Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2012 Guichet d’Or prize goes to Ken Scott and Martin Petit



Montreal, May 30, 2012 – Telefilm Canada this morning awarded its Guichet d’Or prize to the director and co-writer of Starbuck, Ken Scott, as well as to the film’s co-writer, Martin Petit, in the company of Patrick Huard, Julie LeBreton and Antoine Bertrand. The prize comes with a cash award of $20,000 for each of the winners. The Guichet d’Or has been awarded annually for the past five years to the Canadian writer and director of the Canadian French-language feature film with the highest-grossing domestic box-office sales during the previous year. In 2011, Starbuck took in more than $3.5 million at the Canadian box office.

“With 11 prizes won throughout the world, a box office of more than $3.5 million in Canada, and private investments in the film, Starbuck’ssuccess is in keeping with our new Success Index that emphasizes cultural, commercial and industrial success,” said Carolle Brabant, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada. “These successes would be impossible without the abundant talent in our industry; that’s why the Guichet d’or is awarded to people behind the camera, which is innovative, as prizes awarding box office performance are usually given to the producer or distributor.”

Director and co-writer Ken Scott added: “I am delighted that Telefilm is celebrating the success of films made here at home. I’d like to take advantage of this occasion to thank all the actors and craftspeople who have given of themselves body and soul so this story could exist on the big screen.”

Co-writer Martin Petit also added: “Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to emphasize our film’s success. Even with marketing and promotion, nothing and no one can force a film-goer to recommend to his or her friends to see a movie, without whom there would be no popular success. It’s remarkable when the public adopts a film and it’s great to be able to share its success with them.”

Starbuck was produced by André Rouleau of Caramel Films and is distributed by Christal Films (sub-distribution: Seville Pictures).

And the adventure continues for Starbuck this year. DreamWorks recently acquired the film rights to make a new Hollywood version to be produced by André Rouleau and directed by Ken Scott. In addition, a new version for France has been confirmed and will be produced by Made in PM.

The 2010 winners of the Guichet d’or were Sylvain Archambault, director of the film Piché : entre ciel et terre and Ian Lauzon, the film’s writer.

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