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14th Annual Wildside Theatre Festival, Jan 4-16, 2011

The 14th Annual Wildside Theatre Festival in Montreal runs from January 4 to 16, and offers Montrealers a chance to sample some of the latest indie theatre productions.

You'll have a chance to see shows such as Best of the Fringe Award-winner Miss Sugarpuss Must Die. It also received four nominations for the 2010 Montreal English Critics Circle Awards and won for Best Costume Design. Miss Sugarpuss Must Die is set in the world of burlesque. Similarly, Neon Nightz: Sex & Salvation in '90s Montreal is about the world of Montreal strip clubs.

Raoul Bhaneja returns with his award-winning performance of Hamlet (solo), in which he plays seventeen parts from Shakespeare's Hamlet all by himself over the course of the two-hour show. He captured the Montreal English Critics Circle Award for Best Visiting Production in 2006.

Some shows are not recommended for children because of language or sexual situations. Single tickets are available for $13 and a five-show pass is $50. The Wildside Theatre Festival is at Centaur Theatre,453 St. François-Xavier, 514-288-3161.

14th Annual Wildside Festival
From January 4 – 16, 2011

Centaur Theatre’s Artistic Director, Roy Surette invites you to join us for the hottest two weeks in winter as we launch the 14th Annual Wildside Theatre Festival, our largest ever, featuring international, national and local theatre creations that celebrate edgy and innovative independent theatre, including the winner of Centaur’s best of the Fringe Award, Miss Sugarpuss Must Die.

Miss Sugarpuss Must Die 
by Holly Gauthier-Frankel & Paul Van Dyck
Directed by Paul Van Dyck
Performed by Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Warning: Partial Nudity! Mature Contents! Glitter!
Miss Sugarpuss has a problem: someone is trying to kill her! Five years after her explosion onto the burlesque stage, quadruple-threat performer and native Montrealer, Holly Gauthier-Frankel unleashes her most dazzling show yet. Co-written and directed by theatrical Renaissance man, Paul Van Dyck, this hilariously dark vaudevillian romp reveals Montréal’s Queen of Burlesque and her alter-ego in the stripdown of their lives.
Winner of Centaur Theatre’s Best of the Fringe Award.
Nominated for Best Production, Best Lighting, Best Actress & Winner for Best Costume Design - MECCA 2010 Awards
“Bosom tassels will be twirling at Centaur Theatre.” Pat Donnelly – The Gazette
“A wonderful erotic centrifuge at maximum velocity.” Neil Boyce – Mirror

Dancing Monkey Theatre
BY Mike Czuba
DIRECTED BY Larry Lamont
With Tamara Brown, George Bekiaris, Tristan D. Lalla & Tai Timber
WARNING: This play contains language, some of it may offend. Not for kids.
I AM I is an exploration into the duality of the modern man. One side wants to quietly merge into the traffic of the masses, while the other side wants to cut a new path through the wilderness. This conflict comes to head with the introduction of Sonya, the metaphor for all that came before. I AM I is a rock’n’roll, metatheatrical experience where truth is always in doubt.
“It is a laughably true-to-life portrait of insecurity even as it is heartbreaking.” - Sarah Fletcher, Rover Arts

… the itsy bitsy spider...
Studio Six Theatre Company - NEW YORK
ADAPTED FROM Fyodr Dostoyevsky's Demons
DIRECTED BY Alexandre Marine
COMPOSED BY Dmitri Marine
With Jill Dion, Alesia Georgiou, Nicole Kontolefa, Derek Loehr, Leah Loftin, Vasanth Santosham, Ben Sargent, Raphael Schklowsky, Karen Tararache, Taylor Sutherland
WARNING: Some sexual/mature situations
…the itsy bitsy spider… is an original adaptation of Dostoevsky’s “Demons” conceived and directed by Alexandre Marine. The play revolves around a controversial chapter in the novel that was censored for decades in Russia. What is revealed in this chapter permeates the events of the entire novel – and has been the springboard for this production. Marine brings the tumultuous relationships and psyches of the characters to the fore in this production about a town torn apart by conspiracy, fanaticism and plotting revolutionaries.
City Paper’s Best of Baltimore Edition 2010 "Best Production”

Hypnogogic Logic
PRESENTED BY Uncalled for
CREATED BY Matt Goldberg, Mike Hughes, Dan Jeannotte and Anders Yates
FEATURING Matt Goldberg, Dan Jeannotte, Nicolas Wright and Anders Yates
What is Hypnogogic Logic? The hypnogogic state is the quasi-hallucinatory zone between waking and sleeping. Therefore hypnogogic logic is the skewed reasoning that flows through your head as you are falling asleep. It must then follow that Uncalled For presents: Hypnogogic Logic is a trippy, literate sketch comedy ride through the obviously ridiculous world of
dreams. Hilarious, brain-bending and epic, this is a show that can't even tell if it's awake or not.
WINNER! Just For Laughs Best Comedy Award - Montreal Fringe Festival, 2010
**** - Rover Arts
"Bold, inventive comedy... Outstanding, surreal and very entertaining!" - The Velvet Onion
"Unadulterated comic genius that we've come to expect from these guys" - Hour
"One of the most innovative and reliable sketch troupes in the country" - Plank Magazine

Rant Demon 
Rant Demon is a comic look at having a big mouth, and a moving story of redemption. Keir overreacts to everything. He's losing girlfriends, jobs, his sanity all from his explosive rants. This is the latest monologue from the multiple award-winning creator of Teaching Shakespeare, and is masterfully directed by TJ Dawe
"MUST SEE!" - Pat Donnelly, The Gazette
"Keir brings his charisma and powerful storytelling skills to his own life in "Rant Demon" and completely wins us over. He is funny, self-aware, articulate, intelligent and, finally, vulnerable. The audience stood and cheered him at the end.” - Colin MacLean, Edmonton Sun

Duplicity Girls
PRESENTED BY Freestanding Productions
BY Ned Cox
DIRECTED BY Tanner Harvey
STARRING Paula Costain & Johanna Nutter
Which is the real twin? Perdita is her sister Isobel's only link to the outside world, but their daily rituals are getting to be a strain on them both. Here in their claustrophobic house, on this snowy winter's afternoon, there are Martini-stoked memories of a childhood that may never have been shared. Anger over duplicities and deaths that may never have happened. A Vaudeville act that may never have seen the limelight. Reality may be just another luxury for the Duplicity Girls.
“A thought-provoking new play that will leave you with unanswered questions and a desire to find the answers.” - Rachel Lau, The Concordian
"A theatrical gem... Johanna Nutter and Paula Costain deftly play the two slightly bizarre sisters. They exchange dialogue and hand off power and dominance in smooth and pitch perfect performances.” - Anna Fuerstenberg, Rover Arts

Hamlet (solo)
PRESENTED BY Repercussion Theatre
BY William Shakespeare
WITH Raoul Bhaneja
DIRECTED BY Robert Ross Parker
Hamlet (solo) combines the ancient art of storytelling and the modern “one-man show”. This thrilling evening focuses on the three most essential elements of theatre: The Actor, The Text and The Audience. This production is best described as “bare bones” in its presentation with Bhaneja playing seventeen parts in a two-hour version using only Shakespeare’s text.
5/5stars - The list (Edinburgh, Scotland) "Enthralling" - Backstage, USA
Winner of the Montreal English Critics Circle Award 2006: Best visiting production.
"Astonishing vividness… Shakespeare, dead all thesecenturies, lives again!" - The Chronicle Herald, Halifax

Neon Nightz: Sex and Salvation in '90’s Montreal
PRESENTED BY The Scandelles
CREATED & PERFORMED BY Sasha Van Bon Bon & Kitty Neptune with a live soundtrack by Countess Christmasher
DIRECTED BY Kitty Neptune & Mariko Tamaki
DRAMATURGE Mariko Tamaki
WARNING: nudity, foul language, mature content & smoke machine
In icy, wintry Montreal where's a soul to go for comfort, confession and salvation? As The
Scandelles' Sasha Van Bon Bon and Kitty Neptune reveal, the strip clubs of Montreal in the '90s were in as high demand as those more sanctified places of refuge. From the iconic feature dancer, to the table dance confessional, Neon Nightz explores the human side to the world of exotic dancing and uncovers some surprising revelations.
"...the love injected into their performances is palpable and utterly riveting. Neon Nightz is at once a smouldering ode to the power of stripping and a fascinating exploration of its limitations" - EYE
“Neon Nightz is a three-woman frottage, harnessing the electricity of the rub where fantasy, feminism, sexuality, art and athletics meet in the world of stripping...what I found most inspiring about the show was the eloquent intelligence of the script, rooted in feminist perspective.” - Edgy Women Blog

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