Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Toronto Fringe Festival, July 4-15

The 24th Annual Fringe Festival in Toronto begins today.

This year’s festival presents twelve days with 155 shows produced by national and international artists who will delight and entertain with musicals, comedy, drama, dance, visual art, site-specific shows, and theatre for young people. The Fringe Club behind Honest Ed’s is a large, fully-licensed, open-air patio featuring some of Toronto’s hottest indie visual artists at the Fringe Artist Alley, and the Fringe Club daily programming includes live concerts like a free Jack Grunsky concert on Saturday, July 14th, as well as lively debate with theatre movers and shakers like Sky Gilbert, Daniel Brooks, Natasha Mytnowych, and many more.

The Toronto Fringe Shows

21 Days – Bad Dress Productions
A Brief History of History... – The Good Guys
A Funeral for Clowns – Zanni Arte Productions
A Madhouse Dramedy – Stage Mage Productions
A Slight Ache – Red Rabbit Theatre Productions
Absolute Alice – Stratford Factory Productions
Aerial Allusions – Azana
All the World’s a Stage of Grief – Town Toast Theatre Company
Annabelle’s Tail from Jail – Modern Attitudes
Antigone – Soup Can Theatre
Bad Connections? – Paul Cosentino
Botched – Cleen
Brainiac Five Presents: An Eclectic... – Brainiac Five
Breaking Velocity – Nutmeg is the Spice of Life
buffering... – Jamsammy
Camp Schecky. A Play on a Bus – Sassy Roo Productions
Charlie: A Hockey Story – Jim Sands Presents
Charlie’s Having a Baby! – Promise Productions
Chuckin’ Guffs – Kirsten Rasmussen
Crashland – Hangman Theatre Company
Dina: The Burlapped Crusader – Footpath Productions
Dirty Butterfly – Bound to Create Theatre
Do You Remember Me? – G.I.A. Productions
Driving Home – Working Artist
Dylan Gott: Medicine Woman – Doctor Thugenstein
Eat, Poo, Love – Squint & Grunt Productions
England – SoCo Productions
Everything I Never Knew I Wanted – Amberstone Productions
Fake News Fangirl – Third Beat Productions
Fishbowl – Mark Shyzer
Gay Nerds – Misnomer Theatre Company
Golem – Sick with Baby
Greg Ellwand’s BREAD! – Dough Pro Co-op
Grey Ground – Beasts of the Theatre
Halapatooloo – Red Nose Ink
Help Yourself – Theatre Brouhaha
Honour Killings – Avenal Players
How I Lost One Pound, The Musical – Toy Box Productions
I Became My Mother – Triennacom Entertainment
In/side the Box – Sinéad Cormack
It’s My Show: I Don’t Care – It’s My Show
jem rolls: TEN STARTS AND AN END – big word performance poetry
Ladies-in-Waiting – Little Black Dress Theatre
Life in the Raw – Thick and Thin Productions
Like A Dog – Your Good Friends
Linda & Jason – Coffeehouse Theatre
Little Lady – sandrine lafond
little tongues – the blood projects
Mabel Moon Meets the Milky Way – Farmgirl Productions
Mahmoud – Pandemic Theatre
Medicine – Big Sandwich Productions
Meet My New Boyfriend FAME – Poprah Productions
Mum And The Big C – Singing Strong
Musical Pawns – Lost Music Productions
My Drunk Play – janeovision productions
Neighbours – Madame Fancy Pants Productions
Numbers – KOKUS
Of Mice and Morro and Jasp – Up Your Nose and in Your Toes
ONE IN A MILLION (a micromusical) – Fringetastic!
One Night – Beautiful Gem Productions
Pat Burtscher’s Patopotamoose – Pat Burtscher’s Company
Peter n’ Chris and the mystery of... – Peter & Chris
Piecing Together Pauline – Fire and Air Productions
Pierrot & The Moon – Rosy Cheeks Co-op
Pluto’s Revenge – Ten Toes
pomme is french for apple – paul watson productions
PornStar – Beefy Geek Productions
Quantum Taxis – Punkture Wounds Productions
R U Smarter Than An Irishman – Paddy McCullagh
Rare – Diverse Creations
Raw – Ten Foot Pole Theatre
Release the Stars: The Ballad of... – God is in the Dairy
Remembering the Farewells – Olga Barrios Contemporary Dance
[republic] of rhetoric – Point blank
ROCKgarden Party - An Interactive... – Little Fingers Music
S-27 – Intersection Theatre
Samkon and Francis Go Swimming... – Zocalo Toronto
Sex, Bollywood & Other Lies – Limitless Productions
Smart Good – Ray-Alan Productions
snug harbor Burning – Bush Productions
So We Thought We Could Act – The Beast/Monamie Prods
Something From Nothing – Cascade Theatre
SOULO – SoulOTheatre
Speare - parts 1 & 2 – Bear Productions
Spychasers – Act II Studio - Exploring Voices
Sundance – Two Wolves Theatre
Sweet Dreams – ThoseDameGirls! Productions
Tam Lin – Epona Productions
Temple of Khaos – Daniel Nimmo
Terry Pratchett’s Mort – Socratic Theatre Collective
That Boob Show – CodeWhiteProductions
The Bear/Lady With a Lap Dog – Another Theatre Company
The Blind Seal/An Róll Dall – Fíbín Teo
The Canary Wallpaper – Ink on Paper
The Chairs – Stray Theatre
The Contract – Pandora’s Box Office
The Dinner – Upstage Productions
The Empire of the Magic Beanstalks – Vampire Frog Productions
The First Canadian President of... – Ashek Theatre
The Gravity Hour – Kiri Figueiredo Dance
The House of Bernarda Alba – Randolph Academy
The Judy Monologues – Baby Gumm Productions
The Lion, The Witch and The... – Mirador Theatre
The Little Mermaid – Sisters of Salome
The No Bull$#!% History of Canada – The House of Style
The Omega Project – Glasswater Theatre
The Other Three Sisters – Nobody’s Business Theatre
The Princess of Porn – Me and Snow White Productions
The Shape of Things – Lone Pine
The Stain – Ampex Entertainment
The Strapping Young Lads – “I’d like that” productions
The Super Secret Subway Society – NachoMama
The Taming of the Shrew – Shakespeare BASH’d
The Tempest...A Puppet Epic! – Shakey Shake and Friends
The Virginity Lost and Found – Flamingo Rampant
The Wakowski Bros. – Aim for the Tangent Theatre
Then He Wakes Up – Twisted Chaos Productions
Tick – Lallygag Theatre
Tinfoil Dinosaur – Sam S. Mullins
Tony Ho’s Sad People – Fauxhemian Productions
Transit Diaries – AlphabetSpoon Theatre
Two Weird Ladies Bomb The Fringe – Two Weird Ladies
U.S. Drag – Zaw Theatre Productions
Vic Harbour – The Four Winds Collective
Viva! – Izak Anger Productions
Water – Young Jesters
Ways to Kill Ethyl – Pigs Can Fly Productions
With Love and a Major Organ – QuestionMark-Exclamation Theatre
With Somebody Who Loves Me... – Manzo Entertainment Inc.
(with)out – LastName FirstName Productions
ZACK ADAMS: A Complete History... – Weeping Spoon Productions
[ZED.TO] Byologyc: Where You... – The Mission Business

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