Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Call for submissions: 2013 YoungCuts Film Festival

The call for submissions has been put out for the 13th edition of the YoungCuts Film Festival. The festival takes place every fall in Montreal.

They accept films of up to 30 minutes in length from both students and non-students who are 29 years of age or younger on December 31, 2012. They prefer receiving their entries online and will contact you if they need a physical copy.

The Early Bird Deadline for submitting entries is January 31st, 2013. The regular deadline is March 31st, 2013, while the Late Deadline is June 15th, 2013.

How to Submit to the 2013 YoungCuts Film Festival
  • Upload your film to a video-sharing web-site and send us the link and password. We recommend vimeo.com because they do a really good job of converting the footage and have excellent free privacy options. If you would like your film to be featured in theYoungCuts People's Choice Awards, please give us the option to download your film so that we can add it to the site. (If your film is already on YouTube, please keep in mind that we can't download your film from there.)
  • Give us a link to download your film from a free service like Yousendit or Dropbox.  
1155 University, Suite 1015
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 3A7
Tel: (514) 285-4591
Fax: (514) 227-5158
  • Films under 5 minutes (Short Shorts) are $20. 
  • Films from 5-30 minutes are $30.
  • Films under 30 minutes with guaranteed feedback from the YoungCuts film jury including suggestions for improvements if appropriate are $50 (USD).
You can pay with Mastercard or Visa:
Early Bird Fee - Film Length
Contact Festival Director Michael Ryan at 514.285.4591

Or by e-mail at Mike@YoungCuts.com

The first essential step to submit to the YoungCuts Film Festival is to make a great short film. If you have already done that, GREAT!  Follow the steps below to submit your film and take the next step in advancing your film career.

STEP 1: Fill out the 2013 YoungCuts Film Festival Submission Form online.

STEP 2: Send us your film!

We prefer that you send us your film online, so that we can screen it and let you know whether we need you to send us physical copies of your film. There are a variety of simple ways for you to send us your film online:

When sending us films online, we are looking for a high-quality compressed version of your film suitable to watch online. File size should be no greater than 40MB per minute of the film up to a maximum of 750 MB.

Instead of sending us your film online, you may choose to send us physical copies of your film right away, before we have a chance to screen your film. In that case, please send your two DVD screeners and a Data DVD with a .MOV file in an Apple Pro Res 4.22 codec to:

YoungCuts Film Festival

STEP 3: Pay your submission fee

Before January 31st, 2013:


Or you can pay by PayPal:
And of course, you can pay by sending us a cheque or money order payable to YoungCuts Inc.


STEP 4: Tell us about your cast and crew

For each member of your cast and crew that you would like us to consider for awards at the 2013YoungCuts Film Festival, please fill out this optional Cast and Crew formWe strongly recommend that all information provided be correct. All press releases, once issued, cannot be corrected.

STEP 5: Watch films from previous YoungCuts Film Festivals. You will soon be able to watch films submitted for this year's Festival and vote for your favorites!

If you gave us permission to feature your film online and sent us your film, it will be included in the voting - usually within a week after we receive the film.

Questions? Comments? Need More Information?
Contact Festival Director Michael Ryan at 514.285.4591
Or by e-mail at Mike@YoungCuts.com

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