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Call for submissions: TSV themed commissions - CENTRE

As part of its 40th anniversary celebration, Trinity Square Video has put out a call for submissions for CENTRE, the final stage of their commissioned trilogy LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER [sic].

Each of the previous commissions has had a political angle and this continues that approach. However, this time they've introduced a requirement to use material from the Archives of Ontario to be the basis of the submitted projects.

Applicants do not have to be from Toronto, but must be able to attend the relevant events at their own expense. Successful applicants will receive a prize package that includes $750 in production equipment rentals, 40 hours of editing time, a TSV membership and a $500 honorarium. The finished work will also be included in a fall public exhibition and a published catalogue.

The deadline for submissions is March 5, 2012.


Trinity Square Video's Themed Commissions
Call for Submission: CENTRE
Deadline: March 5, 2012

Trinity Square Video announces a call for submissions to CENTRE, the third and final act of the TSV Commission trilogy, LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER. This commission asks artists to use lens-based material from the Archives of Ontario (134 Ian Macdonald Boulevard) as subject or reference for the production of a 10-minute video or video-based installation* that examines contemporary politics.

Continuing TSV's celebration of its 40th anniversary as a centre for the production of art, we are looking for three successful proposals to CENTRE. Although selected artists' projects will be developed through five months of research, development, and production with the Archives and TSV, the initial proposal should display a strong understanding of kind of material that will be used for the final project. Applicants will need to explore the Archives online collection databases and exhibitions:

In mid-February, TSV will host an in-house presentation by the Archives of Ontario. Open to all, this general introduction to the Archives is an excellent opportunity for artists to gain an understanding of what this incredible resource can offer them. Please contact TSV or check out our website for more information and the date and time.

For CENTRE, we are seeking proposals for the creation of work that investigates "centre" in various ways: the median or the moderate; a fixed point where things pivot; the idea of the institution–centres like the Archives or TSV–as public resources; the privileging of the eye, the power of its vision, and the social or historical weight of its perspective; a nucleus or a beginning.

This is a commission for the production of video art. TSV is seeking submissions that propose to explore pertinent issues related, but not limited, to representation, identity, geography and space, economics, justice, divisions of labour and power, science, history, and philosophy. These works can be critical, humorously self-effacing, discursively political, or experimental in their analysis and construction.

Proposed artworks can employ video through a variety of strategies, including narrative or documentary form, formalist or materialist practices, animation or compositing, non-lens-based video production and motion graphics, and through video installation*.

Selected artists receive:
- $750 in production equipment rentals;
- 40 hours of editing time;
- 2 TSV workshops;
- Support from TSV's technical and artistic Staff;
- TSV membership or renewal;
- $500 honorarium;
- A public screening/exhibition (October 2012–expected);
- Inclusion in the LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER catalogue (published at the completion of the trilogy)

While each project is created separately, the artists participate in group-critiques of works-in-progress, where they can receive peer-support and feedback.

Submissions will be reviewed by the TSV Programming Committee who will make selections based on the proposed project's exploration of the theme, CENTRE, as well as its intended examination, experimentation and expansion of video as an art medium.

All Toronto-based emerging, mid-career and established visual artists, video artists, media artists, and filmmakers are welcome to submit proposals to CENTRE. Proposals from those living outside Toronto and surrounding area must ensure that the artist will attend all CENTRE related activities at their own expense.

*Video installations can be proposed as part of CENTRE, although artists are also required to create single-channel versions appropriate for the public screening. Selected artists working in single-channel video or video installation will receive the same resources from TSV, as outlined above.

Proposals must include an application form available at

Trinity Square Video (TSV) is a not-for-profit artist-run centre for the production, presentation, education and dissemination of video by artists and community organizations. Since 1971, TSV has made access to the means of representation its priority, providing a diverse community of video practitioners media-arts related development through workshops, seminars and classes, as well as offering a space for the creation and exhibition of video art. Through its public programming, TSV has advanced the understanding and appreciation of video produced by various community-based groups and numerous internationally recognized artists.

TSV gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.

401 Richmond Street West, Suite 376
Toronto ON M5V 3A8
TSV Production Centre hours: Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm
TSV Gallery hours: Monday to Friday 12 – 6pm

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