Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Premios Ariel (Mexican film awards) – winners

This Saturday night, the Academia Mexicana de Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas (Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences) held the gala ceremony for their 54th Premios Ariel (Ariel Awards) at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

The awards were largely split between the gritty Días de gracia (Days of Grace) by Everardo Gout and the comedic Pastorela by Emilio Portes. They had led the nominations with fifteen and fourteen respectively. They went back and forth all night with the awards and when the dust settled, Días de gracia came out with eight awards to seven for Pastorela.

However, Pastorela claimed the top prize of Best Picture as well as Best Director and Best Screenplay for Portes. Carlos Cobos won for Best Supporting Actor. Its remaining wins were for Costume Design, Make-Up and Visual Effects.

Días de gracia won Best First Film, Actor (Tenoch Huerta) and Supporting Actress (Eileen Yáñez). It picked up five technical/craft categories: Cinematography, Editing, Music, Sound and Art Direction.

Winning for Best Ibero-American Film was Spain's Pa Negre (Black Bread) by Agustí Villaronga.

Honourary Golden Ariel Awards were presented to editor-engineer René Ruiz Cerón and writer-director Alfredo Joskowicz.

Nominations for the 54th Premios Ariel

Complete list of winners for the 54th Premios Ariel

Best Picture

Best Director
Emilio Portes, Pastorela

Best Actress
Magda Vizcaíno, Martha

Best Actor
Tenoch Huerta, Días de gracia (Days of Grace)

Best Supporting Actress
Eileen Yáñez, Días de gracia (Days of Grace)

Best Supporting Actor
Carlos Cobos, Pastorela

Best Original Screenplay
Emilio Portes, Pastorela

Best Cinematography
Luis David Sansanz, Días de gracia (Days of Grace)

Best Editing
Hervé Schneid, José Salcedo and Everardo Gout, Días de gracia (Days of Grace)

Best Original Music
Atticuss Ross, Sigeru Umebayashi, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Días de gracia (Days of Grace)

Best Sound
Vincent Arnardi, Julién Pérez, Enrique Greiner, Frédérique Le Louet and Fernando Cámara, Días de gracia (Days of Grace)

Best Art Direction
Bernardo Trujillo, Días de gracia (Days of Grace)

Best Costume Design
Gabriela Fernández, Pastorela

Best Make-Up
Roberto Ortiz, Pastorela

Best Special Effects
Alex Vázquez, Salvando al soldado Pérez (Saving Private Perez)

Best Visual Effects
Gretel Studio, Pastorela

Best First Film
Días de gracia (Days of Grace), Everardo Gout

Best Documentary
El lugar más pequeño (The Tiniest Place), Tatiana Huezo

Best Short Fiction Film
Mari pepa, Samuel Isamu Kishi Lespo

Best Documentary Short
Yuban, Ya'asib Vázquez Colmenares

Best Animated Short
Prita noire (Black Doll), Sofía Carrillo

Best Ibero-American Film
Pa Negre (Black Bread), Agustí Villaronga (Spain)

Golden Ariel
René Ruiz Cerón
Alfredo Joskowicz

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