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2012 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival, Oct 19-21

The fourth edition of the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival is proud to announce the release of its official program for 2012. This year, the Festival will be taking place on October 19th, 20th, and 21st in the J.A. de Sève Theater at Concordia University (1453 Mackay Street, Montreal).

The Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival is the “Ultimate Stop Motion Week-end”! The festival is the first in the world to showcase Stop Motion, and we have put together the best event we can to delight our festival attendees. The top notch selection of exceptional films presented during this week-end long event proves once again that a huge revival for Stop Motion animation is currently taking the animation world by storm.

This year's program has something for everyone. Along with the official film selection, talks, and guest artists, the festival is also offering two free family screenings, presented by Mega Bloks, and hands-on pods with the Stop Motion Pro software so that young animators can discover the magic of animation on site.

Opening Night: Special guest speaker MARK SHAPIRO
Friday October 19 – 7:30 p.m.

We are very pleased to announce that Mark Shapiro from LAIKA will be at this year’s Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival!

Mark will be joining us to talk about the “making of” the handcrafted stop-motion film ParaNorman and will provide a behind-the-scenes look at LAIKA's latest feature.
With time-lapse imagery and behind-the-scenes footage, he will describe the major undertaking involved in the making of this remarkable animated film. And, as a special treat, Norman himself will be part of the visit alongside the famous Coraline. This is a great opportunity to see the meticulous work done inside LAIKA’s studios up close.

More than seventy Stop Motion films, from twenty countries, will be presented on the big screen. The jury will select a winner in each of the competitive categories:

Academic films 1: Saturday October 20 - 1:00 p.m. (PG-13)
Academic films 2: Sunday October 21 - 1:00 p.m. (PG-13)
Independent films: Saturday October 20 - 4:00 p.m. (PG-13)
Professional films: Sunday October 21 - 7:30 p.m. (PG-13)

The jury is composed of three members of the stop motion community: Mark Shapiro, Merlin Crossingham, and Chris Walsh. The winners will be announced on Sunday evening, the closing night of the festival.


Special presentation: MERLIN CROSSINGHAM, Creative Director of WALLACE AND GROMIT
Saturday October 20 – 7:30 p.m.

It’s not everyday that Wallace and Gromit cross the Atlantic and visit Montreal, but, with the help of their Creative Director Merlin Crossingham, the trip will be a lot easier as they land at the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival.

Merlin will share about the highlights of his career in stop motion from how he got into it all the way to his work with top-flight studios. And, he will also share his insight into Aardman Animations studio and how they adapt to work in different areas of animation production and on films of different lengths.

The highlight of the event is sure to be Merlin’s talk about how he creates character animations—from first concept to final performance. And, to illustrate, he will be bringing along a selection of puppets, including Wallace and Gromit!

Seminar with CHRIS WALSH, Independent Animator and Teacher at SHERIDAN College
Sunday October 21 – 16:00 p.m.

Continuing the line up of special guest speakers at the festival this year, we are really happy to have a seminar with Mr. Chris Walsh.

Chris Walsh is a filmmaker, professor, and business owner, which allows him to better serve the medium of stop motion animation. In this presentation, which will include both film and images, Chris will chart his path through the medium. It's a path that involves lunar eclipses, Ray Harryhausen, training in a haunted "stop motion monastery," exhilarating plunges into the depths of human consciousness, Jan Svankmajer, and frame-by-frame monsters.

Saturday October 20 and Sunday October 21, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The festival will be holding two free family screenings. The whole family will have the opportunity to enjoy stop motion animation from around the world. These projections are a selection of films from the official competition line up.

HANDS-ON Sessions Presented by Stop Motion Pro
Saturday October 20 and Sunday October 21, 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The festival will have “hands-on” sessions on Saturday and Sunday where animators can get better acquainted with the Stop Motion Pro software while animating construction toys from Mega Bloks. With animators on site, artists and enthusiasts will be able to try their hands at stop motion animation.

Here is the list of the films in competition

Académiques / Academic Prog. 1 
Sanni Lahtinen Chest of Drawers Finland 2011
Brayden Gifford Sewing Machine Australia 2011
Magdalena Osinska Zbigniev's Cupboard UK & Poland 2010
Dina Velikovskaya My Strange Grandfather Russia 2012
S. Furdal & K.K. Larsen Warp Norway 2012
Simon Filliot La Ravaudeuse France 2012
T. Tanner & F. Humphries Marionette UK 2012
Ning Xu The Balcony China 2012
Andrew Miller The Meek, the Mad, and the Misinformed Canada 2012
B. Berry, M. Martin & H. Roberts The Busker UK 2012
Maximilian Zwiener Rosalie Germany 2011
Claire Sichez Vieille Courge France 2012
Krzysztof Szafraniec Wings  Poland 2012

Académiques / Academic Prog. 2
Darryl Hutchison The narcissism of small differences UK 2008
Konradin Kunze The banishment of naso Germany 2010
L. George & A. Hancocks John & Betty UK 2010
Timothy Reckart Head Over Heels UK 2012
Jan Noyer The junk yard Germany 2012
Ainslie Henderson I Am Tom Moody UK 2011
Kamil Chajder Snore train  Canada 2012
H. Fjeldsa & S-C. Fagerbakken  Behind the door Norvway 2012
Bradley Schaffer Thumb Snatchers from the Moon Cocoon USA 2012
M. A. Dinelli Azevedo & F. Bomfim Pentimentos Brazil 2012
Tyler Nicolson No Noodles Canada 2012
Joanne Edwards Sand Troll UK 2012
Zoë Moss The Plague Bearers USA 2012
Enrique Ortega Beneath the Moonlight Chile 2012

Indépendants / Independent
Pascual Perez Historia d'Este Spain 2012
Trevor Hardy Pushkin UK 2009
Trevor Hardy Dead Bird UK 2011
Anu-Laura Tuttelberg Karbeste Veski Estonia 2011
Michael Cusack Sleight of Hand Australia 2012
Santino Vitale Autumn Leaves USA 2011
Karin Csernohorski That's The Beat Germany 2012
Linda McCarthy Mother's Song UK 2012
Cesar Cabral Tempestade Brazil  2010
Christopher Kezelos The Maker Australia 2011
Masam Hashimoto Hard Heavy Headbang!!! Japan 2012
Priit Tender Miriam's Green Spots Estonia 2012
Riho Unt Happy Birthday Estonia 2012
Gerardo Rodriguez Alavarez The Wind Mill Mexico 2012
Dave Carter How to Lose Weight in 60 seconds Australia 2010
Anibal Davila Dreampacker Canada 2012
Katherine MacDonald Stuck Canada 2012
Ian Timothy Day Shift USA 2012
B.Lye & C. Paterson & N. Gilliss    Peach juice Canada 2012
Victor Haegelin Table Bob France 2010

Professionnels < 1 minute
W. Anderson & M. Gustafson Sony Made of Imagination USA 2012
C. Röthlin & A. Flückiger Kuubo Switzerland 2010
Chris Randall Pilsner Urquell Legends:The Day Pilsen Struck Gold UK 2012
Max Winston The Lovely Leller L USA 2012
D. Hayward & S. Trouvé Lego Star Wars-Fête des Pères et Fils Canada 2012
Cesar Cabral Cinejornal Brazil 2012
Dadomani Studio  Lavazza fairytale my way Italia 2012
V. Curia & T. Conde Grapes, Happy Year Spain 2010
S. Schomerus & E. Mayer Filmsculptures Trailer German Filminstitute Germany 2012
Stefan Schomerus Nickelodeon Trumpetthingies Football Idents France / Germany 2010
Victor Haegelin Mr Recycle France 2010
Suresh Eriyat T2 - The Telegraph India 2011
Bruno Collet Petits Joueurs France 2012
Evan DeRushie The Fox & the Chickadee Canada 2012
Magdalena Osinska Spirits of the Piano UK 2012
Joel Simon Macropolis UK 2012
Paolo Gaudio The Black Cat Italy 2012
Dadomani Studio The Box Italy 2012
G.Martinez Garza & J. Fernandez Lopez Defective Mexico 2012
Pablo Turcatti The Apple Uruguay 2012
David  Caballer Embiggenator (Clay Kids Tv Series) Spain 2012
V. Curia & T. Conde Equilibrium Spain 2012
Hugo Covarrubias The Night Face Up Chile 2012
Olga Makarchuk Who Lives on the Bottom of Pisochne? Ukraine 2012
Patrick Bouchard Bydlo Canada 2012
Suresh Eriyat Beam India 2012

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