Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Free Screen at TIFF Bell Lighbox: Hors Pistes

Tonight at TIFF Bell Lightbox, the Free Screen offers a screening of three important female artists whose work showed at the 2011 edition of Centre Pompidou's annual Hors Pistes festival. The Hors Pistes festival is an international showcase for innovative films and videos that blend fiction with contemporary art, documentary and experimental formats.

The three films screening are In Free Fall by Hito Steyerl, Noé by Pauline Julier, and After School Special by Corin Sworn.

The screening will be introduced by Géraldine Gomez, founder and Director of Hors Pistes and film programmer at Le Centre Pompidou.

Next week's screening will be a co-presentation with the South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC) of Nainsukh by Amit Dutta. It portrays the life of a famed eighteenth-century Indian artist and is described as "a visually stunning immersion into a vanished world."

The next screening after that will be on November 30 of Loop Collective, a Toronto-based avant-garde filmmaking group.


Hors Pistes

Highlighting three important female artists both established and emergent, these three videos from the 2011 selection of the Centre Pompidou's annual Hors Pistes festival have been widely shown in both film festivals and gallery contexts, exemplifying the ever-increasing interplay between the cinema and the art world. Retooling the codes of documentary, Hito Steyerl's In Free Fall comments on the recent economic crisis by way of an airplane junkyard in the Californian desert, presenting a fascinating historical anatomy of real and fictive crashes that is a fitting metaphor for a capitalist system built upon violence and spectacle. Pauline Julier's award-winning Noé is a whitewashed fever dream in which we see through the eyes of Noah as he is taken to the far ends of the world. In After School Special, Corin Sworn fashions a dubbed, re-edited version of Jonathan Kaplan's 1979 youth drama Over the Edge, creating a parallel narrative in which there are no references to the adult world and where the now indirect insinuations of violence create a discomfiting suburban dystopia and a searing societal critique.

Introduction by Géraldine Gomez, founder and Director of Hors Pistes and film programmer at Le Centre Pompidou.

Hors Pistes par centrepompidou

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