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2011 Worldwide Short Film Festival - award winners [UPDATED]

At the closing awards picnic on the last day of the festival, the 17th annual Worldwide Short Film Festival announced their prizewinners.

The Bravo!FACT Award for Best Canadian Short went to Sang Froid (Cold Blood), by Montrealer
Martin Thibaudeau. It tells a touching story of a boy and his mother at the hospital. The winner of Best Live Action Short was Aglaée by Rudi Rosenberg. Belgian filmmaker Samuel Tilman’s Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) was a runner-up.

The Best Documentary Short film was Susan Koenen’s I Am a Girl. Scottish filmmaker
Iain Gardner's Tannery won Best Animated Short. The Best Experimental Short was Erään hyönteisen tuho (The Death of an Insect) by Kiitos, Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen.

The winner for the Screenplay Giveaway Prize and its prize package worth $70,000 was
David Widdicombe for his script Wake. The runner-up was Jason Hreno for Sam and Rea’s Fault.

The Audience Choice Award will be announced tonight at the 7pm Award-winners screening.


[UPDATE] The announced winner for the Audience Choice Award was the Academy Award-nominated animated short film The Gruffalo.





TORONTO, June 5, 2011 CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF), presented by TELUS, is pleased to announce the winners of the Festival's 2011 awards. Award winners were announced at the 2011 CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival Awards Picnic held today at the Canadian Film Centre.  Nine awards and over $90,000 in cash and prizes were presented to Canadian and international filmmakers.

One of only four Canadian festivals accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences®, WSFF Canadian award winners are eligible for Genie Awards, while winners of the awards for Best Live-Action Short and Best Animated Short become eligible for the Academy Awards®.

The jury was stunned by the talent and originality found in this year’s competitive programming,” said Eileen Arandiga, Festival Director.  “With 95 films in competition, this year’s race for these prestigious awards was more rigorous than ever before. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed jury members Kelly DeVine, Jean Malek, Marie Stroud, Nick Solowski and Liz Harkman, as well as our sponsors who provide these awards in support of emerging talent.”

The Bravo!FACT Award for Best Canadian Short and a cash prize of $5,000 was captured by director Martin Thibaudeau for COLD BLOOD (SANG FROID) (Canada).  The jury remarked: “This deftly-scripted emotional family drama doesn’t waste a single frame and caused the jury’s hearts to beat faster, and eyes to water.”

The Deluxe Award for Best Live Action Short was awarded to Rudi Rosenberg’s AGLAÉE (France) garnering him $2,500 in cash and eligibility for next year’s Academy Awards®.  The jury remarked: “This stand-out teenage drama captivated the jury with its outstanding young performances and its truthful portrayal of adolescence, in all its beauty and ugliness.  A film directed with brio that is unsettling and above all else, refreshing.”

An Honourable Mention goes to Samuel Tilman’s film SLEEPLESS NIGHT (NUIT BLANCHE) (Belgium).

The Deluxe Award for Best Performance in a Live-Action Short was awarded to actors Aline Kolditz and Lea Kolditz as Mieke in Daniel Karl Krause’s FATHERMOTHERCHILD (VATERMUTTERKIND) (Germany) along with a $2,500 cash prize. The jury remarked: “These young actors deliver an amazing and convincing characterization in a film that delivers a powerful punch.  The role required a maturity and complex understanding of an adult environment in a sustained performance that shocks to the core.”

The Kodak Award for Best Cinematography in a Canadian Short was presented to Cinematographer Ian Lagarde for Annick Blanc’s film NOWHERE ELSEWHERE (AU MILIEU DE NULLE PART AILLEURS) (Canada) along with $2,000 in 35mm stock. The jury remarked: “The film transported us to a world where anxiety meets the naïveté of childhood thanks to a remarkable cinematography which gives a very specific tone to this cinematographic gem.” 

The Panasonic Award For Best Documentary Short: went to Susan Koenen’s I AM A GIRL!, (Netherlands). The jury remarked: “The winner of Best Documentary Short is a film that tackles a teenager’s challenging transformation, using an effervescent approach to its music, cinematography and symbolism to portray a femininity and innocence that is unexpectedly accurate.”  The prize package includes a Camcorder, LCD television, Blu-ray player and a digital stills camera (total package $5,000)

Best Animated Short honour and a Panasonic digital video camcorder (and Academy Award eligibility) went to Iain Gardner for THE TANNERY (UK). The jury remarked: “This lovely parable about the mysteries of the cycle of life is as beautiful as it is touching.  A film that will stay with you long after viewing.”

An Honourable Mention goes to Robert Proch’s THE GALLERY (GALERIA) (Poland), a film that playfully explores gender roles and behaviour with a wry sense of humour and a jaunty fluid line.

The Best Experimental Short honour along with a Panasonic digital video camcorder went to Kiitos, Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen for THE DEATH OF AN INSECT (ERÄÄN HYÖNTEISEN TUHO) (Finland). The jury remarked: “This particular short engaged the jury by its use of various innovative audio and visual techniques which evoked curiosity, wonder, disgust and fascination.”

And finally, the Screenplay Giveaway Prize, a package of goods and services worth over $70,000 was awarded to David Widdicombe for his script WAKE. The prize includes post production services by Deluxe Laboratories, studio time at Cinespace Studios, Kodak film stock, supply services from Location Equipment Supply, lighting and grip from William F. White, two programming passes for WIFT-T, legal counsel from Heenan Blaikie Barristers and Solicitors, up to two (2) one-year memberships to Script Pipeline, story editing services from Super Channel, postcard and business card design by Agency 71, festival strategy consultation, shipping and application of submissions by Ouat Media for 50 festivals within two years, as well as a range of consultations: an ACTRA TIP consultation, a production consultation with CFC’s executive in charge of production & post and an entertainment insurance consultation from BFL Canada.

A runner’s up award was given to Jason Hreno for SAM AND REA’S FAULT.

The TELUS Audience Choice Award, which comes with a $5,000 cash prize, will be announced later this evening at the Festival Award Winners screening at the Royal Ontario Museum on Sunday, June 5th at 7 p.m. Chosen out of all 275 films in the festival, the TELUS Audience Choice Award is the only prize in which all films, in both competition and non-competition screenings are eligible to win.

About Worldwide Short Film Festival
Now in its 17th year, the Canadian Film Centre’s Worldwide Short Film Festival is the leading venue for the exhibition and promotion of short film in North America and is one of the premier short film festivals in the world. Taking place May 31st-June 5th, 2011, the WSFF will present 275 films from 36 countries. Offering one of the largest prize packages for short film in the world, top WSFF winners are eligible for both Academy Award® and Genie Award consideration. The WSFF Short Films, BIG IDEAS Symposium offers renowned professional development, while the WSFF Business Centre is home to the largest short film marketplace in North America.  For more information please visit:

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