Monday, May 2, 2011

10th FITC Toronto, the Design & Technology Festival, May 2-4

After a day of workshops, FITC Toronto hosts their 2011 Toronto Design and Technology Festival starting today. This is their tenth year hosting the festival which began in Toronto and has expanded to 19 cities worldwide.

FITC began as a Flash Festival in 2002 called 'Flash In The Can', named as a Flash event in Canada. After a few years, it grew and beyond Canada and just Flash, so they adopted the acronym F.I.T.C.

Events take place at the Guvernment Entertainment Complex, 132 Queens Quay East. Some of the proceedings can be viewed online at

The festival continues to Wednesday, May 4.


FITC Toronto 2011

The Design & Technology Festival

Now in its 10th year, FITC Toronto is one of the largest and longest running events of its kind in the world. With some of the most unique and engaging presenters from around the globe, FITC Toronto is a three day blitz of presentations, demonstrations, and panel discussions, sandwiched between our legendary FITC parties and abundant networking opportunities. Topped off with the FITC Award Show, it's three days and nights that will leave you inspired, energized and awed.
  • Three full days and nights of events, plus one day of optional pre-festival workshops
  • Over 70 presentations and panels covering the Creative, Technical, and Business aspects of Flash and digital media
  • Over 1200 attendees from around the globe
  • Over 80 internationally renowned design and technology presenters
  • Includes the annual FITC Awards Show
  • Includes FITC evening events
  • Includes the 'FITC Get a Job' mixer, a free-to-attend job fair for the Interactive industry

Speakers of Note

• Kyle Cooper - Founder of Prologue, Director of 150+ film title sequences including Se7en, Dawn of the Dead, Iron Man I / II, Spider Man, and The Incredible Hulk
• Robert Hodgin - Creative Director at Bloom Studio and Co-founder of The Barbarian Group
• GMUNK - Design Lead for Graphic Design & Animation for TRON Legacy
• Theo Watson - Co-founder of openFrameworks and member of Graffiti Research Lab. Works include Eyewriter, Laser Tag and Laser Graffiti system.
• Greg Hermanovic - Co-founder of Derivative and Side Effects Software (makers of Houdini,) recipient of two Academy Awards
• Rob Bateman - Co-founder of Away3D
• Andre Michelle - The man behind
• Chris Allen - President and CEO of Infrared5, and inventor of Brass Monkey
• Ben Radatz - Co-founder of MK12, the Kansas City based design and filmmaking collective who's work includes Quantum of Solace, Stranger than Fiction, Beatles Rock Band, and Greenday Rock Band.
• Plus over 60 more. See the entire epic list here.

FITC Toronto 2010 Highlight Reel from FITC on Vimeo.

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