Monday, October 24, 2011

Free screening and workshops at Get Animated! Oct 22-Nov 6

The National Film Board of Canada is hosting a nation-wide celebration of animation these next two weeks. Get Animated! includes the October 28 observance of the 10th International Animation Day.

The NFB will host free screenings, workshops and masterclasses in every province and territory. Films include Anita Lebeau's Big Drive, Juliette Loubières' Citrouille et vieilles dentelles (Pumpkins and Old Lace), I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors by Ann Marie Fleming, Marv Newland's CMYK, Muybridge’s Strings by Koji Yamamura, Wild Life by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby, and Dimanche (Sunday) by Patrick Doyon. Family programming includes Waseteg by Phyllis Grant, Private Eyes by Nicola Lemay and The Girl Who Hated Books by Jo Meuris.

Master Classes and workshops will be held by Co Hoedeman, Luigi Allemano, Marv Newland, Marc Bertrand and Nicola Lemay.

Get Animated! continues until November 6 across Canada.


Get Animated!
October 22 to November 6, 2011

Free screenings, master classes and animation workshops across Canada!

Get Animated! is the NFB’s annual cross-Canada animation celebration, bringing you some of Canada’s finest (and funniest!) animated films.

See the Prairies from the crowded back seat of a car, enter the miraculous world of the spirits and be dazzled by a celebration of music and colour. The NFB, in partnership with a number of community organizations across the country, is bringing the magic of animation to over a dozen cities through two exclusive screening programs, including one for families.

Get Animated!
marks International Animation Day with an amazing selection of films: from boldly experimental to flat-out funny, there’s something for everyone. Add workshops that show you how to make your own animated films and meet-the-director sessions, and you’ve got a truly irresistible series of events—all absolutely free. So come join us and get animated!



Animation directors screen their films and share their insights in this series of master classes.

Making Peace Through Animation: Spotlight on Co Hoedeman

Montreal (in French), Toronto (in English); 80 mins
Throughout his career, Co Hoedeman has made many acclaimed films that speak to young people, including the Oscar®-winning animated short The Sandcastle. In this master class aimed at teens and young adults, he discusses the creative process, the importance of working collaboratively and why he strongly believes in telling stories that promote values such as consideration for the environment, social inclusion, respect for diversity and fostering peaceful resolution.
The master class will include screenings of The Sand Castle (1977), The Garden of Ecos (1997) and his latest film, 55 Socks (2011). After the screenings, Co will demonstrate the magic of bringing inanimate materials to life, showing participants how to animate by blowing sand, and by using puppets and paper cut-outs.

Making Peace Through Animation: A Hands-on Workshop with Co Hoedeman

Montreal (in French), Toronto (in English); 1–2 hours
In this intimate workshop for children and teens, Oscar®-winning animator Co Hoedeman teaches the basics of animating with paper cut-outs on a lightbox. Participants are divided into small groups, and, working together under Co's guidance, create a short film on the theme of peaceful resolution.

Making Music for Animation with Luigi Allemano

Montreal (in French), Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina (in English)
Luigi Allemano is an animator, musician, composer, teacher and sound designer. In this workshop, he presents several short animation films in various stages of music production, demonstrating the process of creating music for animated film. Using interactive exercises and discussion, Luigi offers musicians some tricks of the trade for composing music for animation. This master class is also aimed at animators, covering effective ways to communicate, collaborate and create with music composers.

Making CMYK, with Marv Newland

Vancouver and Abbotsford (in English)
Director Marv Newland's new film, CMYK, uses a vast collection of cyan, magenta, yellow and black symbols and registration guides taken from the hidden flaps of common printed materials like cereal boxes. Freed from their workaday origins, these objects become moving artwork in a dizzying celebration of sound, colour and movement.
In this master class, Newland screens CMYK, presents the original artwork used in the film and discusses the techniques used to animate the material.

Traditional Drawing in a 3D World, with Marc Bertrand and Nicola Lemay

Montreal (in French)
This master class delves into the history and nature of stereoscopy, and the challenges of 3D design. Producer Marc Bertrand and director Nicola Lemay will screen their animated short Private Eyes, based on the book Les Yeux noirs. It is the story of a blind child, told from his point of view. The use of 3D, which enhances the spatial sense of viewers, alters his experience navigating the world.
Lemay and Bertrand then discuss the challenges of adapting the book into a hand-drawn stereoscopic film—and doing it in a relatively economical fashion. More broadly, the master class touches on when and why to use 3D, and ways to migrate traditional animation techniques to stereoscopy.


Want to know what life is like behind the camera? Meet acclaimed animation directors, learn about their techniques and ask your own questions.
In select cities, the NFB's New Releases programs will be followed by Meet the Directors sessions. Celebrated animation directors will be available to take questions from the audience and to discuss the art of animation. Visit the Get Animated! schedule for dates and times.
Vancouver - Q&A with Marv Newland (CMYK), and Ann Marie Fleming (I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors)
Calgary - Q&A with Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis (Wild Life)
Winnipeg - Q&A with Anita Lebeau (Big Drive)
Montréal - Patrick Doyon (Sunday)

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