Saturday, January 14, 2012

Czech Film Critics Awards - winners

Tonight, the Česká filmová komora (Czech Film Chamber) held a gala for their Second Annual Ceny České filmové kritiky (Czech Film Critics Awards) in Prague.

Coming out on top was Robert Sedláček's ironic road movie Rodina je základ státu (Long Live the Family), which literally translates as "the family is the foundation of the state." Sedláček personally won for Best Film, Director and Screenplay, and Simona Babčáková picked up Best Supporting Actress. Rodina je základ státu had led with eight nominations together with Poupata (Flower Buds).

Poupata did pick up a couple of wins. It took Best Actor (Vladimír Javorský) and Cinematography. Nevinnost (The Innocence) also was a double winner. Both of its prizes were for acting - Best Actress for Anna Geislerová and Best Supporting Actor for Hynek Čermák.

Like Nevinnost, Alois Nebel had five nominations. It picked up a single win for Best Original Music. Alois Nebel is the Czech Republic's submission for consideration for the Best Foreign Language Oscar. It has also been submitted for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars.

The Czech Republic has a very strong documentary filmmaking tradition. The winner for Best Documentary was Martin Mareček for Pod sluncem tma (Solar Eclipse).

For the Ceny České filmové kritiky, 58 voting critics assessed the 25 feature films and 21 documentary films that premiered in 2011.


Complete list of winners for the 2nd Annual Ceny České filmové kritiky

Best Film
Rodina je základ státu (Long Live the Family) – produced by Radim Procházka, directed by Robert Sedláček

Best Documentary
Pod sluncem tma (Solar Eclipse) – Martin Mareček

Best Director
Rodina je základ státu (Long Live the Family) – Robert Sedláček

Best Cinematography
Poupata (Flower Buds) – Vladimír Smutný

Best Screenplay
Rodina je základ státu (Long Live the Family) – Robert Sedláček

Best Original Music
Alois Nebel – Petr Kružík, Ondřej Ježek

Best Actor
Poupata (Flower Buds) – Vladimír Javorský

Best Supporting Actor
Nevinnost (The Innocence) – Hynek Čermák

Best Actress
Nevinnost (The Innocence) – Anna Geislerová

Best Supporting Actress
Rodina je základ státu (Long Live the Family) – Simona Babčáková

Discovery of the Year
Osmdesát dopisů (Eighty Letters) – Václav Kadrnka

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