Thursday, May 12, 2011

2nd Annual Toronto Russian Film Festival, May 12-15

After a successful inaugural year, the Toronto Russian Film Festival returns with its program of Russian and Russian-language post-Soviet cinema. The festival co-presented the Israeli movie Lenin in October yesterday at the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, and kicks off officially tonight with an Invitation-only reception at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Over the next several days, the Toronto Russian Film Festival presents 10 feature films, animated films and documentaries that showcase the Russian storytelling style. They will present a Student Film Competition with films from Toronto and Russian film schools that is free for all to attend.

Highlights of this year's festival include the North American premiere of  Дом Солнца (The House Of Sun) by Гариком Сукачевым (Garik Sukachyov), the Canadian-Russian co-production Первый Русский (The First Russian) by Владимир Левин (Vladimir Levin) and Москва, я люблю тебя (Moscow, I Love You) by Алла Cурикова (Alla Surikova).

Visiting filmmakers include Сукачевым (Sukachyov), Левин (Levin), Cурикова (Surikova), Мария Яцкова (Mariya Yatskova) of Мисс ГУЛАГ (Miss GULAG), and Феликс Михайлов (Felix Mikhailov) of Весельчаки (Jolly Fellows).



The Toronto Russian Film Festival (TRFF) is an annual event created to celebrate and promote the art of Russian and Russian-language post-Soviet Cinema.

On Wednesday, May 11th
, one day prior to commencing it's 2011 year of festivities, the TRFF is proud to team up with the TJFF for a co-presentation of the Israeli movie "Lenin in October" (Russian/Hebrew with English subtitles) at Al Green Theatre. The TRFF kicks off it's own exciting 2011 program On Thursday, May 12th, consisting of: five feature length films; a few documentaries; a student film competition among the peers of Toronto Film Faculties and the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio "Ostankino" (MITRO); a children's program organized by the Board on books for young people of Russia (IBBY Russia) with support from the Russian Cultural Foundation, children's magazine "Let's grow up"("Вырастайка") and Toronto Russian Library; a Meet & Greet with the TRFF guests and star of Russian Cinema Garik Sukachev; as well as Master Classes with the managers and hosts of the Russian TV shows.

Russian Cinema
is recognized at numerous European film festivals. It is known for its deep tradition and roots, and its rich development in a variety of genres. Screening Russian films in Toronto, a city which hosts the biggest international film festival (TIFF) and more than 70 various thematic and ethnic film festivals, will allow us to introduce Russian cinema to North American patrons and to make it more readily available to the public. Also, TRFF includes films made by Russian speaking Canadians. There is no doubt, that TRFF contributes to the development of tourism in Toronto.

TRFF's mission
is to strengthen the cultural connection between Canada and Russia. About 4000 people attended TRFF events in May 2010. The "Canadian Mozaik" (Days of Canadian Cinema in Russia) took place in Russia in 2009 and 2010. Receiving rave reviews, this festival made a sizable splash in Moscow’s culturally competitive environment.

Finally, the TRFF also runs a regular “Cinema Club” in Toronto, which is designed to educate the public in the area of modern cinematography and demonstrate the achievements of cinema in Russia and former Soviet Union Countries, as well as showcase the accomplishments of Russian speaking Canadian cinematographers.

TRFF is supported
by the City of Toronto, Tourism Toronto, as well as public and private organizations.

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