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2012 Golden Horse Awards for Chinese film – nominations

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival announced the nominations for the 49th annual Golden Horse Awards for Chinese-language cinema.

The French-Chinese co-production 浮城謎事 (Mystery) by 婁燁 (Lou Ye) led the field along with 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf) by 楊雅喆 (Yang Ya Che). Both films received seven nominations that included Best Feature Film and Best Director. 浮城謎事 (Mystery) premiered at Un Certain Regard at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. 婁燁 (Lou Ye), however, has said he will remove his name from the film after it Chinese censors demanded extensive cuts to the film.

奪命金 (Life Without Principle) by 杜琪峯 (Johnnie To) followed closely with six nominations, also including Best Feature Film and Best Director. Also nominated for Best Feature Film were 神探亨特張 (Beijing Blues) and 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes).

Nominated for Best Documentary is Chinese Canadian Yung Chang's 千錘百煉 (China Heavyweight), a co-production between YuanFang Media and Montreal-based EyeSteelFilm. Also nominated for Documentary were 牽阮的手 (Hand in Hand), 時間之旅 (Voyage in Time), and 麵包情人 (Money and Honey).

Nominations were for films from Mainland China (37 nominations), Taiwan (35) and Hong Kong (25) but there were none this year for films from Singapore or Malaysia.

The 49th Golden Horse Awards ceremony will be held on November 24, 2012 in Taiwan's Yilan County, and will be hosted by Chinese actor Huang Bo with Taiwanese Mandopop singer Bowie Tsang.

Complete list of nominations for the 49th Golden Horse Awards

Best Feature Film
神探亨特張 (Beijing Blues)
浮城謎事 (Mystery)
奪命金 (Life Without Principle)
女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf)
消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)

Best Short Film
三月六日 (6th March)
拾荒少年 (The Home Gleaners)
禮物 (The Present)
畢業旅行 (My Graduation Travel)

Best Documentary
牽阮的手 (Hand in Hand)
時間之旅 (Voyage in Time)
千錘百煉 (China Heavyweight)
麵包情人 (Money and Honey)

Best Animation Feature
( None )

Best Director
高群書 (Gao Qun Shu),神探亨特張 (Beijing Blues)
婁燁 (Lou Ye), 浮城謎事 (Mystery)
杜琪峯 (Johnnie To), 奪命金 (Life Without Principle)
楊雅喆 (Yang Ya Che), 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf)
鈕承澤 ("Doze" Niu Chen-Zer), 愛 (Love)

Best New Director
楊貽茜 (Yang Yi-Chien), 王傳宗 (Jim Wang), 寶米恰恰 (Cha Cha for Twins)
馮凱 (Fung Kai), 陣頭 (Din Tao: Leader of the Parade)
林世勇 (Hero Lin), BBS鄉民的正義 (Silent Code)
蔡岳勳 (Tsai Yueh Hsun), 痞子英雄之全面開戰 (Black & White: The Dawn of Assault)
張榮吉 (Chang Jung-Chi), 逆光飛翔 (Touch of the Light)

Best Leading Actor
張家輝 (Nick Cheung), 大追捕 (Nightfall)
劉青雲 (Sean Lau Ching Wan), 奪命金 (Life Without Principle)
張孝全 (Joseph Chang), 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf)
杜汶澤 (Chapman To), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
謝霆鋒 (Nicholas Tse), 逆戰 (The Viral Factor)

Best Leading Actress
白百何 (Bai Baihe), 失戀33天 (Love Is Not Blind)
郝蕾 (Hao Lei), 浮城謎事 (Mystery)
何韻詩 (Denise Ho), 奪命金 (Life Without Principle)
桂綸鎂 (Gwei Lun-Mei), 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf)
張榕容 (Sandrine Pinna), 逆光飛翔 (Touch of the Light)

Best Supporting Actor
吳剛 (Wu Gang), 白鹿原 (White Deer Plain)
張書豪 (Chang Shu-Hao), 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf)
鄭中基 (Ronald Cheng), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
莊凱勛 (Zhuang Kai-Xun), 候鳥來的季節 (Stilt)
杜汶澤 (Chapman To), 華麗之後 (Diva)

Best Supporting Actress
陳靜 (Dada Chan), 低俗喜劇 (Vulgaria)
郭采潔 (Amber Kuo), 愛 (Love)
陳意涵 (Ivy Chen Yi-Han), 愛 (Love)
梁靜 (Liang Jing), 殺生 (Design of Death)
范曉萱 (Fan Hsiao-Shuan), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best New Performer
黃姵嘉 (Peijia Huang), 寶米恰恰 (Cha Cha for Twins)
郭春美 (Chun-Mei Guo), 龍飛鳳舞 (Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix)
張子萱 (Zhang Zixuan), 失戀33天 (Love Is Not Blind)
齊溪 (Qi Xi), 浮城謎事 (Mystery)
林暉閔 (Eric Lin Hui Min), 星空 (Starry Starry Night)

Best Original Screenplay
楊貽茜 (Yang Yi-Chien), 寶米恰恰 (Cha Cha for Twins)
代雁 (Dai Yan), 高群書 (Gao Qun Shu), 神探亨特張 (Beijing Blues)
梅峰 (Mei Feng), 于帆 (Yu Fan), 婁燁 (Lou Ye), 浮城謎事 (Mystery)
銀河創作組 (Milkyway Creative Team), 歐健兒 (Au Kin Yee), 黃勁輝 (Wong King Fai), 奪命金 (Life Without Principle)
楊雅喆 (Yang Ya Che), 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf)

Best Adapted Screenplay
王全安 (Wang QuanAn), 白鹿原 (White Deer Plain)
鮑鯨鯨 (Bao Jingjing), 失戀33天 (Love Is Not Blind)
徐浩峰 (Xu Haofeng), 箭士柳白猿 (Arrow Arbitration)
林書宇 (Tom Shu-Yu Lin), 星空 (Starry Starry Night)
管虎 (Guan Hu), 殺生 (Design of Death)

Best Cinematography
Lutz Reitemeier, 白鹿原 (White Deer Plain)
曹盾 (Cao Dun), 失戀33天 (Love Is Not Blind)
鄔迪 (Wu Di), 神探亨特張 (Beijing Blues)
包軒鳴 (Jake Pollock), 女朋友。男朋友 (Gf * Bf)
宋曉飛 (Song Xiao Fei), 殺生 (Design of Death)

Best Visual Effects
陳振國 (Kent Chen), 徐國洲 (Horn Hsu), 寶米恰恰 (Cha Cha for Twins)
肖洋 (Xiao Yang), 常松 (Chang Song), 老A (A Law), 李明雄 (Li Ming-Hsung), 李金輝 (Li Jin-Hui), 星空 (Starry Starry Night)
金旭 (Wook Kim), 鍾智行 (Frankie Chung), Josh Cole, 龍門飛甲 (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate)
鍾智行 (Frankie Chung), 痞子英雄之全面開戰 (Black & White: The Dawn of Assault)
許安 (Koan Hui), 常洪松 (Chang Hongsong), 畫皮II:轉生術 (Painted Skin: The Resurrection)

Best Art Direction
霍廷霄 (Huo TingXiao), 白鹿原 (White Deer Plain)
蔡珮玲 (Penny Tsai), 星空 (Starry Starry Night)
奚仲文 (Yee Chung-man), 劉敏雄 (Lau Man Hung), 龍門飛甲 (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate)
林木 (Lin Mu), 殺生 (Design of Death)
文念中 (Man Lim Chung), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Makeup & Costume Design
方綺倫 (Fang Chi Luen), 許力文 (Li-Wen Hsu), 愛 (Love)
張世傑 (Stanley Cheung), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
林木 (Lin Mu), 殺生 (Design of Death)
葉錦添 (Tim Yip), 太極1 從零開始 (Tai Chi 0)
文念中 (Man Lim Chung), 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Best Action Choreography
徐浩峰 (Xu Haofeng), 箭士柳白猿 (Arrow Arbitration)
錢嘉樂 (Chin Ka Lok), 車手 (Motorway)
元彬 (Yuen Bun), 藍海瀚 (Lan Hai Han), 孫建魁 (Sun Jian Kui), 龍門飛甲 (Flying Swords of Dragon Gate)
Cyril Raffaelli, 李忠志 (Lee Chung Chi), 痞子英雄之全面開戰 (Black & White: The Dawn of Assault)
洪金寶 (Sammo Hung), 太極1 從零開始 (Tai Chi 0)

Best Original Film Score
丁薇 (Ding Wei), 林朝陽 (Lin Zhaoyang), 失戀33天 (Love Is Not Blind)
Peyman Yazdanian, Johann Johannsson, 浮城謎事 (Mystery)
安巍 (An Wei), 王凡 (Wang Fan), 箭士柳白猿 (Arrow Arbitration)
陳建騏 (Chen Chien Chi), 愛 (Love)
泰迪羅賓 (Teddy Robin), 韋啟良 (Tomy Wai), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)

Best Original Film Song
"She & Me" from 寶米恰恰 (Cha Cha for Twins); Lyrics/Music/Performer: 何欣穗 (Ciacia Her)
"DoReMi" from 高海拔之戀II (Romancing in Thin Air); Lyrics: 林夕 (Lin Xi) Music: 羅大佑 (Lo Tayu) Performer: 鄭秀文 (Sammi Cheng)
"陣頭" from 陣頭 (Din Tao: Leader of the Parade); Lyrics/Music: 劉偉仁 (Lui Wei Ren) Performer: 柯有倫 (Alan Kuo)

Best Film Editing
陳博文 (Chen Po-Wen), 麵包情人 (Money and Honey)
張嘉輝 (Cheung Ka Fai), 大追捕 (Nightfall)
楊紅雨 (Yang Hongyu), 神探亨特張 (Beijing Blues)
Simon Jacquet, 浮城謎事 (Mystery)
David Richardson, 奪命金 (Life Without Principle)

Best Sound Effects
曾景祥 (Kinson Tsang), 黎志雄 (Lai Chi Hung), 大追捕 (Nightfall)
鄭穎園 (Phyllis Cheng), 消失的子彈 (The Bullet Vanishes)
董旭 (Dong Xu), 殺生 (Design of Death)
鄭旭志 (Frank Cheng), 痞子英雄之全面開戰 (Black & White: The Dawn of Assault)
Traithep Wongpaiboon, Nopawat Likitwong, 聽風者 (The Silent War)

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year
陳博文 (Chen Po-Wen)
廖淑珍 (Liao Su Jen)
黃志明 (Jimmy Huang)
黃裕翔 (Huang Yu-Siang)

Lifetime Achievement Award
石雋 (Shih Chun)

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