Thursday, June 23, 2011

TAIS Animation Showcase 2011 and BunnyJAM!

See great animated shorts ON THE BIG SCREEN in Toronto On.! Thursday, JUNE 23

There'll be:

EXCITEMENT! See fabulous films from local Canadian animators and amazing animations from around the globe! This year is an especially good year with a great selection of short animated films from independent animators.

ADVENTURE! See many styles of short films, both hilarious and thought provoking.. in a the uh..wilds of downtown Toronto.

THRILLS! and SPILLS! ..largely at the after party where you can hob nob with animators and animation enthusiasts, enjoy a beverage or two and a bite!

This year's TAIS Anijam theme is "BUNNYJAM". Animators have created 10 sec animations, All strung together into a MEGA-ANIMATION! and screened for your viewing pleasure ALSO ON THE BIG SCREEN!

Thursday, JUNE 23
7:30pm at Innis Town Hall Theatre
2 sussex Ave Toronto, ON.
(off St. George street just a couple blocks south of Bloor, or just north of Harbord St if you are coming from the other direction)


$8 TAIS members,
$10 general public.

Free admission to the filmmakers who's work is being screened.

Stay afterwards where there will be prizes given out for BEst of TAIS Showcase, Best BunnyJAM, audience award and others.

For the Past few years the Annual TAIS SHOWCASE has sold out! So we've moved to a larger venue. You may still want to get there early enough to get a decent seat!

Don't miss out!
See you THERE!

TAIS SHOWCASE 2011 – The Toronto Animated Image Society

TAIS ANIMATION SHOWCASE 2011 Screening : June 23, 2011 at 7:30pm
at Innis Town Hall (University of Toronto, 2 Sussex Avenue)
Admission: $8 TAIS members and $10 general public

Selected Films:

  • How to get the girl – Anshyn Anstee - Vancouver
  • Amourette – Maja Gehrig - Switzerland
  • Ooh La La – Sharon Katz - Ottawa
  • Black Moon – Brandon Blommaert - Calgary
  • Counting Sheeps - Neely Goniodsky - Montreal
  • Tara's Dream- Patrick Jenkins - Toronto
  • Wolves – Rafael Sommerhalder - Switzerland
  • Hick-Ups – Pascaline J. Knight - Montreal
  • The Manifesto Edition – Rune & Erik Eriksson - Norway
  • Sorry Film Not ready _ Janet Perlman - Montreal
  • Freud, Fish and the Butterfly – Haiyang Wang - China
  • Fitting in - Taylor Annisette - Mississauga
  • Paso Doble – Jamie Metzger - Waterloo
  • Fester Goes Fishing – Aaron Long - Toronto
  • Comin' Round – Barbara Whitmer - Toronto
  • The socking truth – Lisa Leung - Toronto
  • URS - Moritz Mayerhofer - Germany
  • Something left, Something Taken – Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata - US
Selected Installations:

  • The Machine Wolf-Chris Juraschka - Waterdown
  • Courious Lights- Kate Wilson – Toronto
Bunny Jam Participants:
  • Americo Gomes
  • Ariel Villaverde
  • Bryce Hallett & Emma Lander
  • Cathy Kuo
  • Claire Bennett
  • Dalton Sharp
  • Dimitri Tcherbadji
  • Evan Maruszewski
  • Jerry Fuchs
  • John Creson & Adam Rosen
  • John Weldon
  • Jonathan Cheeseman & Charles Wilson
  • Joseph Troy
  • Joshua Robertson
  • Judith Van Der Made
  • Kayliegh Tresson
  • Kohila & Santhya Kurunathan
  • Larry Barriere
  • Lynn Wilton
  • Madi Piller
  • Mac MacCord
  • Michael Darmanin
  • Mike Weiss
  • Monica Gutierrez
  • Nick Cross
  • Nick Fox-Gieg
  • Onno Knuvers
  • Eurico da Costa Ng
  • Raphael Rosenwald
  • Richard Reeves

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