Thursday, January 13, 2011

84th Kinema Junpo Awards (Japanese film) - winners

The film magazine Kinema Junpo (also known as Kinejun) has announced the winners of its 84th Kinema Junpo Awards. Akunin (Villain) came away as the big winner, being named the number one Japanese Film in the top ten list, and winning the individual awards for Best Director (Lee Sang Il), Best Screenplay (Lee Sang Il, Yoshida Shuichi) and Best Supporting Actor (Emoto Akira). Akunin (Villain) also led the nominations for the Japan Academy Prize with fifteen.

Number two on the list is Tetsuya Nakashima's Kokuhaku (Confessions), which is Japan’s submission to AMPAS for the Best Foreign Language Oscar.

Ddongpari (Breathless) by Yang Ik-Joon as named the Best Foreign Film. Since Villain's Lee Sang Il is Korean-Japanese, that makes it a strong showing for Korea. Both Yang and Lee won Individual Awards for directing.

The English-language films chosen for the Foreign Film Top Ten were Invictus, District 9, The Hurt Locker, Crazy Heart and Inception. The top documentary was Shoji to Takao.

The Kinejun Ten Best list is the oldest film award in Japan, having been founded in 1919 (the magazine didn't publish from 1940-46 due to war). They are older than the Oscars.

The winners of the 84th Kinema Junpo Awards

Ten Best Japanese Movies
1. Akunin (Villain)
2. Kokuhaku (Confessions)
3. Hevunzu sutôrî (Heaven's Story)
4. Shikaku (13 Assassins)
5. Kawa no soko kara konnichi wa (Sawako Decides)
6. Kyatapirâ (Caterpillar)
7. Hisshiken torisashi (Sword of Desperation)
8. Hîrô shô (The Hero Show)
9. Kaitanshi jokei (Sketches of Kaitan City)\
10. Nûdo no yoru: Ai wa oshiminaku ubau (A Night in Nude: Salvation)
* Runner-up: Bushi no kakeibo (Abacus and Sword)

Individual awards
Best Director: Lee Sang Il (Villain)
Best Screenplay: Lee Sang Il, Yoshida Shuichi (Villain)
Best Actress: Terajima Shinobu (Caterpillar)
Best Actor: Toyokawa Etsushi (Sword of Desperation, A Good Husband)
Best Supporting Actress: Ando Sakura (A Crowd of Three, etc.)
Best Supporting Actor: Emoto Akira (Villain)
Best New Actress: Sakuraba Nanami (Last Ronin, etc.)
Best New Actor: Ikuta Toma (No Longer Human, etc.)
Best Foreign Director: Yang Ik-Joon (Breathless

Ten Best Foreign Movies
1. Ddongpari (Breathless)
2. Invictus
3. District 9
4. Das weisse Band (The White Ribbon)
5. The Hurt Locker
6. Fuk sau (Vengeance)
7. Crazy Heart
8. Une vie toute neuve (A Brand New Life)
9. Spring Fever
10. Inception
* Runner-up: Singularidades de uma Rapariga Loura (Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl)

Ten Best Documentaries
1. Shoji to Takao
2. Tsuki akari no shita de: Aru teijisei koukou no kioku (Under the Moonlight: Memory of a Night High School)
3. Tadaima: Sorezore no ibasho
4. 442: Live with Honor, Die with Dignity
5. Huse Tatsuzi, Lawyer
6. The World of Kaneko Tōta
7. Listen Forest
8. Chinkin, the Art of Mae Fumio
10. Satoyama Schools
* Runner-up: Blind Mandarin Duck: Eye Contact


  1. Thanks for the list.
    Where can I watch Villian Akunin

  2. I think it has only been released theatrically in Japan so far. It has played at festivals, however, such as the Montreal World Festival (Festival des Films du Monde) where it won the award for Best Actress.