Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Jussi-palkinto (Finnish Movie Awards) - nominations

Filmaura ry (Aura Film Society) of Finland has announced its nominations for the 66th Jussi-palkinto (Finnish Movie Awards).

Aki Kaurismäki's French-language Le Havre leads the field with 9 nominations. Its mentions include Best Picture, Director and Screenplay, all for Kaurismäki himself. Le Havre is Finland's submission this year to the Academy for Best Foreign Language Film.

Next with seven nominations each were Sakari Kirjavainen's Hiljaisuus (Silence) and Zaida Bergroth's Hyvä poika (The Good Son). Both were also nominated for Best Picture and Screenplay but Hiljaisuus missed in the Director category in favour of Taru Mäkelä for Varasto (The Storage).

The documentary nominees are Mia Halme's Ikuisesti sinun (Forever Yours), Markku Tuurna's Salla - Selling the Silence, and Elina Kivihalme's Tuntematon emäntä (The Unknown Woman). Last year's Best Documentary winners Miesten Vuoro (The Steam of Life) was Finland's submission to the Academy for Best Foreign Language Film.

The Jussi-palkinto were founded in 1944, and although they did not take place in 1960, 1961 and 1965 they are considered the oldest film awards in Europe.

The ceremony for the 66th Jussi-palkinto will be held on January 29 at the Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki.


Complete list of nominations for the 66th Jussi-palkinto

Best Picture
Hiljaisuus (Silence) - produced by Joonas Berghäll, Alf Hemming and Petri Rossi
Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - produced by Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff and Elli Toivoniemi
Le Havre - produced by Aki Kaurismäki

Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - Zaida Bergroth
Le Havre - Aki Kaurismäki
Varasto (The Storage) - Taru Mäkelä

Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Joonas Saartamo
Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - Samuli Niittymäki
Kotirauha (Life for Sale) - Samuli Edelmann

Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - Elina Knihtilä
Missä kuljimme kerran (Where Once We Walked) - Jessica Grabowsky
Syvälle salattu (Deeply Hidden Secrets) - Krista Kosonen

Supporting Actor
Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Ilkka Heiskanen
Le Havre - Jean-Pierre Darroussin
Pussikaljaelokuva (Sixpack Movie) - Ylermi Rajamaa

Supporting Actress
Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - Anna Paavilainen
Le Havre - Elina Salo
Varasto (The Storage) - Hannele Lauri

Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Esko Salervo
Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - Zaida Bergroth and Jan Forsström
Le Havre - Aki Kaurismäki

Hella W - Peter Flinckenberg
Le Havre - Timo Salminen
Likainen pommi (Dirty Bomb) - Hena Blomberg

Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Timo Hietala
Herra Heinämäki ja Leijonatuuliviiri (Mr. Hayhill) - Timo Kahilainen and Janne Louhivuori
Matka Edeniin (Journey to Eden) - Pascal Gaigne

Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Olli Huhtanen and Pietari Koskinen
Hyvä poika (The Good Son) - Micke Nyström
Likainen pommi (Dirty Bomb) - Pasi Peni

Le Havre - Timo Linnasalo
Likainen pommi (Dirty Bomb) - Iikka Hesse
Pussikaljaelokuva (Sixpack Movie) - Harri Ylönen

Production Design
Hella W - Kari Kankaanpää
Hiljaisuus (Silence) - Tiina Tuovinen and Jukka Uusitalo
Le Havre - Wouter Zoon

Costume Design
Hella W - Anu Pirilä
Iris - Riitta Peteri
Le Havre - Fred Cambier

Ikuisesti sinun (Forever Yours) - Mia Halme
Salla - Selling the Silence - Markku Tuurna
Tuntematon emäntä (The Unknown Woman) - Elina Kivihalme

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