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13th Annual Parkdale Film + Video Showcase, June 22-26

13th Annual Parkdale Film + Video Showcase

JUNE 22-26, 2011 The Parkdale Film + Video Showcase is an annual summer celebration of the artists and audiences who live and work in the eclectic Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. Now in its 13th year, this compact local festival offers engaging and unexpected entry points into media arts production by Parkdale-based artists, including REvisit, a film and video shorts program at the Revue Cinema; a Screening Under the Stars shorts program outdoors in the Fuller Avenue Parkette; REside media installations in the storefronts of Capital Espresso and Common Sort on Queen Street West; as well as video making workshops with members of Parkdale Project Read followed by a screening of their work in our program REread: Parkdale Stories, at the Toronto Public Library’s Parkdale Branch. New this year include our programs REnarrate, a curated program of video, installation and performance throughout the neighbourhood by artists not necessarily living in Parkdale but whose practices explore Parkdale-relevant notions of migration, boundaries, and retelling narratives; REact: Solidarity Sunday, featuring works of artistic protest to commemorate the G20 standoff in Parkdale one year ago today, along with videos featured at past Showcase screenings that offer sensitivity and solidarity with resistance movements nationally and internationally; and YOUTHtube, a presentation of videos at the Toronto Public Library’s Parkdale Branch of video created by participants of the Parkdale Youth Space at St. Christopher House.

Once Toronto’s “beachside playground”, Parkdale as a neighbourhood has weathered and continues to adapt to dramatic shifts in the cultural, ethnic and economic landscape of its residents, constantly going through a kind of “rehabilitation”. Parkdale remains at its heart a friendly and feisty neighbourhood, with residents who value solidarity, including artists of all kinds who have always lived in and contributed to the wealth of the community.

The Parkdale Film + Video Showcase is a rare dose of defiant and whimsical film and video that activates an exchange of all kinds of visual culture in the community, a send up of its talents and a hearty toast to its eccentricities. Our annual Showcase is a meeting of cross-cultural neighbours with fringy as well as professional image-makers on a warm weekend in June—a microcosm of Toronto’s unique arts scene.

All programs Pay What You Can!

13th Annual Parkdale Film + Video Showcase, June 22-26, 2011


Artist Talk with REnarrate Artists

Wednesday June 22, 7-9pm
Ground Level Café©, 1496 Queen St W

Julian Higuerey Núñez, The Department of Unusual Certainties (Brendan Cormier, Christopher Pandolfi, and Simon Rabyniuk) and Tamara Platiša and Saša Rajšić
Artists will discuss their year-long participation in the Showcase's first ever REnarrate program, a new program of curated installation, video and performance works in sites throughout Parkdale. REnarrate is an opportunity for non-Parkdale artists to make a new work for the Showcase in the spirit of community awareness.

REside and REnarrate Media Installations

All weekend long, Friday June 24 to Sunday June 26, from sunrise to sunset

Check out REside artists Liz Knox at Common Sort (1414 Queen Street West), and Cheryl Rondeau at Capital Espresso (1349 Queen Street West), and REnarrate artists Department of Unusual Certainties at Ground Level Café© (1496 Queen Street West).

REvisit: Showcasing Parkdale Film + Video Shorts

Opening Night
Friday June 24, 7-9pm
Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Avenue Our main event! An intriguing selection of new and recent film and video shorts by seasoned and upcoming Parkdale based artists investigating contemporary cultural, political, environmental and urban issues, including new video work by REnarrate artist Julian Higuerey Núñez.
Featuring: Anne Koizumi, Michael Toke, Barbara Sternberg and Sandra Gregson, Jake Lopez, Sarah Ann Watson, Chris Dupuis, Max Parr, Damien Zielinski, Kassandra Prus, Mark Pellegrino, and Julian Higuerey Núñez.


Saturday June 25, 2:30pm
Toronto Public Library, Parkdale Branch (1303 Queen Street West) YOUTHtube presents videos created by participants of St. Chrisopher House's Parkdale Youth Space. Ranging from street dancing to anti-drug PSAs, this program highlights the creativity, energy and diversity of Parkdale's young community. Many thanks to Theo Steryannis for his help in putting this screening together.

REread: Parkdale Stories

Saturday June 25, 3:30pm
Toronto Public Library, Parkdale Branch (1303 Queen Street West)

Featuring video works by members of Parkdale Project Read following video-making workshops provided by the Parkdale Beauty Pageant Society.

Screening Under the Stars

Outdoor Family Friendly Program
Saturday June 25, 9pm
Fuller Avenue Parkette (Just north of Queen Street West on Fuller Avenue) Our most popular event! Bring your own blankets and snacks and settle in under the stars for a family-friendly, fun and thought-provoking outdoor screening of new and recent film and video shorts by Parkdale-based artists.
Featuring: Sabrina Moella, Mary Porter, Chris Ross, Nicholas Kovats, Alice Rogers, Evan Tapper, Jordan McTavish, Evan Tyler, Ariel Villaverde, Carolyn Tripp, Aislinn Thomas, Coral Aiken and Eve Majzels, and David Frankovich.


Performance by REnarrate artists Platiša and Saša Rajšić
Sunday June 26, 12pm
Parkdale Amphitheatre (Queen and Dufferin).
With a seemingly minimalist approach and limited vocabulary, Platiša and Rajšić delve into the questions of connection and condition within our social beings. 10-1 deals with the boundaries of physical and mental realities.

REact: Solidarity Sunday

Sunday June 26, 2pm
2nd Floor at The Rhino, 1249 Queen Street West To commemorate the G20 standoff in Parkdale one year ago, the Parkdale Showcase will screen of works of artistic protest. Some videos are interpreting and reacting to the events of Toronto's G20, while other works, screened at past Showcases, are a testament to resistance movements nationally and internationally.
Featuring: Lauren Satok, Liz Knox, Ananya Ohri, Jorge Lozano, Malcolm Rogge, Julieta Maria, Allyson Mitchell, Trevor Tureski, Sabine LeBel and Alison Taylor, and John Greyson.

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