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Aotearoa Film & TV Awards (New Zealand) - nominees

The newly named Aotearoa Film & Television Awards (AFTAs) -- formerly known as Qantas Film and Television Awards -- to honour New Zealand film and TV have announced the nominations for their 2011 edition.

Leading with 11 nominations including Best Feature and Best Director is Jason Stutter's Predicament. It was followed by Love Story with 8 nominations and My Wedding And Other Secrets with 5 nominations, also including Best Feature and Best Director for each.

Michael Bennett's debut film Matariki received 6 nominations including Outstanding Feature Film Debut.

Curiously, the submission to the Academy for Best Foreign Language Film, The Orator, is not nominated for any AFTA Awards. It is a Samoan-language film.

657 entries were submitted to the AFTA committee this year. 90 judges determined the finalists in the 61 categories.

The AFTAs will be awarded during two Awards ceremonies next month. The Craft Awards ceremony takes place Thursday, November 10 while the Gala Awards Ceremony takes place on Saturday November 12. Both events take place at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland.


Complete list of 2011 AFTA Award nominations

Best Feature Film

My Wedding And Other Secrets - South Pacific Pictures
Love Story - Pictures for Anna
Predicament - Novel Productions

Outstanding Feature Film Debut

Michael Bennett (Filmwork) - Matariki
Simone Horrocks (THE Film) - After the Waterfall
Josh McKenzie (Eyeworks New Zealand) - The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell

Best Director in a Feature Film

Florian Habicht - Love Story
Roseanne Liang - My Wedding And Other Secrets
Jason Stutter - Predicament

Best Lead Actor in a Feature Film

Antony Starr - After the Waterfall
Matt Whelan - My Wedding And Other Secrets
Rawiri Paratene - The Insatiable Moon

Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film

Michelle Ang - My Wedding And Other Secrets
Robyn Malcolm - The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell
Sara Wiseman - The Insatiable Moon

Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film

Greg Johnson - The Insatiable Moon
Josh McKenzie - The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell
Edwin Wright - Matariki

Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film

Alix Bushnell - Matariki
Sara Wiseman - Matariki
Teresa Woodham - The Insatiable Moon

Best Screenplay for a Feature Film

Roseanne Liang & Angeline Loo - My Wedding And Other Secrets
Mike Riddell - The Insatiable Moon
Jason Stutter - Predicament

Best Cinematography in a Feature Film

Alun Bollinger - Love Birds
Maria Ines Manchego - Love Story
Simon Raby - Predicament

Best Editing in a Feature Film

Cushla Dillon - After the Waterfall
Peter O'Donoghue - Love Story
Jonathan Woodford-Robinson - Predicament

Best Original Music in a Feature Film

Neville Copland - The Insatiable Moon
Don McGlashan - Matariki
Plan 9 - Predicament

Images & Sound Best Sound in a Feature Film

Tim Prebble, Chris Todd, Mike Hedges & Gilbert Lake - The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell
Dick Reade & Gethin Creagh - After the Waterfall
Matt Stutter, Martin Kwok, Michael Hedges, Gilbert Lake & Ken Saville - Predicament

Best Production Design in a Feature Film

John Harding - Predicament
Miro Harre - Matariki
Andrew McAlpine - Love Birds
Maria Ines Manchego - Love Story

Best Costume Design in a Feature Film

Bob Buck - Tracker
Lesley Burkes-Harding - Predicament
Kirsty Cameron - Love Birds
Maria Ines Manchego - Love Story

Best Make-Up Design in a Feature Film

Denise Kum - Love Birds
Maria Ines Manchego - Love Story
Angela Mooar - Predicament

Best Visual Effects in a Feature Film

Digipost - Love Birds
Maria Ines Manchego - Love Story
Sauce VFX - Predicament

Best Short Film

BIRD - Great Southern Television
Ebony Society - Stan Strong
Go The Dogs - Jackie van Beek

Best Performance in a Short Film

Peter Hawes - BIRD
Jennifer Ludlam - Hauraki
Brittany-Anne Romijn - Go The Dogs

Best Screenplay for a Short Film

Tammy Davis - Ebony Society
Sam Holst - Meathead
Gregory King, Jane Shearer & Steve Ayson - BIRD

Outstanding Technical Contribution to a Short Film

James Cunningham - Das Tub
James Cunningham - First Contact
Maria-Elena Doyle - Meniscus

Best Arts/Festival/Feature Documentary
Gordonia - Colossus Films
I am the River - Razor
Operation 8 - cutcutcut

Best Popular Documentary or Documentary Series

The Banker, The Escorts, And The $18 Million - KHF Media
Jesus, The Cold Case - Red Sky Film & Television
October 15 - Pietra Brettkelly & Kim Webby

Best Director Documentary

John Bates - 50 Years of Television
Annie Goldson - Brother Number One
Merata Mita (posthumous) - Saving Grace

Best Cinematography Documentary/Factual

Jacob Bryant - North, episode six
Renaud Maire - I am the River
David Paul - The Banker, The Escorts, And The $18 Million

Best Editing Documentary/Factual

Annie Collins - The Waterfall
Geoff Conway - 5 Days in the Red Zone
Gretchen Peterson - The Banker, The Escorts, And The $18 Million

Qantas Best News
3 News
One News

Best News or Current Affairs Presenter

Hilary Barry - 3 News
John Campbell - Campbell Live
Peter Williams - One News

Best News Reporting

Hamish Clark - 3 News
Guyon Espiner - One News
Duncan Garner & Tony Reid - 3 News

Best Current Affairs Reporting for a weekly programme or one-off current affairs special

Janet McIntyre - Sunday
Amanda Millar & Joanne Mitchell - Sunday
Sonya Wilson - 20/20

Best Current Affairs Reporting for a daily programme

John Campbell - Campbell Live
Mark Crysell & Kate McCallum - Close Up
Gill Higgins & Kate McCallum - Close Up

Best Current Affairs Series

60 Minutes - Terence Taylor
Native Affairs - Colin McRae

Investigation of the Year

Paula Penfold & Eugene Bingham - Secrets and Lies
Rachel Stace - A Rotten Shame
John Campbell, Pip Keane & Claudine MacLean - Campbell Live, The Tsunami Aid Money Investigation

Best News Camera

Christie Douglas, 3 News - Pyne Gould Corp. Building Collapse/Christchurch
Quake: Pyne Gould Building Flattened
Bob Grieve, 3 News - Hoar/Singer/Students
Cameron Williams, 3 News - Niger Series/Airline Investigation

Best Current Affairs Camera

Martin Anderson, 20/20 - Rite of Passage
Chris Brown, 20/20 - Breaking Back
Leander Scott-Donelan, Close Up - Pheasant

Best News Editing

Sarah Rowan, 3 News - Pike River Memorial/Amy Gilbert/Commonwealth
Paul Sparkes, One News - Special Report 1080
Paul Sparkes, One News - Special Report CCTV

Best Current Affairs Editing

Will Kong, Sunday - Officer Down
Nick Reid, 20/20 - Sitting on a Killer
Elisabeth Topping, Sunday - Big on the Blogosphere

Images & Sound Best Drama Programme

Outrageous Fortune 6 - South Pacific Pictures
This Is Not My Life - Desert Road
What Really Happened: Waitangi - Eyeworks New Zealand

NZ On Air Best Comedy OR Comedy Series

7 Days - MediaWorks
A Night at the Classic - Two Heads
Super City - Super Fumes

Maori Language Commission/Te Mangai Paho Best Maori Language Programme

E Tu Kahikatea Te Noni
Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira - Maori Television
Kowhao Rau, Series 1 - Kura Productions

Best Children's/Youth Programme

The Amazing Extraordinary Friends, Series 3 - Greenstone TV
Kaitangata Twitch -
What Now 30th Birthday Show - Whitebait TV

Best Information Programme

North, episode six - JAM TV
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers - Razor
Whare Maori, Episode one - Kainga Scottie Productions

Auckland Council Best Entertainment/Factual Entertainment Programme

Making Tracks - Two Heads
MasterChef New Zealand - Imagination Television
The New Zealand Variety Show - Eureka Productions

Kordia Best Multi-cam Broadcast

ANZAC Day 2011 - Kotahi Te Wairua Maori Television
Polynesian Blue Pacific Music Awards - TVNZ
Rise Up Christchurch: Global Telethon - Commotion TV

Best Observational Reality Series

Intrepid Journeys - JAM TV
Rescue 1, Series 3 - Great Southern Television
The Secret Lives of Dancers - Eyeworks New Zealand

Best Constructed Reality Series

Are You My Tribe? - Claudette Hauiti
Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger - thedownlowconcept
Missing Pieces - Eyeworks New Zealand

Best Performance by an Actress

Miriama McDowell - This Is Not My Life
Madeleine Sami - Super City
Tandi Wright - This Is Not My Life

Best Performance by a Supporting Actress

Nathalie Boltt - Bloodlines
Rena Owen - Shortland Street
Fern Sutherland - The Almighty Johnsons

Best Performance by an Actor

Jarod Rawiri - What Really Happened: Waitangi
Antony Starr - Spies And Lies
Mark Mitchinson - Bloodlines

Best Performance by a Supporting Actor

Dean O'Gorman - Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Craig Parker - Legend of the Seeker
Craig Hall - Bloodlines

Best Presenter -Entertainment/Factual

Jeremy Corbett - 7 Days
Nigel Latta - The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers
Marcus Lush - North, episode10

Best Script - Drama/Comedy

Paula Boock & Donna Malane - Bloodlines
James Griffin - Outrageous Fortune
Madeleine Sami & Thomas Sainsbury - Super City

Images & Sound Best Director - Drama/Comedy

Peter Burger - What Really Happened: Waitangi
Britta Johnstone - Stolen
Peter Burger - Bloodlines

Best Director - Entertainment/Factual

James Anderson, Two Heads - The Food Truck
Dean Cornish & Nick Dwyer, Two Heads & Like Rice - Making Tracks
Karen Mackenzie & Michael Bennett - Whare Maori, episode one, Kainga

Kordia Best Multi-camera Direction

Darryl McEwen - MasterChef New Zealand
Nigel Carpenter & Mitchell Hawkes - Band Together for Canterbury
Rob McLaughlin - One's Countdown to New Year

Best Cinematography Drama/Comedy

Andy Commis - This Is Not My Life
David Paul - Reservoir Hill: Everyone Lies
Kevin Riley - Legend of the Seeker

Images & Sound Best Editing Drama/Comedy

Paul Maxwell - This Is Not My Life
Allanah Milne - Stolen
Bryan Shaw - The Almighty Johnsons

Best Original Music

Sean Donnelly & Victoria Kelly - The Almighty Johnsons
Gareth Farr - Panic At Rock Island
Don McGlashan - This Is Not My Life

Best Sound Design

Phil Burton, Don Paulin & Mark Cornish - Panic At Rock Island
Tom Miskin, James Hayday, Mike Bayliss & Steve Finnigan - Stolen
Chris Burt - Legend of the Seeker

Best Production Design

Tracey Collins - This Is Not My Life
Tracey Collins - What Really Happened: Waitangi
Gary Mackay - Go Girls 3

Best Contribution to Design

Katrina Hodge - Outrageous Fortune
Jane Holland - Legend of the Seeker
Peter McCully - This Is Not My Life

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