Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Call for submissions: Next Stage Theatre Festival

Apply for the Next Stage Theatre Festival

The 6th annual Next Stage Theatre Festival (NSTF) is now accepting applications from the best and most dynamic independent theatre, dance and performance artists from across the Fringe community.

The festival was created to encourage artists who have participated in Canadian Association of Fringe Festival (CAFF) member festivals to move beyond the summer production model and showcase their work to a wider audience, including discerning artistic decision makers who could be interested in programming their shows on main stages across the country.  In five years, we have seen incredible success – audiences have grown by more than 130% and more than a third of our productions have gone on to other stages.

NSTF is interested in projects from emerging and established artists from any genre and style who are developing new work and exploring new artistic avenues, and who are challenging traditional definitions of theatre.  Please note we are accepting applications this year for our Ante-Chamber series, performed in the Factory Theatre bar space – these shows should be low-tech and appropriate for a bar venue.

Please review the following carefully:

A jury of industry experts evaluates applications as follows (rough % indicates how consideration is weighted):

  • The readiness of the project and its participants to take advantage of the professional opportunities offered by the festival. (45%)

  • The artistic content of the project and clarity of vision, though without consideration of the personal or aesthetic tastes of each individual juror (like at the Fringe, all forms and content are welcome). (40%)

  • The degree to which the piece expands, challenges or reconsiders its genre. (10%)

  • The developmental phase the piece is in at the time of application. (5%)

  • Eligibility:

  • All applicants must have participated in a CAFF festival though they are not required to apply with a prior Fringe production.  Past participation must have been by one or more core creative or producing members on the project – playwright, directors, producers or key performers. 

  • New works, reworked projects, original adaptations and site specific proposals and remounts are all eligible.  Productions of work by notable playwrights or of “the classics” are not eligible.  Please contact the Fringe administration (general@fringetoronto.com or 416-966-1062) if you are concerned about the eligibility of your piece.

  • Productions from the 2012 Fringe Festival are automatically eligible without an application.  However, jurors will only be seeing productions that are critically or commercially successful.  To guarantee consideration, 2012 productions must apply.

  • There is a $34 (HST included) reading fee for all applications.  If this fee is a barrier to participation, please contact Fringe administration.

  • What companies receive if accepted:

  • 70% of the box office revenue (less any applicable taxes or service charges). Ticket prices range from $12-15 with some festival pass options.

  • 9 performances over the course of the festival, making productions Dora Award eligible for TAPA members

  • A venue (Factory Theatre Mainspace, Studio and Ante-Chamber) equipped with lighting and sound, a technician, a festival lighting plot and limited options for specials.

  • All front of house, box office and festival event publicity services.

  • Some financial assistance for rehearsal space and access to a professional lighting designer, as well as some assistance with TAPA membership fees and limited travel assistance for national or international artists.

  • Free participation - there is no fee for successful candidates.

  • Ante-Chamber productions receive a minimum of 8 performances, 75% of their box office, limited technical support, access to subsidized rehearsal space and a space coordinator.

  • What companies must provide if accepted:

  • All elements of the completed production including all sets, costumes, cast, production staff, etc.

  • A production with the same maximum running time as was selected in their application.

  • A production that can be set-up and struck in 15 minutes.

  • Accommodation for all company members if required (the Fringe will do its best to assist with billets for participants).

  • The necessary permissions/rights for their work and for their artists.

  • Occasional production meetings with Toronto Fringe staff (as a resource to you).

  • Poster and program content designs and art.

  • A stage manager.

  • Their own marketing and promotion, assisted by Next Stage staff.

  • Completed applications must include:

  • Completed digital application/reading fee of $34 (HST incl.) submitted here -

  • Section A - A complete script or detailed description for non-text based productions.

  • Section B - Artist Statement:

  • What are the major themes and ideas you are exploring in this piece?

  • Why this piece, now? What is your artistic vision for the piece?  What do you want the audience to come away with?  What do you want their experience to be?

  • Why do you think NSTF is appropriate for this piece and you as an artist?  What do you hope to achieve by being in the Festival?  What is the trajectory for your production and your company?

  • Section C - Resumes, bios, or profiles of participating artists and key personnel (combined in one document).

  • Section D - A list of additional support materials / websites and links as available and relevant to your proposal. * Please do not submit these materials digitally – direct us to links or hosting sites where we can view them if needed. This includes files such as: press kits, reviews, photos, and videos.  For musicals, please send a link to where we can access samples of your music.

  • In order to reduce the number of copies needed for the selection panel, we require that all application materials (A-D) be submitted digitally as an attachment. Do not put any application materials in the body of the email. Acceptable file formats are PDF, MS Word (Read-Only if possible) or a plain text file.

  • All digital application files must be submitted via email to applications@fringetoronto.com with your company name in the subject line by the application deadline. In the e-mail please include your primary contact and phone number. 

  • The Application Deadline is Friday May 18th 2012, 5:00 PM For more information please call 416-966-1062.


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