Sunday, October 16, 2011

Call for Submissions: One Act Playwrighting Contest

Call for Submissions: One Act Playwrighting Contest

QDF - Byron Toben announces a new world wide one act playwrighting contest to be called:  “THE RETURN OF G. BERNARD SHAW”

Shakespeare appreciation declined after his death in 1613. It was revived in 1660 and is healthy today. G. Bernard Shaw, the only person to have won both an Academy Award and a Nobel ( as well as being pictured on a Beatles album cover) may be faced with a decline in popularity as we enter a technological Twitter™ esque era where rolling waves of witty language are being swamped by mono syllabic bursts.

What would a resurrected GBS make of all this? And how re-animated? Would his statue in Niagara -on–the-Lake, Ontario awake (as did the Commander in Don Juan in Hell)?  Would the mourners wish him to disappear again ( as with St. Joan)?  Would he materialize in the green hills of John Bull`s Other Island?

Would he time travel to the future world of Galway 3000 C.E. as in Back to Methusaleh? His 51 plays and scads of other writings are a rich motherlode to mine.

Playwrights of the world unite! Let your imaginations run wild! You have nothing to lose but the chains of convention!

Deadline: 15 November 2012

Prize:  $ 500 first place
             $ 200 second place
             $ 100 third place
Length: 30 to 60 minutes

Application fee: $10 (Canadian or US) money order made out
                             to Quebec Drama Federation

Script details:  Send two copies, 8 ½ by 11 to the QDF at:
                           Quebec Drama Federation
                           Suite 807
                           460 Ste. Catherine West
                           Montreal, QC.
                           H3B 1A7

RETURN OF SCRIPTS: Scripts will be returned only if accompanied by a self addressed, properly stamped return envelope.

RIGHTS:  The author will retain all legal rights in the play
Note: This contest is not sponsored by the QDF which is merely
           receiving scripts as a facilitation. Most of the application fee
           will go to the long established Actors Fund to aid theatre    
           folk in distress.

Previous one act playwrighting contests organized by Mr. Toben:

2009 (any title) theme: Montreal stories in a film noir style.
             First prize tie:   Liesl Barrell and Jane Gilchrist (Montreal)
2010 (The Search for Eileen Sullivan) theme: The Irish Diaspora  to NorthAmerica                                                                                                                 
              First: Michael F Hennessey ( P.E.I., Canada)
              Second: Anne Phelan* ( New York, USA)
              Third:  Lucy Brennan** (Ontario and Ireland)
* Dramatic reading at Atwater Library, Westmount, Quebec on
     September 23 2011 in presence of author
** Dramatic reading at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
      July 6 2011 in presence of author

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