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Call for Proposals: HATCH 2011

A call for proposals for the 9th edition of HATCH has been put out by the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. HATCH is a development program for local performance artists and companies. Successful applicants receive a residency and mentorship from Harbourfront Centre.

For this series, the curator will be Jess Dobkin who has received international recognition for her work. She has been named Best Performance Artist by NOW and X-tra.

The deadline for applications is June 20th, 2011.


Calls for Submissions: HATCH 2011-12

Harbourfront Centre is currently seeking proposals from Toronto-area artists and companies working in the field of performance for HATCH for the 2012 series, curated by Jess Dobkin.

Now heading into its ninth year, HATCH is designed to incubate and foster invention and innovation in the local performance scene. The programme has quickly become an important element in the ecology of local performance development. Harbourfront Centre invites projects from emerging creators as well as established artists engaging in new collaborations or entering into new artistic territory. We encourage performance proposals from artists working across all disciplines, including, but not limited to, dance, theatre, performance art, music, etc. Of particular interest are proposals that can demonstrate how HATCH will benefit the project or the artist during this stage of development. HATCH is not about an opportunity for staging a fully finished piece but about using the week to develop a new or existing piece of work. The week itself is about exploring the process of development, with the showing of work being only part of this process.

Harbourfront Centre is an innovative non profit cultural organization which creates events and activities of excellence that enliven, educate and entertain a diverse public. Since its inception thirtyfive years ago, Harbourfront Centre has been introducing Toronto audiences to artists and art forms, exploring new and bold frontiers in the arts and creative expression.

Jess Dobkin’s performances, artist’s talks and workshops are presented internationally at museums, galleries, theatres, universities and in public spaces. Her creative endeavors have received wide support and recognition, including awards from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and Toronto Arts Council, and repeated funding from the Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art and the Astraea Foundation. She was named “Best Performance Artist” by NOW Toronto and X-tra Magazine, and her Lactation Station Breast Milk Bar performance continues to draw international media attention and interest.

About the Residency

Companies and artists selected to participate in HATCH will receive a one-week residency in the Studio Theatre, located at Harbourfront Centre. The Studio Theatre is an intimate, 196-seat proscenium venue featuring a full lighting grid, raked seating and sprung stage floor. Use of the residency period is at the discretion of the artist and needs of the project (i.e. workshop, rehearsals, performance, etc.) but there must be at least one presentation of the work for the public and/or invited audience at some point in the week.

The HATCH residency and mentorship package includes:
• One week (Monday – Sunday), rent-free in the Studio Theatre;
• Professional development and mentoring in all areas of production and presentation—from marketing to international touring—under the guidance of Harbourfront Centre’s professional staff;
• Workshops in marketing, publicity and producing facilitated by key Harbourfront Centre staff;
• Production subsidy designed to cover: basic production staff costs during residency (technical and production, front of house, ticket-sellers, etc.); in-house production coordination; advance ticket sales and in-house box office services (Note: While we aim to keep all companies within the subsidy, all charges incurred over and above this complement will be the responsibility of the company. Subject to the size and requirements of the production, minimum staffing quotas will apply in accordance with Harbourfront Centre employment rules and regulations. Please contact for more information);
• Inclusion in marketing and media relations campaigns, including: media relations assistance and distribution; inclusion in Harbourfront Centre collective advertising campaign; presence in all of our relevant marketing materials; and a dedicated marketing plan developed in partnership with Harbourfront Centre marketing staff.


We are seeking proposals from:
· Professional performance creators from across the GTA at any stage in their career who are able to demonstrate prior artistic endeavors and a clear artistic mandate;
· Performance creators engaging in a new project or entering the next distinct phase of an ongoing development project;
· Performing groups/artists from diverse communities whose work is contemporary in nature;
· Artists committed to the development of contemporary, inventive and creative performance-based work.

The proposal package should include:

1. A project description: describe your project and why it is a good fit for this programme and Harbourfront Centre. Include a short explanation of how HATCH will benefit the development of the work or the artist at this particular point in time. Please limit to two pages;
2. An artistic mission statement: how your project contributes to contemporary performance practice as well as what you want to accomplish with this project and with your work in general. Please limit to one page;
3. An outline of what learning opportunities you would most like to take advantage of through HATCH, guided by Harbourfront Centre staff in the areas of Media Relations and Publicity,
Marketing and Promotions, Technical and Production, and Artistic Production and Programming. Please limit to one page;
4. The completed Application Form;
5. A proposed budget;
6. An overview of proposed technical requirements. Technical requirements must be in keeping with the parameters of the Studio Theatre;
7. Support materials, as available and relevant to your proposal, including:
  • A list of project collaborators, sponsors and/or project supporters. Include letters of reference if appropriate.
  • CVs, bios or profiles of participating artists and key personnel.
  • A script or working document, if available and/or appropriate.
  • Video documentation of your current or past work (VHS or DVD formats), as appropriate.
  • Press clippings, photos, programmes, print materials, press kits or folders if available and/or appropriate.
Please indicate on the application form whether or not you wish your support materials to be returned. If yes, a self-addressed stamped envelope must be included.

The full application package is available online at

For more information, or to receive an application package via email or post, call 416-952-7969 or email

We are unable to accept applications sent by fax or email.

Completed applications should be delivered in person, by mail or by courier to:

HATCH proposals

Tanya Carinci
Performing Arts, Harbourfront Centre
235 Queens Quay West
Toronto, ON M5J 2G8

Deadline: June 20th, 2011.

All applications postmarked by Canada Post or a courier company no later than June 20th, 2010 will be accepted. Applications may also be hand-delivered at Harbourfront Centre until 6 pm on June
20th, 2010.

Testimonials from HATCH participants

“I can't believe I made something so beautiful, I can't believe it pulled together in a week! A wild ride, this is what Hatch is here for isn't it? To give an artist the opportunity to realize/manifest an experiment, like in a lab, where a scientist for one week gets access to the equipment s/he needs for a critical experiment and they make a break through, that's really what happened for us, we breathed life into the Mrtvolka.”
Daniela Sneppova, HATCH Participant 2011

“At the very least, HATCH was a wonderful opportunity to work with a premier institution filled with amazing staff & visionaries who provided us the creative guidance and technical support we needed to elevate our process and, ultimately, work. Given our members' geographical distances, we wouldn't have achieved such scale & scope otherwise.

But perhaps more importantly, HATCH is a uniquely creative environment that fosters a sense of community among its participants. Under Ame Henderson & Jo Hunter's gracious care, we felt like family. And exchanged ideas accordingly during gatherings. So it isn't so outlandish to compare HATCH to The Cool Parent. You know, the one who casually leaves out Playboy/girl mags for you to discover. And when you mention things like, "Can i have a Duran Duran haircut," they say, "Yes, but please listen to this Motorhead record first." Then later on in life, you find yourself joyfully recounting this very story to a complete stranger in an effort to explain why you've seen Slayer 13 times. Yeah, baby.”
Arthur Yeung, HATCH participant 2011

"The deceptively simple notion of being able to actually create and rehearse new work IN the theatre the work was to be performed in – with every effort made by Harbourfront Centre staff to provide all the support and resources they could – was nothing short of a revolution for our project and our company. Through our HATCH residency we discovered an immediate, active way of working that I hope will inform our creation and rehearsal methods for years to come."
Brendan Gall, HATCH Participant 2010

"There are few opportunities in this city that give emerging artists and performers a chance to get together with their collaborators and just create. The fact that this happens in a fully equipped theatre with expert staff able to assist with everything from press releases to technical questions makes it an amazing opportunity for any company. Even just being associated with the Harbourfront Centre has opened up doors for our company."
Erin Brandenburg, HATCH Participant 2009

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