Friday, October 21, 2011

Ekran 2011, Toronto Polish Film Festival, Oct 21-23

This weekend, the Ekran Polish Film Association presents their 3rd annual Ekran 2011 - Toronto Polish Film Festival. It kicks off tonight with a special presentation of Ryszrad Brylski's Cudowne Lato (Wonderful Summer). Brylski will be in attendance and stay for a Question and Answer session after the screening.

Other filmmakers in attendance include
Piotr Uzarowicz who directed the documentary The Officer’s Wife, Toronto-based Rafal Sokolowski who made the short film Three Mothers, and animator Michał Mróz who made the stop-motion short Friction.

In addition to the short film and animation programs, the additional feature films are Joanna by Feliks Falk, Jutro będzie lepiej (Tomorrow Will Be Better) by Dorota Kędzierzawska, Skrzydlate Świnie (Flying Pigs) by Anna Kazejak, Erratum by Marek Lechki, and Uwiklanie (Entanglement) by Jacek Bromski.

The Ekran 2011 Toronto Polish Film Festival runs Oct. 21 to 23 at Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Ave in the heart of Toronto's Polish community.


Ekran 2011 -- Toronto Polish Film Festival

POLISH FILMS! POLISH ARTS! POLISH WOMEN! Can it get better than that? Yes it can.

The 2011 year brings the 3rd Annual Ekran Toronto Polish Film Festival, running from October 21st-23rd . It will be a real hoot… inside and outside of the cinema!

We are so “ à la mode ” that we have yet again exclusively rented the Revue Cinema at 400 Roncesvalles Avenue – red carpet included. We are that trendy, and we need an awesome space to host over 1,600 guests!

Roncesvalles is home to a bouquet of artists, musicians, young professionals, Polaks, potheads, writers, eccentrics, pseudo-intellectuals, activists, and designers who donate the neighbourhood a rich air of drama, arts, culture, and style. What better place to host the Ekran Toronto Polish Film Festival!
Come on out! See a Polish film! See a documentary! Or an animation! Laugh! Cry! Join a revolution!

And we have FOOD!

Enjoy some Polish Borsh (beet soup which may sound gross but is incredible), krokiets (meat or vegetable filled dough rolls), or pierogi…WHO DOESN’T LOVE PIEROGI?!?!?

Ekran 2011 Films and Schedule

We are pleased to announce Ekran 2011 – Toronto Polish Film Festival Schedule.
The festival will take place at the Revue Cinema from October 21st to October 23rd of 2011.
Detailed program descriptions and online ticket purchasing are now available.


8.00pm :  Wonderful Summerdir. Ryszrad Brylski (Guest + Q&A)


12:00pm : Meeting with Magda Olczyk @ The Roncy St. Gallery
1:00pm : The Officer’s Wifedir. Piotr Uzarowicz (Guest + Q&A)
3:00pm : Shortsdir. Rafal Sokolowski (Guest + Q&A)
5:00pm : Michal Maryniarczyk Award + film Tor 13 dir. M.Maryniarczyk
6:30pm : Joanna – dir. Feliks Falk co-screening with TJFF
9:00pm : Tomorrow Will Be Better – dir. Dorota Kedzierzawska


2:00pm : Animations – Q&A: dir. Michal Mroz co-screening with TAIS
4:00pm : Flying Pigs – dir. Anna Kazejak
6:30pm : Erratum - dir. Marek Lechki
9:00pm : Entanglement – dir. Jacek Bromski
Tickets are now available to purchase online.

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