Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Call for submissions: Trinity Square Video's "Right"

The film and video collective Trinity Square Video has put out a call for submissions for the second part of their trilogy series LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRE. TSV will select five proposals for works 5-7 minutes long to receive $750 in equipment rentals, technical support and a small honorarium.

Works selected will screen at an exhibition in November 2011. They will also be included in the
LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRE catalogue. The first part of the series, LEFT, is currently screening at the TIFF Bell Lightbox until June 12.

The program is intended for Toronto-based artists. However, those from Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area can apply if you can ensure that you will attend all RIGHT related activities at your own expense.

The deadline for submissions is Friday July 1st, 2011.


TSV Call for Submissions to "RIGHT", Deadline July 1, 2011

Trinity Square Video
announces a call for submission to RIGHT, the second act of the TSV Commission trilogy, LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRE. This commission asks artists to create 5- to 7-minute videos using appropriated writing as a primary source material for the examination of contemporary politics. Celebrating TSV’s 40-year history as a centre for the production of art, we are looking for five successful proposals to RIGHT. Videomakers chosen for RIGHT must begin their projects from appropriated written source materials. These written sources must be described in the project proposal.

For RIGHT, we are seeking proposals for the creation of work that considers the idea of the “right” from various positions: from those conservative traditionalists whose sober world-view demands moderation and caution; from those even righter Republicans set against collectivism; from those who are correct and proper, and those who question of their validity; from the lawfully just or the fair who declare civil or human rights on a surface; from the marks, cursive figures or typographic signs that “write” and transform. 

This is a commission for the production of video art. TSV is seeking submissions that propose to explore pertinent issues related, but not limited, to representation, identity, geography and space, economics, justice, divisions of labour and power, science, history and philosophy. These works can be impassioned, critical, humorously self-effacing, discursively political or more experimentally ambiguous in their analysis and construction.

Proposed artworks can employ video through a variety of strategies, including narrative and documentary form, formalist or materialist practices, animation or compositing, non-lens-based video production and motion graphics, and through a limited number of selected video installations*.
Selected artists receive:

  • $750 in production equipment rentals;
  • 40 hours of editing time;
  • TSV Final Cut Pro or After Effects workshop;
  • Support from TSV’s technical and artistic Staff;
  • TSV membership or renewal;
  • $400 Honorarium;
  • Public screening/exhibition (November 2011);
  • Inclusion in the LEFT, RIGHT, CENTRE catalogue (published at the completion of the trilogy) 
While each project is created separately, the artists participate in group-critiques of works-in-progress, where they can receive peer-support and feedback.

Submissions will be reviewed by the TSV Programming Committee who will make selections based on the proposed project’s exploration of the theme, RIGHT, as well as its intended examination, experimentation and expansion of video as an art medium.

All Toronto-based emerging, mid-career and established visual artists, video artists, media artists, and filmmakers are welcome to submit proposals to RIGHT. Proposals from those living outside Toronto and surrounding area must ensure that the artist will attend all RIGHT related activities at their own expense.

*Up to 2 video installations will be presented as part of RIGHT. The majority of successful applications supported by this commission will be for the creation single-channel videos. Selected artists working in single-channel video or video installation will receive the same resources from TSV, as outlined above.

Proposals must include a complete application form, downloadable below.
Download the PDF file.
Deadline Friday July 01st, 2011

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