick Thune and more.
Dates:                   July 28 – 7:00 & 10:00 PM
Location:              Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier – Place des Arts

Join the insanely wild and charming host of CBS’s The Late Late Show. Craig Ferguson returns to Montreal to help pay it forward to his fellow international comedians looking to become North American household names.
Dates:                   July 30 – 7:00 & 10:00 PM
Location:              Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier – Place des Arts

Hosted by Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet
Is your cat your best friend? Have a mad crush on a celebrity? Get ready for modern “love” to be dissected in every way imaginable. Hosted by Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and featuring Bob Marley, Debra DiGiovanni, Robert Kelly, Tim Minchin and more!
Dates:                   July 29 – 7:00 PM
Location:              Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier – Place des Arts

Hosted by The Daily Show’s John Oliver
Get ready to piss your political trousers. Comics will speak their mind, debating on the future – or lack thereof – of the USA. Hosted by John Oliver and starring Colin Quinn, Marc Maron, Alonzo Bodden and more.
Dates:                   July 31 – 7:00 PM
Location:              Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier – Place des Arts

Does your day consist of downloading apps, reading graphic novels, and lining up at the Mac Store at 5:00 AM to get in on Steve Jobs’ latest vision? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this show was made for you. (Host to be announced soon.)
Dates:                   July 29 – 10:00 PM
Location:              Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier – Place des Arts

Forget about “Got Milk?”. Got Balls? Hey moron, want to be told you’re an a$&? Can you handle one of the most insulting shows in the history of stand-up comedy? You can try to hide, but no one is safe from our host, The Roastmaster General himself, Jeffrey Ross.
Dates:                   July 14 – 7:00 & 9:30 PM
July 15 & 16 – 7:00, 9:30 & 11:59 PM
Location:              Metropolis

Eddie Izzard brings his show Stripped to the Gesù! From the vantage point of his elegant, sexy and absurd universe, Eddie tackles topics ranging from the origin of language to Wikipedia, from banjos to helicopters, from God to the creation of life and of course… bananas. The NY Times declared him to be “the most brilliant stand-up comedian of his generation—he is deliriously, dizzyingly, catch-your-breath funny.” Did we mention he’s also presenting an additional special show in French? Oui, c’est vrai!
Dates:                   July 11 to 13 –7:00 PM
                                July 11 – 9:30 PM (in French)
Location:              Gesù – Centre de créativité

Spend an evening with one of the classiest and most talented international performers working today. This is a full-out comedy/music experience that will make you think and laugh.
Dates:                   July 28 to 30 – 9:00 PM
Location:              L’Astral

He is one of the most sought-after comedians working in the world today and 2011 sees Danny return to our shores with a brand-new show to delight his ever-growing Canadian fan base. More mesmerizing anecdotes and quick-fire wit from the globetrotting Scot are guaranteed to leave Montreal audiences with a smile on their face and wanderlust in their hearts. His last run here completely sold out, so early booking is highly recommended for this brilliant, busy Scot.
Dates:                   July 19 to 23 and July 26 to 30 – 7:00 PM
Location:              Gesù – Centre de créativité

Since the turn of the century, Jimmy has been a ‘fun slinger’ of international repute. Laughter Therapy will be an evening of nonstop jokes, gags and banter. Jimmy is a Just For Laughs crowd favourite and a staple at the Fest. If you’ve got a sick sense of humour, then maybe laughter really is the best medicine. Not to be taken if you have a sensitive disposition or an overactive moral compass. Recommended dose: one brand new show to be taken annually. We said annually.
Dates:                   July 21 to 24 and July 27 to 30 – 9:30 PM
Location:              Gesù – Centre de créativité

ONE-STOP WORLD TOUR: The Best of Britcom, O’Comics and Late Nite Down Under
Expand your comedy horizons and discover international comedians that are sure to become your new comedy favourites.
Dates:                   July 25 to 27 – 9:30 PM
Location:              Club Soda

Eat something! You look thin! I am not a travel agent for guilt trips! Get ready for the return of the funniest, most Jewy show you’ve ever seen (apart from your family’s Passover seder).
Dates:                   July 27 & 28 – 7:00 PM
Location:              Théâtre Jean Duceppe – Place des Arts
It’s time for moms of the world to speak up, unite in laughter and gab about everything mom-related. An evening brought to you by hilarious comedians will tell you things most moms are too sweet to say. No apple pie will be served. Wear clean underpants.
Dates:                   July 29 & 30 – 7:00 PM
Location:              Théâtre Jean Duceppe – Place des Arts

Is Just For Laughs just too good this year? Can’t decide what to see? Going crazy? We’re so sorry, but GET A GRIP already! Talk of the Fest brings you the Fest’s hottest acts, all hosted by popular blogger/podcaster Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist). This show will give you a taste of whom everyone is talking about. You will soon understand why they’re the Talk of the Fest!
Dates:                   July 25 to 27 – 7:00 PM
                                July 30 – 7:00 & 9:30 PM
Location:              Club Soda

Think girls don’t have balls just as big as guys? Notwithstanding human anatomy, these girls are about to show everyone just how edgy, risky, shocking, hilarious and downright nasty women can be in the world of comedy. Girls, grab your nastiest friends (even the ones who never swear) and head out for a ladies’ night out on the town. Guys, wear your jock straps.
Dates:                   July 28 – 7:30 PM
Location:              Metropolis


Pay extra attention to Comicpro because it’s is a KEY part of the Fest. It’s the Just For Laughs Ultimate Fan Package. This pass allows fans to participate in Comedy Conference events, attend the Insider Series, film screenings and Zoofest Comedy shows… all for only $99.

The Insider Series will feature casts and show creators who will let us into their private world of anecdotes and stories about how their films, TV shows and web series came to be, and will feature performances by your favourite television, film and web stars. All shows listed below will take place at Cinquième Salle in Place des Arts, and all shows are available to fans with the Comicpro pass.

Colin Quinn: Long Story Short (Directed by Jerry Seinfeld)
From ancient Greece to the Jersey Shore, Colin Quinn proves that history always repeats itself – for better, for worse, and in this case, for the sake of comedy. Based on his hit one-man Broadway show directed by Jerry Seinfeld, the former Saturday Night Live veteran undertakes a hilarious tour of world history as he comically channels the demise of every great world empire, exploring the attitudes, appetites and bad habits that toppled the most powerful nations. The New York Post praised the show as “historical and hysterical. Very, very funny.”
Dates:                   July 29 & 30 – 7:00 PM

SModcast (with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier)
SModcast is the meandering palaver of a pair of dudes whose voices are so dull, they don’t deserve to be on the radio (and, hence, aren’t). Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier are SModcast.
Date:                     July 28 – 9:30 PM

The Comedy Network presents Picnicface
Get up close and personal with the whole cast for a 90-minute live performance of sketches from their new television show Picnicface, along with previews of other upcoming projects. Picnicface is a 13-episode sketch series, set to debut this season on The Comedy Network.
Date:                     July 28 – 7:00 PM

Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will (Showcase)
Fasten your seat belts. Kenny Hotz, along with his producer (Jeff Kassel), director (Sebastien Cluer) and crew will give insight into the making of his new show Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will with never-before-seen extras, sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes footage. Kenny will then do a live Triumph of the Audience’s Will in a spectacular never-been-done-before-sure-to-go-viral stunt. Must be 18 years or older. Material of graphic nature will be performed.
Date:                     July 27 – 7:00 PM

My Damn Channel Presents Wainy Days
Get up close and really personal (if you know what I mean) with creator/writer/director/star David Wain, for a look inside Wainy Days — his extremely popular, ongoing comedy series developed and produced exclusively for My Damn Channel which follows one man’s absurdist adventures as he looks for love in the big city. www.MyDamnChannel.com/WainyDays
Date:                     July 30 – 9:30 PM

Louis CK gets crowned at the JFL Comedy Awards Luncheon (as part of the Comedy Conference)
Star, executive producer, writer and director of the FX Network’s hit series Louie, Emmy®-nominated writer and outspoken stand-up comedian Louis CK will receive the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Person of the Year award.
Date:                     July 29 – 12:00 noon
Location:              Hyatt Regency Montreal

Students! To recap, for only $99 the COMICPRO FAN PASS includes:
·         Access to the Insider Series (the five shows listed above and more TBA)
·         Access to the Just For Laughs Comedy Conference panels, speakers and awards luncheon
·         Access to Zoofest in association with Teletoon Comedy shows including sketch, solo shows, international acts and more
·         Access to Just For Laughs Films
FOR MORE INFO & TO REGISTER FOR COMICPRO visit www.hahaha.com/comicpro

About the Just For Laughs Group
Founded in 1983, the Just For Laughs Group’s growth is concentrated on four major focal points: Festivals (in Montreal, Toronto and Chicago); television production (most notably Gags seen in 135 countries and on 95 airlines); live shows (Canadian tour dates for Jerry Seinfeld, Jeremy Hotz, John Pinette, Louis CK, the Capital One Just For Laughs Comedy Tour, North American dates for Family Guy Live!); and talent management. Its inaugural Montreal Festival 29 years ago is now the world’s largest and most prestigious comedy event, welcoming 2 million people each summer. The Group has offices in Montreal, Paris, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and in a dorm room at McGill University.

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