Friday, January 27, 2012

2012 Österreichischen Filmpreis (Austrian Film Awards) - winners

The Akademie des Östereichischen Films (Academy of Austrian Film) held their awards ceremony at the Rosenhügelstudios, Vienna for their second annual Österreichischen Filmpreis (Austrian Film Awards).

Karl Markovics's directorial debut Atmen (Breathing) topped the winners with six of the thirteen awards. It had led with six nominations and won each of them, taking Best Picture, Director, Actor (Thomas Schubert), Screenplay, Music and Editing. Markovics is Co-President with Barbara Albert of the Akademie des Östereichischen Films.

Best Documentary went to Michael Glawogger's Whores’ Glory. It also picked up Best Cinematography. Another double winner was Mein bester Feind (My Best Enemy), which took Best Costume Design and Makeup.

The Best Actress winner was Ursula Strauss for Vielleicht in einem anderen Leben (In Another Lifetime).

The winners are chosen by more than 200 members of the Akademie des Östereichischen Films.


Complete winners for the 2nd annual Österreichischen Filmpreis (Austrian Film Awards)

Best Picture
Atmen (Breathing), Produced by Dieter Pochlatko, Nikolaus Wisiak; Directed by Karl Markovics

Best Documentary
Whores’ Glory, Produced by Erich Lackner, Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn; Directed by Michael Glawogger

Best Actress
Ursula Strauss, Vielleicht in einem anderen Leben (In Another Lifetime)

Best Actor
Thomas Schubert, Atmen (Breathing)

Best Director
Karl Markovics, Atmen (Breathing)

Best Screenplay
Karl Markovics, Atmen (Breathing)

Best Cinematography
Wolfgang Thaler, Whores’ Glory

Best Costume Design
Martina List, Mein bester Feind (My Best Enemy)

Best Makeup
Barbara Fröhlich, Michaela Oppl, Mein bester Feind (My Best Enemy)

Best Music
Herbert Tucmandl, Atmen (Breathing)

Best Editing
Alarich Lenz, Atmen (Breathing)

Best Art Direction
Christoph Kanter, Hexe Lilli – Die Reise nach Mandolan (Lilly the Witch: The Journey to Mandolan)

Best Sound
Veronika Hlawatsch, Klaus Kellermann, Bernhard Maisch, Michael

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