Friday, July 6, 2012

Call for submissions: The Green Pitch

The call for submissions has opened for the Green Pitch competition at the 13th annual Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival. The winning pitch for an environmentally-themed film will receive a grand prize over $10,000 in cash & services.

This year, the Green Pitch competition will take place at the historic Distillery District, 15 Case Goods Lane, Suite 402, Toronto.

The Green Pitch
Perfecting the Art of the Pitch for Environmental Filmmaking

Download the application form.

Welcome to the Planet in Focus Green Pitch, an opportunity to apply to pitch your environmental film project at the Industry Series at the 13th annual Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival in Toronto, October 10-14, 2012. The Green Pitch is your chance to pitch your idea to the people who can help green light your project. With broadcasters, producers and established filmmakers on board to lend their insight, this pitch session will give participants the opportunity to test their green story ideas. Up the Yantgtze and Under the City both received first funding at the Planet in Focus Green Pitch.

This year’s pitch takes place Friday, October 12, 2012.

The Green Pitch winner will receive over $10,000 in funds and services:
  • $1500 CBC The Nature of Things with David Suzuki
  • $2500 credit toward lighting and grip equipment rental at P.S Production Services
  • $2450 credit toward 7 hours of on-line editing at Fearless Films
  • $1500 credit from Precision Transfer
  • $1500-$2000 credit from Wallace Studios
  • $500 credit toward equipment rental from Vistek
  • $250 credit toward purchase of film supplies plus a director’s chair made from sustainably sourced wood valued at $250 from The Source Shop
Submission Deadline: Friday, August 10, 5:00 PM
Submit by email at

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