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TIFF Next Wave Film Festival 2013, Feb 15-17

The second annual TIFF Next Wave Film Festival, programmed for youth aged 14 through 18, delivers the best in film from around the globe, along with an exciting slate of special guests, interactive workshops and a 24-Hour Film Challenge for young filmmakers.

The festival kicks off tonight with the TIFF Next Wave Battle of the Scores. After being given three weeks to compose an original score for an original short film, six high-school bands from across the city will perform their soundtracks live on stage to accompany the screening of the films (created for the competition this year by emerging filmmaker Ben Roberts). The winning band will be determined by a panel of esteemed judges from the Toronto music and film community. There will also be an additional prize based on audience vote.

The festival will screen films such as 5-25-77, Bushido Sixteen, Earthbound, Fame High, Family Weekend, Ghost Graduation and a John Hughes Movie Marathon. There will also be a screening of the films made during the TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge.

On Saturday, The festival hosts the TIFF Next Wave Talent Lab, a series of interactive workshops open to emerging filmmakers aged 14 through 18 that will provide hands-on demonstrations and tips on technical, story, and production elements of filmmaking from industry professionals and filmmakers.

Select screenings are free for high-school students. Select screenings are accompanied by Q&A sessions with directors and special guests. This festival is steered by the TIFF Next Wave Committee.

TIFF Next Wave Film Festival 2013

In 1976, a young small-town movie geek is given the opportunity of a lifetime — to travel to Hollywood and see an advance screening of the yet-to-be released Star Wars — in this charming and inspirational coming-of-age story based on the real-life experiences of director Patrick Read Johnson.

The Breakfast Club
A stellar young cast — Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy and the immortal Anthony Michael Hall — star in John Hughes' teen-movie milestone.

Bushido Sixteen
Two elite young female kendo fencers are drawn into a high-stakes rivalry — and a surprising, uneasy friendship — in this funny and touching "frenemy" fable based on the 2007 novel by Tetsuya Honda.

Dead Before Dawn 3D
A hapless college student unleashes a zombie curse in this campy, bloody and bloody hilarious homegrown thrill ride filmed in Niagara Falls.

In this spirited sci-fi comedy, an awkward misfit who believes that he is a member of a nearly extinct alien race risks losing his dream girl when he tells her about his extraterrestrial origins — until a team of intergalactic bounty hunters appears and he discovers the dangerous truth about his ancestry.

Fame High
From tense entry auditions to dazzling year-end performances, this inspirational documentary follows four students through the drama, competition, heartbreak and triumph of one school year at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as they contend with the expectations of parents and teachers, the distractions of romance, and doubts about their dreams.

Family Weekend
Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine co-star in this dark comedy as the feuding parents of a sixteen-year-old girl who decides to force some bonding time on her fractured family by holding them hostage over a particularly eventful weekend.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Matthew Broderick became a teen icon as the smooth-talking, class-skipping high school operator in John Hughes' comedy classic.

Ghost Graduation
The Breakfast Club meets Ghostbusters in this raucous Spanish comedy, in which a paranormally-gifted high school teacher is charged with helping a group of ghostly '80s-era teens with some unfinished business: passing their final exam.

John Hughes Movie Marathon
TIFF Next Wave salutes the king of the '80s teen movie with this special marathon screening of five Hughes classics.

Molly Maxwell
Public Programme
In this touching and dreamily romantic teenage drama, a shy young girl at a Toronto alternative school begins to flourish under the mentorship of a handsome young English teacher — but when the student-teacher bond grows more intimate, she risks alienating everyone she loves.

Otelo Burning
Public Programme
In the turbulent atmosphere of 1989 South Africa, a teenage boy from the townships begins to attain fame as a surfing star — but after a fateful betrayal, he is forced to choose between pursuing his dreams or fighting for justice.

Pretty in Pink
Public Programme
Molly Ringwald became an '80s icon as the star of this affecting portrait of young lovers struggling against class boundaries.

Sixteen Candles
Public Programme
Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall were launched to teen-movie stardom by John Hughes' wildly irreverent directorial debut.

Some Kind of Wonderful
Public Programme
A high school misfit (Mary Stuart Masterson) is forced to confront her romantic feelings for her longtime best friend (Eric Stoltz) when he gets a shot with the school's most popular girl, in this gender-flipped answer to writer-producer John Hughes' previous hit Pretty in Pink.

Struck by Lightning
Public Programme
Glee's Chris Colfer writes and stars in this irreverent tale about a high school outcast whose ruthless determination to make his fledgling literary magazine a success reveals the dark truths lurking within the student body.

TIFF Next Wave 24hr Film Challenge
Public Programme
TIFF Next Wave challenges teams of high-school-aged youth to make an original short film in just 24 hours, from 6pm on Thursday, February 14 to 6pm on Friday, February 15, just in time for Battle of the Scores. All films that meet the competition criteria will be screened at TIFF Bell Lightbox on the closing day of the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival, Sunday, February 17. Assemble your teams now!

TIFF Next Wave 24hr Film Challenge Final Screening
Public Programme
Final films in the TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge will screen Sunday, February 17 - the closing day of the TIFF Next Wave Wave Film Festival. Following the screening, one team will be awarded the grand prize of $500, courtesy of RBC.
Are you a high-school student interested in creating a short film for the screening? Find more information about the TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge.

TIFF Next Wave Battle of the Scores
Public Programme
In this competition celebrating young talent, music and film, six high-school bands perform their own scores of an original short film, kicking off the opening night of the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival.

TIFF Next Wave Talent Lab
Public Programme
The TIFF Next Wave Talent Lab is a series of interactive workshops open to emerging filmmakers aged 14 through 18 that will provide hands-on demonstrations and tips on technical, story, and production elements of filmmaking from industry professionals and filmmakers.

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