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15th Annual Webby Awards - five-word speeches

Five-Word Speeches Mark 15th Annual Webby Awards at Hammerstein Ballroom

Dan Savage: Tracy Morgan Can Suck My…
Anna Wintour: Sometimes Geek Can Be Chic
Will Ferrell Ignores Five-Word Mandate in Favor of Haiku

New York, NY (June 14, 2010) - Highlighting a star-studded evening of Webby friendly five-word speeches, Dan Savage struck back at Tracy Morgan's recent controversial remarks in his acceptance speech of a Special Recognition Award at the 15th Annual Webbys tonight at The Hammerstein Ballroom. Savage, accepting his award for founding the groundbreaking It Gets Better Project, used his short speech to deliver a pointed message to the outspoken comic.

"Tracy Morgan can suck my…," said Savage in his scathing critique of the star of NBC's 30 Rock.
In another notable five-word speech, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour delivered remarks clearly aimed at her audience: "Sometimes geek can be chic," the legendary editor said.

In accepting its award for Person of the Year, IBM supercomputer Watson pointedly addressed the controversy of a computer walking away with an award clearly aimed at humans. "Person of the year. Ironic."

And, ignoring the famous Webby Award five-word speech protocol, funny man Will Ferrell accepted Funny or Die's award via video alongside site co-founders Adam McKay and Chris Henchy with a haiku. "Thanks for this award. I will put it in my house next to my instructional poetry textbooks. Thank you."

Through an innovative partnership with Facebook, fans were able watch this year’s ceremony, hosted by Lisa Kudrow, live on the Webby Awards official Facebook Page, as well as on participating partner pages including The Huffington Post, Martha Stewart, (RED), BuzzFeed, National Geographic and SportsNation. On these pages, fans can now view the five-word acceptance speeches, backstage and red carpet footage and other special access footage from the live show.

Other speech highlights included:

  • James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem for Artist of the Year: "Thanks, this is deeply weird."
  • Groupon CEO Andrew Mason: "It's short for group coupon."
  • Martin Cooper, inventor of the mobile phone, for his Special Recognition Award: "Can you hear me now?"
  • Wieden + Kennedy for Agency of the Year: "Anonymous, we thank you, anonymously."
  • Chris Milk for Online Film and Video Music Award: "Sinners make the best saints."
  • Peter Vesterbacka, creator of Angry Birds, for Webby and People's Voice Awards: "Get those pigs!!!"

  • About The Webby Awards:

    Hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising & media, online film & video, and mobile & apps. Established in 1996, the 15th Annual Webby Awards received nearly 10,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide. The Webby Awards is presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Sponsors and Partners of The Webby Awards include: AOL, Vitamin T, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Ford, Dentyne, Facebook, MLB Advanced Media, Rackspace Hosting, LBi, Buddy Media, (RED), YouTube, HP, USA Today, Financial Times, Business Insider, Geekosystem, 2advanced.Net, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Time Out New York and Guardian News and Media.

    Visit: www.webbyawards.com

    The Webby Awards' famous "five-word speech" keeps our celebrations vibrant and exciting. Below are winner and special achievement speeches from the 13th Annual Webby Awards, held in June 2011 in New York City.



    OpenIDEO - Webby: "Keep calm and carry on!!"

    Yelp - Webby & People's Voice: "Try stealing this content, Google."
    Personal Blog/Website
    What I made - Webby & People's Voice: "its what i made earlier"
    Adobe Museum of Digital Media - Webby: "No lines at Adobe Museum."
    Vogue.com - People's Voice: "its short for group coupon"
    NOWNESS - Webby: "Nothing beats being inspired, thanks!"

    Lego Star Wars III - Webby: "May the force be with."
    The Escapist - Webby & People's Voice: "Quality content isn't a commodity. "
    The Wilderness Downtown - People's Voice: "There's no place like home."
    Best Home/Welcome Page
    LEGO.com - Webby & People's Voice: "Only five words? thank you."
    Best Navigation/Structure
    Zappos.com - People's Voice: "Shoes, conveniently sold in pairs."
    Best Practices
    Skype - People's Voice: "Skype'd your mom last night."
    Best Practices
    Dropbox - Webby: "Who wants some free space?"
    Best Use of Photography
    National Geographic - Webby & People's Voice: "Our lens knows no boundaries!"
    Best Visual Design - Aesthetic
    LIFE.com - People's Voice: "A picture's worth five words."
    Best Visual Design - Function
    TED.com - Webby: "we want our 18 minutes"
    TribecaFilm.com - Webby: "As good as Deniro's oscars."

    YouTube Play - People's Voice: "this is youtube "
    WebMD - People's Voice: "Stay away from the sprouts."
    A Thin Line - Webby: "Let's stop online bullying together. "

    National Geographic Kids - People's Voice: "Fun, facts, photos, animals, grrr!"
    2011 Mediocrity - Webby: "Thanks for honoring mediocrity, Webby's! "
    Beauty and Cosmetics
    Redken.com - People's Voice: "We love making heads turn."
    Beauty and Cosmetics
    BOSS BOTTLED NIGHT - Webby: "Blast Radius thinks you're boss. "
    Blog - Business
    HuffPost Business - People's Voice: "Washington: focus on jobs, PLEASE."

    Blog - Business
    TechCrunch - Webby: "Best $175 AOL ever spent. "
    Corporate Communications
    Gone Google - Webby & People's Voice: "Go google, gone google, going."
    IT Hardware/Software
    Dell - Webby: "Dude's gone. We still abide."
    IT Hardware/Software
    Demo Slam - People's Voice: "Thank you and SLAM. 感谢你和满贯"
    SpeakFromTheHeart.com - Webby & People's Voice: "Life interrupted is not okay."
    Professional Services
    Blenderbox - Webby: "We did it... (without Flash. )"
    Professional Services
    Awesomeville - People's Voice: "Best Facebook status update ever!"
    Chipotle Website - People's Voice: "Rolling anything better is illegal."
    Pure Management Group - Webby: "This is crazy...it's BKWLD."
    'Twitter Knitter' - People's Voice: "This is for Camden Town."
    Blog - Cultural
    The 99% - Webby: "make ideas happen"
    Blog - Cultural
    Laughing Squid - People's Voice: "these tenticles go to eleven"
    NewYorker.com - Webby: "long articles but short speech"
    National Geographic Magazine Online - People's Voice: "Why not five photos instead?"
    Pandora - Webby & People's Voice: "better than an ibo"
    NPR - Webby & People's Voice: "support your local station"
    Boardwalk Empire - Interactive Boardwalk - Webby: "It's legal now, bottoms up. "
    Hulu - People's Voice: "The evil plot has succeeded."
    Freelancer.com - Webby & People's Voice: "The tech boom is back."
    Financial Services
    Mint - Webby & People's Voice: "We're great at saving."
    Responsibility Project - Webby: "Responsibility is worth celebrating, thanks."
    Real Estate
    Zillow.com - Webby & People's Voice: "We make real estate Zexy."
    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Online - Webby & People's Voice: "Accico Webby Awards, thank you. "
    Jetsetter - Webby: "kids...we're going to disneyland"
    Lonely Planet - People's Voice: "now get offline and travel"
    Web Services & Applications
    Dropbox - Webby & People's Voice: "Who wants some free space?"
    REDU - Webby: "Kids deserve a great education."
    AARP: The Website - People's Voice: "We make 50 look good."
    American Institute of Architects - Webby: "Form follows function at AIA.org"
    Blog - Political
    Truthdig - Webby: "Whistleblowing- that's a patriot act. "
    Blog - Political
    Comedy Central's Indecision - People's Voice: "Take that C...N-N"
    Charitable Organizations/Non-Profit
    Historypin - Webby: "Old people know cool stuff. "
    Cultural Institutions
    Smithsonian Institution - People's Voice: "Increase and diffusion of knowledge."
    Cultural Institutions
    Anne Frank House - Webby: "Memories mean more than dresses."
    NASA Home Page - People's Voice: "Bringing the universe to you"
    Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing - Webby & People's Voice: "Indiana University educates Webby winners."
    Discovery News - People's Voice: "Thank you Discovery News fans!"

    Interactive Advertising

    Webby Film & Video Awards

    Do You Know What Nano Means? - Webby: "Fact: size really doesn't matter. "
    Comedy: Long Form or Series
    Funny Or Die's Presidential Reuinion - People's Voice: "thanks for this award. i will put it in my house next to my instructional poetry textbooks, thank you."
    Documentary: Individual Episode
    Saying goodbye with my camera - People's Voice: "This is for Briony's Dad."
    Documentary: Series
    BREVES DE TROTTOIRS - Webby: "oh french burr but also great"

    Documentary: Series
    Deadly Threats: Successors to the Paramilitaries in Colombia - People's Voice: "humanrights finally inspire"
    "Urban Wolf" an original web series thriller from Crackle.com - People's Voice: "I never touch the maid."
    Eastenders E20 - Webby: "E20's: all about new talent. "
    Experimental & Weird
    The Wilderness Downtown - Webby & People's Voice: "There's no place like home."
    How-To and DIY
    The Minimalist - Webby: "News that's fit to squint?"
    News & Politics: Individual Episode
    Dear Obama: A Message from Victims of the LRA - Webby & People's Voice: "LRA victims, we don't forget."
    News & Politics: Series
    The Young Turks - People's Voice: "The Young Turks, too strong. "
    News & Politics: Series
    Haiti: 6 months on - Webby: "Why have we forgotten Haiti?"
    Public Service and Activism
    The Time to Eliminate Pediatric AIDS is Now Video - Webby & People's Voice: "We can eliminate pediatric AIDS."
    Second Act from Yahoo! News - Webby: "never trust anyone under 30"
    Dan 3.0 series - People's Voice: "the internet told me to..."
    Onion News Network's "Soccer Officially Announces It Is Gay" - People's Voice: "Where is our fucking Pulitzer?"
    The Engadget Show - People's Voice: "From us all, thank you. "
    How Advertisers Use Internet Cookies to Track You, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network - Webby: "That's how the cookie crumbles."
    Travel & Adventure
    The Bali Temple Explorer - Webby: "Internet filmmakers, use the medium."
    Video Remixes/Mashups
    CNN Walk Around the World - Webby: "News needs all of us"
    Rated Awesome - Webby: "beep beep an intruder?"


    Entertainment - Handheld Devices
    This American Life for iPhone - Webby: "will this ceremony ever end"

    Entertainment - Tablet & All Other Devices
    PBS for iPad - Webby: "PBS not your grandfather's network."

    Experimental & Innovation
    EpicMix - People's Voice: "Elevating experiences of a lifetime"

    Games - Tablet & All Other Devices
    Jambalaya - Webby: "smart is the new angry"

    Yelp Mobile - Webby & People's Voice: "Try stealing this content, Google."
    Integrated Mobile Experience
    Walgreens Mobile: Keep Life Moving - People's Voice: "*Refilling Walgreens' prescriptions...so easy."

    Lifestyle - Handheld Devices
    Weight Watchers Mobile for iPhone - People's Voice: "Losing's our specialty, winning's nice. "

    Lifestyle - Tablets & All Other Devices
    MOMA - Webby: "Pollock would've loved gestural interfaces."

    News - Tablets & All Other Devices
    Flipboard - Webby & People's Voice: "thankgod for the ipad"

    Dropbox - People's Voice: "Who wants some free space?"

    Dropbox - Webby & People's Voice: "Who wants some free space?"
    Shopping - Handheld Devices
    Pizza Pizza Mobile - Webby: "Thanks it's been a slice."
    Shopping - Tablets & All Other Devices
    fandango - Webby & People's Voice: "you had me at fandango"

    Social - Handheld Devices
    foursquare - Webby & People's Voice: "every check in saves a kitten"

    fastball - People's Voice: "Honey-badger doesn't give a shit."

    TripIt - Webby: "Because getting there shouldn't suck."

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