Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Call for submissions: Mascara and Popcorn Film Festival


MASCARA AND POPCORN is a film festival that delves into the horror genre for the most part, as well as the experimental, the weird and the wonderful. Mascara and Popcorn also showcases projects that go beyond film: theatre, music, fundraisers and live performances within the underground arena, helping entrepreneurs and artists connect and kick start opportunities for themselves. Any film of the imagination that steps out of the ordinary. Intense, disturbing, provocative, unclassifiable material. Low budget works with high production value. The festival features a competition and offers additional promotional opportunities within the global festival market.

PROJECTS ACCEPTED FOR THE COMPETITION : Short Films (under 17 minutes)

Taking place this year from August 15th to August 18th, 2013, MASCARA AND POPCORN presents its international competition, accepting entries from around the world. We strive to support independent film, promote all types of thought-provoking dark art and human passions to the extreme: horror, experimental, post-apocalyptic, film noir, horror-comedy, gore, dark fiction, dark fantasy, dark animation, dark science-fiction and most dramas.

​Short Films (under 17 minutes)
Short movies COMPLETED AFTER MAY 1st 2012 can be submitted

Best Cinematography
Best Acting
Best Screenplay
Best Makeup and Special FX
Best Animation
Best Horror-Comedy
Mascara and Popcorn’s “Weird and Wonderful (WW)"
Mascara and Popcorn’s “Extreme, Experimental, Exceptional (EEE)”
Mascara and Popcorn’s "Audience Choice"
Mascara and Popcorn’s "Best International Short Film for 2013"

Awards will be given to highest standards in:

Cinematography: remarkable filming and camera techniques, best use of frames, visual effects, filters, depth, lighting, camera movement, editing, sound, music.

Acting: credible and realistic delivery, drama, depth of characters confronted with extraordinary or extreme situations.

Screenplay: strength of storyline, remarkable dialogue, dark fiction, haunting and twisted psychological drama and/or horror.

Makeup and Special FX: body horror, gore, impressive use of prosthetics and makeup.

Animation: dark animation (including 2D, 3D, stop-motion, after effects, final cut, CGI), experimental music, animated nudity, subliminal images, bizarre and disturbing content.

Horror-comedy: dark humour, wacky horror, ludicrous scenes, homage to '50s monster movies, sharp comedic dialogue, over-the-top gore, satirical social commentary, quality and substance within a parody.

Additional awards will be given to the winners in the following categories:

MP’s “Weird and Wonderful (WW)”: creepy tales, horrible creatures, supernatural cosmic horror, dark science-fiction, paranormal, post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy, strange visual and sound effects, outstanding soundtrack.

MP’s “Extreme, Experimental, Exceptional (EEE)”: surreal gore, raw and unadulterated camera work, dark fantasy, body horror, avant-garde, unclassifiable, a study of human passions in extreme conditions.

MP’s "Audience Choice": film chosen by the audience having demonstrated extraordinary performance in two or more categories according to the public.

MP’S "Best International Short Film": film chosen by the jury having been nominated in more than one category and demonstrating extraordinary performance in two or more categories.

Three nominees will be chosen in every category.

A prize will be awarded to the winner of each category.

A $1,000.00 grand prize will be awarded to the MASCARA AND POPCORN’S BEST INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FOR 2013 by the jury.

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