Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Programming announced for 2012 Directors' Fortnight

Yesterday, the Semaine de la Critique (Critics' Week) announced their programming and today the other Cannes sidebar – the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (Directors' Fortnight) – followed suit with their full programming slate.

The opening film will be Michel Gondry's latest film The We and the I. Filmed with non-acting high school students, it is the only American film along with the documentary Room 237 about Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. The closing film will be Noémie Lvovsky's Camille redouble.

Canadians are represented with Yulene Olaizola's Fogo, a co-production with Mexico. In the short film selection, one of the ten films is Avec Jeff, à moto (With Jeff ) by Marie-Eve Juste.

Generally though, the programming is dominated by French and Latin American films. All are world premieres or international premieres.

Films vying for the top prize of Caméra d'or are Elie Wajeman's Alyah, Yeun Sang-Ho's Dae gi eui wang (The King of Pigs), William Vega's La Sirga, Rachid Djaïdani's Rengaine (Hold Back), Rodney Ascher's aforementioned Room 237 and Massoud Bakhshi's Yek Khanévadéh-e Mohtaram (A Respectable Family).

The Quinzaine des Réalisateurs runs from May 17 to 27.


3, Pablo Stoll Ward (Uruguay, Germany, Argentina) – International Premiere

Adieu Berthe, l'enterrement de mémé (Granny's Funeral), Bruno Podalydès (France) - World Premiere

Alyah, Elie Wajeman (France) – Caméra d'or – World Premiere

Camille redouble, Noémie Lvovsky (France) - World Premiere – Closing Film

Dae gi eui wang (The King of Pigs), Yeun Sang-Ho (South Korea) – Caméra d'or - International Premiere

Dangerous Liaisons, Hur Jin-Ho (China) – World Premiere

El Taaib (Le Repenti), Merzak Allouache (Algérie / Algeria) - World Premiere

Ernest et Célestine, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar, Benjamin Renner (France, Belgium, Luxembourg) – World Premiere

Fogo, Yulene Olaizola (Mexico, Canada) - World Premiere

Gangs of Wasseypur, Anurag Kashyap (India) - World Premiere

Infancia clandestina (Enfance clandestine), Benjamin Ávila (Argantina, Spain, Brazil) - World Premiere

La noche de enfrente (La Nuit d'en face), Raoul Ruiz (France, Chile) - World Premiere – Special Screening

La Sirga, William Vega (Colombia, France, Mexico) – Caméra d'or - World Premiere

No, Pablo Larraín (Chile, USA) - World Premiere

Opération Libertad, Nicolas Wadimoff (Switzerland, France) - World Premiere

Rengaine (Hold Back), Rachid Djaïdani (France) – Caméra d'or - World Premiere

Room 237, Rodney Ascher (Etats-Unis / USA) - Caméra d'or - International Premiere

Sightseers (Touristes !), Ben Wheatley (United Kingdom) - World Premiere - Special Screening

Sueño y silencio, Jaime Rosales (Spain, France) - World Premiere

The We and the I, Michel Gondry (USA) - World Premiere – Opening Film

Yek Khanévadéh-e Mohtaram (Une famille respectable / A Respectable Family), Massoud Bakhshi (Iran) - Caméra d'or - World Premiere



Avec Jeff, à moto (With Jeff ), Marie-Eve Juste (Canada)

Rodri, Franco Lolli (France)

Königsberg, Philipp Mayrhofer (France)

Porcos Raivosos (Porcs enragés / Enraged Pigs), Leonardo Sette and Isabel Penoni (Brazil)

Os vivos tambem choram (Les Vivants pleurent aussi), Basil da Cunha (Switzerland , Portugal)


Portret Z Pamieci (Drawn from Memory), Marcin Bortkiewicz (Poland)

The Curse, Fyzal Boulifa (United Kingdom, Morrocco)

Tram, Michaela Pavlátová (France, Czech Republic)

Os mortos-vivos (Les Morts-vivants / The Living Dead), Anita Rocha da Silveira (Brazil)

Wrong Cops, Quentin Dupieux (France)

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